Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood

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"Come on. We don't bite...hard."

You (Elise, or El) were hiking through the woods one day when you came across a pack of wolves. Not just any wolves, either. Six werewolves that were all insanely attractive.

These boys were the famous group at school, EXO-K. They had girls swooning over them at all sides.

But now that you've learned their secret, they've taken notice of you. They even take you to live with them for various reasons.

So...now what?


Annyeong You! Second story on here! Trying a "you" format this time so sorry if it's a bit awkward. Also, a werewolf story! Sorry if it seems used or old. =/ I just got the idea and formed a plot in my head and...yeah. Hope you like it! ^-^




{I used IU because she's cute like Elise is supposed to be, but feel free to imagine her any way you want!}

*also I'm making her have green-brown/hazel eyes even if the IU doesn't

You/Elise: 17, Smart, sweet, caring, a little sarcastic, innocent, cute

Likes: blue, Pororo, INFINITE

Dislikes: People being mean, people taking things for granted, Exo-K when they're in one of their "moods"



{Going from left to right}

Baekhyun: 18, sweet, playful, can be ed at his "time of the month", caring, calls you Angel Eyes or just Angel

Likes: Elise/You, meat, teasing you

Dislikes: Sehun acting like a child, when you're in a bad mood

Wolf color: Light gray


Chanyeol: 18, innocent but can be ed, caring deep down, quiet and blunt, calls you Sparky (long story)

Likes: Elise/You, raw meat, eating, making you jump

Dislikes: Baekhyun and Kai teasing him, when you're sad

Wolf color: tan/sandy


Kai: 18, sarcastic, ed, sweet at times, aggressive, calls you Red sometimes

Likes: Elise/You, teasing you, telling off the others

Dislikes: when you won't talk to him

Wolf color: black


Suho: 19, nice, pack leader, kind, caring, sweet

Likes: Elise/You, when you smile, taking care of s

Dislikes: When you or his pack members get hurt

Wolf color: white


Sehun: 17, youngest pack member, innocent, cute, sweet

Likes: Elise/You, when Kai gets told off

Dislikes: Getting yelled at, Kai being mean

Wolf color: red-brown


D.O.: 18, aggressive, ed, sweet deep down, calls you Baby doll

Likes: Elise/You, fighting, meat, making you nervous

Dislikes: When someone retalliates his insults, losing, you yelling at him

Wolf color: chocolate brown


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167 streak #1
Chapter 1: I've read this so many times xD
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Time to read this again!
Chapter 61: When I start reading this story I promised to myself that I'll sleep after I finished this but I'm so excited to read the sequel so yeah... Sleep is for the weaks only!
166 streak #4
Chapter 61: I'm so worried about Chanyeollie at first, because I thought he'll be the last one to bond. Thank heaven he was first.
Chapter 62: Different from what I expected from the title~~ great story by the way!!
Re-reading this for the hundredth time^^
Angelabelle #7
Chapter 46: What was baekhyuns sleeping habit?
Chapter 17: I still find this chapter so weird smh. It doesn't matter if you don't want to be suspicious or not- when someone is getting beaten up that badly you should do something lmao
Kindheart #9
Chapter 18: Same here
se_xing #10
For the hundredth times, im here