Project work with EXO-K

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"Do you have chocopies at home?" D.O. asked.

The rest of the members frowned and narrowed their eyes at him. "What?"

D.O. grinned sheepishly. "What's wrong? I love chocopies, don't you?" he rubbed the back of his head in a silly manner.

Baekhyun whacked D.O.'s head and rolled his eyes. "You don't just go to the maknae's house and demand for chocopies you idiot." he hissed.

Sehun just laughed, amused.

Suho looked at Sehun in interest. "D.O. may be interested in chocopies, but I'm interested in something else." he grinned slyly. "Just wondering, do you have any younger sisters?" he wriggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Sehun blinked. "Ehh??"

"Hyunggg!!!" Chanyeol rolled his eyes. He facepalmed himself dejectedly. "Why am I in a group with these weird people?"

Suho made a face. "What? Don't you want to know?" he hissed. He nudged Sehun. "Awww maknae just tell us hmm? I bet you have a cute pretty younger sister that loves to sing and dance and-"

"Sorry to disappoint hyung, but I only have a noona." he grinned. "And she's horrible at singing."

A series of "Awww"s ran throughout the group as their faces fell. Suho pouted. "Noonas are harder to woo you know!" he made a face. "And I like younger girls."

Sehun twisted his lips in a serious manner. " noona may bbe older than us, but she's more naive than any of us." he shrugged. "Even if you guys don't like her in THAT way, I want you guys to be good to her alright?" he wagged his finger. "My noona is precious."

Chanyeol chuckled and ruffled Sehun's hair. "Aww maknae of course. Your noona is our noona, right?" he grinned and hooked his arm around Sehun's shoulders. "Now let's go meet Sehun's noona!" he pointed.

Kai remained in his cool form as always and chuckled softly. He sighed as he thought of Jooyeon who was his noona and dragged his feet to follow the rest of the members. *Suho hyung's right. Noonas are always harder to court. And the only thing I know of her is her name, and she already likes Himchan sunbae. What am I going to do?*



"NOONA!!" Sehun hollered.

"YESS??" a voice shouted back.

The Exo-k boys looked at each other with raised brows. This noona had a loud voice alright. Sehun gestured for them to come in. "Noona's nice. You don't need to worry about it. I think she has a friend over."

The boys treaded unsurely into the OH house. They were junior jjangs alright, but when it came to meeting parents or any of the others, they were unsure andn scared all the same.

"Noona, Exo-k is here for the project!" Sehun hollered again.

"ARRASOOOO!!!" the voice shouted back.

Kai chuckled. *That's cute.*

Soon, the boys heard footsteps running down the stairs to the living room where they awkwardly standing at and waiting for Jooyeon to appear. Jooyeon popped her head out first, her face flushed. "Aegyo king?"

Sehun beamed and pulled Jooyeon to his side. "Exo-k, this is my noona, Jooyeon. Noona, these are the guys." he introduced. Jooyeon smiled cheerfully at the boys. "Hi!" she beamed. "Need drinks?"

"Woah your noona's pretty..." D.O. blurted.

Sehun grinned and hooked his arm around Jooyeon's shoulder. "See it in the genes." he said proudly.

Jooyeon blushed prettily and looked at the boys, only to gasp at one of the boys who had been staring at her open eyed and mouthed from the beginning. "You!" she pointed. "Kai!"

Kai reddened. "Jooyeon noona." he bit his lip in embarrassment.

The Exo-K members looked at them in surprise. How did they know each other? And WAS KAI BLUSHING??? The ice prince was....BLUSHING???

" did you know Kai hyung?" Sehun asked curiously. Jooyeon smiled widely. "He's locker 56 and I'm 57." she explained.

Another pair of footsteps were heard coming down the stairs again and they all looked up. "Oh Sunmi, meet my younger brother!" Jooyeon gestured.

Sehun looked up, curious to analyse her sister's new friend. His eyes widened at the cute bouncy girl that skipped down the stairs. *She's....amazing.* he gulped.

Sunmi looked surprised to see Exo-k. "Your brother is in the junior jjang group?" Sunmi whispered to Jooyeon. Jooyeon nodded. "Neh. Just knew too." she whispered back.

The two girls looked at the guys, and the guys looked at them. They weren't used to being in the presence of actual girls that don't squeal and scream their heads off incessantly from the first moment they meet, and to be honest, they don't exactly know how to act in front of normal behaving girls.

Jooyeon turned red and elbowed her younger brother in the ribs. "Aegyo king why aren't you saying anything?" she hissed.

Sehun gulped, his eyes never taking off Sunmi since the start. "Uhmm...." he bit his lip. He frowned and turned towards Kai. "Hyung, you say something.." he whispered.

Kai blinked, awkwardly looking at Jooyeon. He really wanted to say something to her, to smile, to act like that charming Kai that girls always fell for, but it all wasn't working when his nerves decide to betray him now. "Uh...." he gaped at Jooyeon, speechless.

They stood there awkwardly, until...

"Jooyeon noona, do you have chocopies?" D.O. blurted, his stomach growling uncontrollably.



"Aish don't you know how to do this?" Jooyeon whacked Sehun's head. "You don't have an ounce of artistic gene in you." she chided as she took the scissors and coloured paper away from him in disgust.

Sehun blushed pink as Sunmi looked at him. "Noona!" he exclaimed, exasperated. *Trust you to embarrass me now, noona.*

The Exo-k boys had laid their materials on the grouna and the two noonas had decided to help them. Kai couldn't do anything right and helplessly joined Sehun in the rejected team as both of them just at art.

"Wish this was dancing." Kai muttered.

Sehun nodded. "Same."

"Aish this is hard." Baekhyun complained. He had given up on cutting the shapes an hour ago and had taken the job of colouring, but he wasn't doing very well in that area either. He threw the colour pencils down and pouted.

"Aish hyung, this is so easy!" D.O. the chocopie fanatic unexpectedly excelled in what they were doing. He helped Sunmi and Jooyeon at ease, impressing them with his sensitivity to colours and ability to mix and match.

Sehun and Kai watched enviously as D.O. interacted with Jooyeon and Sunmi at ease. *Wish I was him.* they both thought.

Chanyeol coolly stuck the coloured bits and pieces on their project and leaned behind to admire it. "Not bad." he muttered, pleased.

Suho grew interested and leaned over to look, only to have his eyes bulge out in disgust. "Chanyeol, couldn't you have pasted these, the right way up?" he rolled his eyes as he showed Chanyeol how he had pasted the pictures on their fronts inside on their backs.

Chanyeol's cheeks grew pink but he remained impassive, trying to  cover his embarrassment. He shrugged. "It looks good to me."

After another hour of hard work, the team finally pieced together their final product. It didn't look exactly awesome because at some point, D.O. accidentally poured glue all over it and they had to use the hairdryer to dry the entire thing.

But it was the fruit of their labor nevertheless and they were proud of it.

The eight of them laid on their backs and gazed at it as Suho held it up to admire it. "Pretty." he praised. "If only D.O. didn't pour glue on it."

D.O. pouted. "Yah! You shouldn't have placed the chocopies so close to the glue! They're distracting!"

"Aww guys." Sunmi giggled. "It's not that bad. At least we all worked to finish it."

Sehun nodded enthusiastically and gazed dreamily at her. *Everything she says sounds wonderful.*

Sunmi turned to Jooyeon again. "Jooyeon ah, let's go back up to finish watching the Mr Simple mv." she suggested excitedly.

Sehun blinked. *Maybe...sometimes not THAT wonderful...*

The two giggling girls soon ran up to Jooyeon's room to conitnue with their fangirling activities again and left the boys to themselves. Suho grinned. "You must thank your noona, Sehun. We couldn't have finished the project this quickly without them."

But Sehun wasn't listening. He was looking at where Sunmi had went and cursing Super Junior in his heart.

The boys decided to grab a bite (besides chocopie) and headed out. Before leaving, Kai caught sight of a pink umbrella that was hung out to dry.

He stopped for a moment. "I'm positive I saw that at home..." he mtutered.

He shook his head. *Nah. Impossible.*

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Chapter 68: Awwwweeee~~~ you don't know how many times I giggled, laughed, and almost cried because of this. Thank you for the very nice ending. Cheers! :)
Chapter 20: This girl is too stubborn....I'm irritated
Chapter 68: Please have a sequel~~~~
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omoooo i love it
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Chapter 2: Question:

Are they supposed to be in high school or university?
I mean it says that they were in front of SM university and the father said they are in university in the prev chapter, but the setting sounds a lot like a high school...

I know this is a technical question, but i just wanna the correct setting to imgaine the scenes of the story better. Regardless, I think the story is amazing, and this is actually my second time reading it. I love it!
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Chapter 68: AWEEEEEE my heart ♡ was so sHOOk from reading this, soooo many feels tho, and whenever the topic of taemin and hus ability pops up I think of the old disney channel show,"That's so Raven" anyone else? XD
Chapter 68: awwwww this was such a well-written story, i love it!
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