Point Of Turning


Your life is starting to fall into place perfectly when one visit makes you think about what's really going on, and how in love you are.

There's always a time for change and finding yourself especially with the help of one special person.


point of turning


Hi! First ever EXO fic inspired by my friend's result in this Tumblr post (http://cutehae.tumblr.com/post/20794557411). This is what she got:

Our group of EXO stans decided to make fics for each other out of our results so here's my take on it. :3

I felt ridiculously convinced to keep the fic exactly a thousand words, and it's my first EXO fic, so if there are any mistakes, I hope you understand!

Please comment! :D




For those who are wondering where Skin Beret's Chapter 3 is, please wait for it! I'm having a hard time with it. Thank you~

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