Regardless what the future says

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"Taemin oppa...where are we going?" Jooyeon asked curiously.

On the very day that Taemin and Jooyeon had been discharged from the hospital, Taemin had went home to shower and changed into a new piece of outfit, only to return to Jooyeon's house to drag her out again.

"Just somewhere." Taemin murmured as he pulled her along.

Jooyeon frowned and tried to keep up with his pace. "We just got discharged from the hospital today, oppa. The doctor said we should rest." she half chided.

Taemin smiled down at her and pinched her nose. "Just say it if you want to go home sleep, Yeon."

Jooyeon's eyes widened and she reddened. "No!" she exclaimed in surprise. "Im not implying that!"

"You might as well be." Taemin laughed as he closed the car door for her. He went over to the driver's seat and sat down. "Don't worry Yeon. I won't make you exhausted or anything. But it's just important that we go."

Jooyeon blinked curiously. "Seriously oppa, where are we going?"

Taemin grinned at her cutely. "Why, our first date of course."



"I thought you said we would be going to eat steak and a fancy dinner." Jooyeon said pointedly, raising her brows at Taemin.

Taemin blinked at her. "I did?"

"Yes." Jooyeon blew a raspberry. "Not only that, you said you were going to hire a string quarter while we ate. And we were going to the Han River to see the fireworks. And then you would send me home."

Jooyeon narrowed her eyes at him. "Don't you remember all that?" she asked. "You were the one who told me that you would be doing all that for our first date when I just went out with Himchan for the first time."

Taemin waved it away. "That's different. I'm not going to do whatever my future self would do anymore." he declared.

"Why?" Jooyeon asked curiously, since fate seemed to play a big part in the mind reader's life.

Taemin chuckled and tapped her nose. "Curiosity kills the cat." he teased. He took her hand again and led her with him. "I'll tell you again later."

Taemin got them both off at the bus stop within walking distance to Jooyeon's house.

"Do you remember this place Yeon?" Taemin asked as he opened the car door for her. Jooyeon frowned as she got out from the car.

"Huh? Isn't this just the bus stop near my house?" Jooyeon questioned. "What's there to remember?"

Taemin knocked her head lightly. "And they say girls are more romantic than guys." He chided. He smiled softly as he walked over to his car and retrieved an umbrella, and heading over to the corner of the bus stop.

"Remember?" Taemin grinned.

Jooyeon's eyes widened as the memory surfaced again. "You waited here for me with an umbrella for the first time." she recalled. "It was raining heavily that day. I remember you said..." she trailed off, blushing.

Taemin chuckled at her, amused. "Yes Yeon? What did I say?" he grinned.

"I asked you why you didn't just pass me the umbrella in school. Why did you have to wait here for me." Jooyeon murmured, her cheeks flushing pink. "And you asked me, can't I just want to see you, Yeon?"

Taemin grinned at the memory. Jooyeon bit her lip and played with the hem of her dress. "I think that may be when I started falling for you." she admitted. "Or maybe I was falling for you all along and that was the first time I noticed it."

Taemin smiled and took her hand, caressing her palm. "And I'm glad you did." he whispered.

He took out a Polaroid camera and went up to one of the people waiting for the bus to request for their favor to take a picture.

Not exactly knowing what Taemin was doing and knowing that the wisest thing was to follow what he wanted, she stood beside him as he smiled and put a hand round her shoulder while his other hand held the umbrella that had been opened, all under the bright afternoon sun.

The lady who helped them take the picture was looking at them weirdly, wondering why they wanted to take a picture at a bus stop and with an umbrella at that.

Taemin thanked the lady and ignored the strange looks thrown at them. He took Jooyeon's hand and led her back to the car.

Once in the car, Jooyeon turned to Taemin curiously. "Oppa..what are we doing?"

Taemin patted her head. "You'll know soon enough Yeon. Be patient."

The car soon took off and they arrived at the ruins of the warehouse that the Choi's had kidnapped Sehun.

The warehouse had been completely burned down because of the the explosion and what's left is a barren black piece of land and a vague scent of burning that hadn't been able to completely go away even after a few days.

Jooyeon approached the ruins carefully as the memories of the fearful event ran through her mind. They were still fresh and new and she could feel all the fear she had felt at that point of time.

To be honest, she s hasn't been able to convince herself that they were all safe and sound now.

"Remember this place?" Taemin prodded gently, squeezing her hand lightly.

"Of course I do." Jooyeon whispered. "You and Kai nearly died here."

"Correction," Taemin reminded. "Kai and I were nearly killed here and had half of our powers away from us. You were nearly and whipped and the rest were injured in some way of another."

Jooyeon winced and swallowed a lump that had formed in . "Why are we here oppa?" she whispered.

Taemin took out his Polaroid again and set it on the floor with a timer. "To take a picture of course."

Jooyeon's eyes widened. "What? Here?"

Taemin nodded and pulled her towards him by we waist and put his face next to red. "Smile Yeon."

And the picture was taken.


Jooyeon was getting more and more suspicious about what this whole picture thing was about. But at the same time she knew Taemin would have a reason for doing all these things and she followed him along as they went to the last destination.

The car rolled into the driveway of the Lee Brother's house, much to Jooyeon's surprise. And even more so to her shock, the pink caravan with the words JOOYEON & TAEMIN was parked on the lawn with balloons and roses everywhere.

"You rented that again oppa?" Jooyeon asked, surprised.

Taemin gave her a look and pinched her nose. "You think you can rent a caravan, spray it pink with your name and return it to the owner?" he asked flatly. He chuckled amusedly. "Of course it's bought, Yeon."

Jooyeon's eyes widened. "What? You actually bought it? But...but..." she was lost for words.

Taemin took her hand and led her into the caravan. It looked exactly the same as it had one that night on White Day, but at the same time different. Because the Jooyeon and Taemin then weren't same as they were now. They had grown.

"Remember?" Taemin asked.

Jooyeon rolled her eyes and leaned into his embrace. "Of course I do, Taemin oppa." she grumbled. "The freaking snake."

Taemin laughed and kissed her temple. "Yes the snake. But if not for it, you wouldn't confess your love for me would you?" he grinned. "And this is the place where I first verbalized my feelings to you, too."

He reached over for the Polaroid camera. "Another picture?" Jooyeon asked.

Taemin grinned. "That's correct!" he said in a variety show type of voice.

With Taemin hugging her from behind and a large smile on her face, Jooyeon pressed the button and took the picture.

Jooyeon sighed in content and smiled. "But what are we doing oppa?" she asked curiously. "You said this is the last stop. Shouldn't you have a conclusion or reason why we're taking these photos?"

Taemin bit his lip and lifted her off his lap. He plopped her on the chair opposite of his and took her hands, his eyes never leaving hers.

"As you probably already know, I've almost lost all my powers because of the machine now, Yeon." Taemin began. "Kai can read other people's mind once in a while because he hadn't been on the machine as long as I was. Now I'm no more than an ordinary person with a slightly more accurate and acute six sense."

Taemin let out a small breath and squeezed her hand. "What I'm trying to say, Yeon, is that fate doesn't matter now. And it's not because Ive lost my powers." he muttered. "Because I don't care about what fate has in stall for me."

"Because I want to live my life with you by my side and if that doesn't happen, I'll go against my fate to get you back." Taemin declared determinedly.

Jooyeon felt herself tearing up under his sincere intense gaze.

He took out the three Polaroid pictures they had taken that day. "These pictures are of our past, out memories." He whispered. "And with these in mind, we're going to create more beautiful memories. "

He looked into her eyes. "Regardless of what the future says, we're going to create our own future together in the way we want it to, Yeon." his voice cracked slightly.

"Taemin oppa..." Jooyeon whispered, tears now flowing freely down her face.

"I love you, Oh Jooyeon. Happy first month." Taemin took out a pair of matching couple necklaces.

Jooyeon gasped. She checked the date on her phone and realized that it was indeed one month after they had been together.

Taemin reached out to put the necklace round her neck.

"We will have so many more months, years, decades ahead, Yeon." Taemin whispered. "And we will not let anyone take that away from us, even fate."

Jooyeon nodded tearfully and hurled herself into Taemin's embrace. "I love you too, oppa." she cried. "And thank you. Thank you thank you." she sniffled.

Music began playing and Taemin led Jooyeon outside of the caravan where she was surprised to find all the members of Shinee and Exo-k.

They were all partying and there was a huge banner with "HAPPY FIRST MONTH" hung on the tree.

"Congratulations Taemin and Jooyeon!" Onew shouted.

Jooyeon giggled and looked around at her friends that were dancing and having the time of their lives. Some of them still had bandages here and there but all were smiling.

Kai and Minhee were holding hands discreetly at the corner of the yard. Sehun was playing around with Sunmi and sneaking kisses on her cheek when no one was looking. The SHINee and EXO-K boys were dancing to the music and having a live pub in their front lawn.

And this was what's the future's all about.

Regardless about what the future says, at this moment, you're happy.

Jooyeon snuggled into Taemin's arms and smiled. *Yes I am.*




Thank you for walking with me through this wonderful journey till the end. Hope you enjoyed this story! (:

See you in my other fics! <3

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