According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"Excessive I love you's..." Jooyeon mumbled as she typed it into the search engine.

She clicked on the first article and scanned through the text. Her eyes widened as she read, her heart thumping faster and faster.

"It says here that if your boyfriend tells you that he loves you excessively in a suspicious manner..." Jooyeon took a sharp intake of breath. "It might be because he is cheating!"

Jooyeon smacked herself on the forehead and shook her head. "Aigoo what are you thinking about Jooyeon?" she scolded herself. "Taemin oppa is the last guy that would cheat in the world. He wouldn't cheat on me." she muttered firmly.

She twisted her lips as she read on. "It may also be because he did something wrong to you behind your back." she tapped her chin.

Frowning, she tried to think of anything that Taemin could have done that would upset her.


"I don't think so..." Jooyeon murmured in thought. "Taemin oppa can read the future. Even if he is going to do something wrong, he would be able to prevent it. The only thing he did wrong till now is not to be stable enough do that that girl could cause him to fall on her." she muttered.

Shaking her head again, she continued on to the last point. "Lastly, your boyfriend may be hiding something from you." she read.

"Now this sounds possible.." Jooyeon nodded. Taemin seemed preoccupied most of the times recently and always distracted. When Jooyeon asked what he was thinking, he would always dismiss it as nothing or tell her some minor thing to divert her attention.

He was definitely hiding something. And Jooyeon was going to find that out.

Her phone rang at this instant and she brightened, seeing Taemin's name in the screen. "Yeoboseyo? Oppa!" she beamed.

"Yeon." Taemin's voice sounded tired and weak. "Are you at home now?"

"Hmm.." Jooyeon responded. She glanced at the time. "There's still an hour till you come over to fetch me for our date right?"

There was a pause. "That's the problem, Yeon." Taemin managed to say. "I don't think I can make it."

Jooyeon froze. Her heart sank as suspicion grew thicker. "Why?"

She heard Taemin exhale heavily. "Something cropped up, Yeon." Taemin explained. "I'm at the dance studio now. I can't make it for the date today. I'm sorry Yeon."

Jooyeon forced herself to sound normal. "It's okay oppa. Next time then."

Taemin's voice was full of regret and hesitation as he responded. "Yeah... Next time." he let out another sigh. "I'm sorry Yeon. I'll make up to you."

"It's fine. Hope you can solve whatever problem it is." Jooyeon told him. They hung up and Jooyeon stared at her phone for a long time.

"I'm going to find out what he's up to." She muttered determinedly.



"This is the dance studio?" Jooyeon peeked out from behind her sunglasses. "Hmm...Aegyo king comes here for dance lessons too."

Jooyeon was decked top to toe in her special clothes meant for spying. Wearing a large black leather jacket and red woolen hat, she wore sunglasses to hide her face.

She looked left and right and strode into the dance studio. She was just at the counter, wanting to inquire about which room Taemin was in, when the person in question walked out from one of the rooms.

Taemin signed his name to sign out of the dance studio, not realizing that this elaborately dressed lady standing beside him at the counter was his girlfriend.

He sighed heavily and walked out. Jooyeon bowed hurriedly to the staff and followed behind Taemin. He got into his Bentley and drove off in a flash.

Jooyeon waved for a flag hurriedly and got into it. "Ahjusshi! Follow that Bentley!!" she shrieked, holding onto the seat tightly.

Taemin drove from the residential areas in Seoul to the more populated shopping areas. She frowned when he stopped at one of the most popular dating sites for teenagers, Hongdae.

"This is the problem?" Jooyeon murmured. She paid the taxi driver and hurried after Taemin, slinking slyly like a cat.

Taemin reached one of the double level cafes that overlooked the main street and ordered a latte, siting at one of the corners of the cafe.

Jooyeon paid for her strawberry smoothie and sat few tables away from him. *What is he doing here?*

Taemin's eyes were trained on the entrance of the cafe and never moved away from its target. He tapped his fingers on the table in an irregular pattern and his feet kept shifting as he sat.

Being Taemin's desk partner for several months now, Jooyeon knew him well enough to know that Taemin was definitely nervous or anxious about something.

She wondered who he was waiting to appear when the answer walked right into the cafe.

Jooyeon's eyes widened when Sehun and Sunmi walked in, chatting happily while holding their hands. They sat down at a table few feet away from Taemin and herself.

Apparently Sehun and Sunmi were on a date together, but what was Taemin doing here spying on them? This sounded wrong, it is wrong, it's wrong in every sense!

Sehun and Sunmi ordered some deserts and shared, all the time giggling at each other's jokes and not noticing that Taemin was spying on them and Jooyeon was spying on Taemin spying on them.

Jooyeon tried hard to keep in her seat and not storm over to Taemin to demand what was going on.

Finally, Sehun left Sunmi for a while to go to the restroom. When Sehun stood up, Taemin immediately followed. Jooyeon scrambled up and tiptoed behind, not minding that people were shooting her strange gazes from her weird attire and behavior.

Sehun went into the toilet and Taemin pretended to be looking at one of the posters on the wall as he waited. Sehun surfaced minutes later, humming a tune as he walked back to where Sunmi was.

Taemin followed suit and so did Jooyeon. *What is Taemin oppa doing?* she thought in confusion.

Until suddenly three large burly men appeared out of nowhere, pulling Sehun into one of the vans that were parked around.

Taemin immediately burst into action as he sprinted forward and grabbed one of the men, flinging him away from Sehun. Sehun's eyes widened. "Taemin hyung! Help!"

"Sehun!" Taemin tried pushing another of those burly men away but they were much stronger and punched Taemin straight in his stomach.

Taemin fell back in pain, all air knocked out of his lungs. He struggled to get up again when the door of the van slammed shut with Sehun inside.

Sehun banged on the window furiously while Taemin tried to reach for the door handle. The van drove off and Taemin continued running after it until it was too far away.

Jooyeon tried keeping up, pale and shocked. She had been too frightened to help and when she finally got the guts, Sehun was already taken away.

She caught up with Taemin who collapsed on the side walk, weeping. "Taemin oppa."

Taemin looked surprised to see her but he didn't question how she knew he was there. He tugged on her hand and crushed her to him.

"Mianhae Yeon." he whispered brokenly. "I knew. And I couldn't prevent it. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."


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Chapter 2: Question:

Are they supposed to be in high school or university?
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