Defying Fate

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"What?" everyone chorused. "How is that possible! No way!"

Kai shook his head stubbornly. "Yes way!" he insisted. "I saw Taemin hyung just now and he accidentally let me into his mind. He knows it and he's going to die when he goes to give the ransom! It's the Choi's!"

"Who are they?" Mr Oh asked urgently. "Some organization or something? Why do they want Taemin?"

Kai sighed and rubbed his temples. "In actual fact, they want hyung and me for our powers but they want Taemin hyung more because his is more powerful." he admitted. "They've been on our tail for a long time now and they want to our powers from us. Our parents died onthe same exact manner. I'm not going to let Taemin hyung do that too."

"Then let's go." Onew said determinedly, being manly and serious all of a sudden. He looked around. "Where's Jooyeon?"

Everyone looked around but she was nowhere to be seen. Sunmi squeaked. "I think I saw someone run out of the house but I didn't bother to see who it was." she murmured. "Now that I think of it, I think it was Jooyeon."

Baekhyun cursed. "She can't save Taemin and Sehun all by herself!" he reached for the door. "We've got to catch up with them now!"



"Taemin oppa how can you do this to me?" Jooyeon sobbed as she ran as quickly as she could.

Just when she needed a cab, none of them stopped to respond to her calls. She was crying wildly now and going crazy from the tension and worry.

Taemin was going to die?

*He knew he was going to die.* Jooyeon realized. She gulped when she thought of his odd behavior the past few days.

"No wonder he kept telling me that he loved me." she whispered in realization. "No wonder he wanted to meet umma and appa. Now that I think of it, he promised me Sehun's safety but never once talked about his own."

Tears flowed down Jooyeon's cheeks more rapidly. "No..." she whimpered. "That can't happen. I can't let him die."

She waved her hands frantically and finally a single yellow can rolled into sight and stopped in front of her. "Where ya goin' miss?"

"The warehouse at the east side of town. Now!" Jooyeon cried out. "Hurry Ahjusshi! My boyfriend's going to die!"


After a frantic rush where they were almost caught by two traffic police and drove past five red lights and almost got into an accident, Jooyeon arrived at the warehouse. She thanked the Ahjusshi profusely and ran out of the car, looking around.

She was just in time to see Taemin locking his car and clutching the ransom, wanting to go into the warehouse by himself.


Taemin stopped in his tracks. His heart skipped at beat at the same time as it sank. Jooyeon? His Jooyeon?

But what was she doing here? Is she insane? Those Choi's are going to torture her as well if they capture her. And Taemin wasn't ready to witness such a sight before he died.

He wheeled around to demand Jooyeon to get out of the place immediately, all this concerns wanting to blurt out of his mouth when Jooyeon shouted at him first.

"ARE YOU AN IDIOT TAEMIN OPPA?" she hollered, before hurling herself at him and burying her face in his chest as she cried.

Taemin blinked in surprise. "What are you talking about Yeon?" he asked, dumbfounded.

Jooyeon whipped her head up to glare at him. "You dare ask me that?" she demanded. "You were about to give yourself up to the Choi's! You were going to die!" she hit his chest with every word in her last statement.

Taemin caught her hand and stared at her. He gulped hard. "How did you-" he faltered. "Oh. Kai?" he frowned.

Jooyeon glowered at him. "Yes Kai." she growled. "If not for him, I'll only be waiting at home for Sehun's arrival and only be greeted with news of your death!" she hissed.

She took a step back from him and crossed her arms. "I thought we were soulmates Taemin oppa." she commented drily. "Why won't you tell me something like this?"

Taemin avoided her eyes and looked down at the ground. "Because I'm not, Yeon."

Jooyeon paused and the frown at her eyebrows deepened. "Huh?" she blurted. "You're not what? You're my soulmate, you said so yourself."

Taemin sighed and ran his fingers through his hair in a frustrated manner. "I was wrong Yeon. I was wrong all these time!" he yelled in frustration.

Jooyeon gaped at him and blinked as confusion set in.

Taemin calmed down and looked at her, breathing heavily. "I saw you in my future, Yeon." he whispered. "I saw how happy we would be. I saw how contented with life I was because of you. I saw how much I loved you."

He closed his eyes monetarily to keep those tears in. "And I thought, hey this is my soulmate. She's the one." he murmured. "And so I waited. I waited year after year for your arrival into my life."

"But only now do I know that what I saw was only part of the truth." Taemin turned to look at her, a tear leaking from his eyes, surprising Jooyeon. "Because the one beside you to bring you happiness isn't fated to be me. I saw it, in the flash. Our love is supposed to be a short memory until I die because of the Choi's. After I die.." Taemin choked. "Kai's going to take the job of comforting you and bringing smiles back into your life."

"That isn't possible." Jooyeon whispered, shaking her head in denial.

"No listen to me Yeon." Taemin insisted. "I saw this flash a long time ago. I saw you in a wedding dress and I also saw you carrying a baby. His surname is Lee and I thought I was the father. It's only now that I realize I'm not included in your future at all. It's Kai. Kai's your soulmate."

"No." Jooyeon whimpered. "You're my soulmate, Taemin oppa."

"Yeon this is fate." Taemin told her. "I'm not supposed to be in your life. I'm not supposed to live. This is supposed to-"


Taemin gaped at Jooyeon as she hit her palm against his cheek. Jooyeon's chest heaved up and down as she breathed heavily, glaring at him. "Rubbish!" she snarled.

"Yeon!" Taemin gaped.

"You don't understand!" Jooyeon shrieked. "There is something called fate, but you don't always have to listen to it. You can try to change it. You can try to live the life you want and not just accept whatever that happens!" she scolded.

She fumed at him. "So what? If you die do you think you'll be the hero? No. Because I'll forever remember you as the guy who doesn't dare to stand up for what he wants and in turn surrenders his life. I love you Taemin, and we can defy fate together."

She turned away from him. "If you don't even love me enough to do that, perhaps fate is right. I should have chosen Kai instead." she took a step away from him. "And too bad, he's already got Minhee. Didn't your 'fate' tell you that?"

She walked away without a backward glance. Taemin panicked and grabbed her hand. Jooyeon stopped walking and stared at the floor, tears flowing down her cheeks freely.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Taemin hugged her from behind and cried into her neck. "I thought this was the right thing to do. To protect you, to protect Sehun and Kai, to protect everyone else."

Jooyeon leaned into his embrace. "It isn't right, oppa. The right thing to do is for us to stand together and face whatever fate throws us." she whispered.

Taemin nodded. "I know that now. We'll defy fate, together."

Jooyeon smiled and turned to face him. "Then let's call for back up and get Sehun out."

Taemin whipped out his phone and was about the call Onew when the door of the warehouse burst opened to reveal the choi Devils.

"Touching." Dave Choi smirked and clapped sarcastically. "Too bad we're already going to get you."

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Chapter 2: Question:

Are they supposed to be in high school or university?
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