Chapter 1

Opposites Do Attract


Hyemi turned around to see a bunch of guys holding out flowers and gifts towards her.

"Will you go out with me!" They all screamed.

Hyemi smiled, accepting the gifts and walked away.

"Popular you are."

Hyemi turned to see Chae Daniel, aka Drama.

"And you are here to see me because?" Hyemi asked.

"You know why." Drama smiled.

"Why do you want me to get you and that girl Nam Eunhee together anyways, that's like bring your social life and reputation down to the toilet!" Hyemi yelled.

'Plus she wouldn't be interested in you, trust me.' Hyemi thought.

"Oh come on! I just wanna play with her." Drama said.

Right when Hyemi heard that, she turned away and walked off.

'No way! And no way! You are going near my Eunhee eonni.' Hyemi thought before walking to class.

Eunhee walked through the gates, as all the queenka's and kingka's were giving her dirty looks.  She brushed them off and walked to her locker.  A hand slammed near her face as she turned to see Lee Sooyoung.  She smirked, putting her face inches from Eunhee.

"Did you do my homework like I asked?"

Eunhee sighed, pulling out the homework.  Sooyoung snatched, patting Eunhee on the head.

"Good girl." Sooyoung laughed, before her crew, pushed her back into her locker, letting her books and papers fall to the ground.  Eunhee sighed, picking it all up.

"Let me help you." Doojoon said.

"It's okay Doojoon i got it." Eunhee smiled.

Doojoon pulled his glasses in as he smiled.

"Are you okay? Sooyoung giving you trouble?" Doojoon asked.

"As usual, yes." Eunhee laughed.

"Eunhee shi!"

Eunhee turned to see her younger sister Hyemi walk to her.

"Are you alright?" Hyemi asked.

Eunhee smiled.

"I'm fine don't worry about it."

"Are you sure, let me see if there is any bruises." Hyesun appeared.

"I'm fine really." Eunhee said pretending to be shy and ran off.

Hyesun and Hyemi smiled.

'I will check her bruises later when I get home' Hyesun and Hyemi thought.

"Uh Hi... Hyesun...shi." Doojoon whispered.

Hyesun turned to Doojoon and smiled.

"Hello Doojoon. See you in class." Hyesun waved.

Hyesun walked to the soccer field, kicking the ball around when someone stole it from her.  She glared at the person.

"Yong Junhyung!" Hyesun yelled.

"Too fast for the big almighty Hyesun!" Junhyung laughed, bouncing and kicking the ball around with his legs and feet.

"Oh my god! It's Junhyung and Hyesun! They are the most awesome couple ever!" A few of their fans squealed.

Junhyung and Hyesun stared at each other, shaking their heads.

"We are just friends, and people think we are a couple." Junhyung laughed.

"Funny isn't it.  Hey, you were going to tell me who you have a crush on! Who's the lucky girl?" Hyesun asked.

"It's a secret!" Junhyung smirked.

"YAH! Tell me right now!" Hyesun said stealing the ball from him.  She picked it up, threating to throw it at him.

"I'm not telling! MERONG!" Junhyung said, running away.


School went by as usual, the usual routine.  Hyemi sat with the queenka's and kingka's, Eunhee sat with the nerds, and Hyesun sat with Junhyung and the rest of the soccer team.

"So are you going to ask Hyemi out?" Drama asked.

On a table outside near the garden, sat three best friends from three totally different clicks.

"I do, but can't you see all those guys throwing themselves on her." Junhyung said.

"I think Eunhee knows her.  Hyemi always comes to Eunhee's help whenever Sooyoung or Jiyong and their crew bullies her." Doojoon said.

"What about you, are you going to ask Hyesun out." Junhyung smirked.

"How can I! When rumors of you and her are going out!" Doojoon yelled.

"Chilax! We are just friends, I can help you know?" Junhyung said.

"Like I can hep you with getting together with Eunhee." Doojoon said facing Drama.

"Oooh! You can help me get with Hyemi!" Junhyung said.

"I guess that's the plan then..."

After school, Hyemi, Hyesun and Eunhee met at a park, a block away from the school.

They walked home together.

"I'm going to change, gotta go to work." Hyesun said.

"You have to now?" Hyemi pouted.

"I'll be back at eleven.  Eunhee take care of her okay." Hyesun said.

"Will do!" Eunhee smiled.

"Eonni, don't work yourself too hard!" Hyemi said.

Hyesun waved as she walked out the door.

"Let's get some homework done!" Eunhee smiled.


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