She likes him

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

Jooyeon walked, deep in thought. She had been thinking about Taemin for a long time and she was seriously contemplating reporting him to the teachers or anyone that might send him to the mental hospital.

Who the hell in the world would just tell any random person that they're their soulmates??!

Jooyeon pouted and twisted her lips. Even though she had misgivings for this Lee Taemin, her inner fangirl had to admit that this guy was indeed one to look out for. He made even her feel inferior with his pretty boy looks. How can a guy be so pretty like this? It's so unfair!

Thinking deeply, Jooyeon walked into Sehun's back when she followed behind and her forehead collided with his back with a rather large impact.

"Owwww Noona!!" Sehun suddenly jerked in pain. Jooyeon winced and rubbed her forehead ashamed. "Ah Mianhae. I was thinking."

Sehun made and face and poked her forehead. "Didn't know you had that ability." he tapped it lightly. "I'll be going to class noona. See you at home." he waved and went off with his personal hoard of fangirls tailing behind him.

Jooyeon looked at him and sighed. "That's right!" she muttered. "Some guy that's good looking should be like that, enjoying how those fangirls love and adore them, not going to random strangers and claiming that they were soulmates." she huffed.

She didn't know why she was so bothered. She could have just taken it as a joke. She took jokes lightly all the time and it wasn't easy to offend Jooyeon.

But perhaps it was because this time she could really see that Taemin was serious. He was 100% serious when he said they were soulmates.

And it was excitingly freaky.

Jooyeon hung her head, thinking about that Lee Taemin again, when her head collided with another hard back. She winced, her sore portion coming into another harsh impact.

"Oww Aegyo King I thought you went?" she hissed.

She glared at his shoes, only to realize they looked nothing like the shiny ones Sehun liked. They were plain black converses, humble but sleek. She blinked.

"Are you okay?" a soothing deep voice rang out.

Jooyeon looked up and found herself looking into a familiar face. "You!" both of them cried out at the same time.

"You're locker 56!" Jooyeon gasped in surprise.

The guy looked extremely pleased that she actually remembered him, or rather, his locker. He examined her forehead carefully and tenderly, as if he was some sort of doctor.

"You sure you're okay?" the guy asked again.

Jooyeon smiled cheerfully. "Fine. Nothing big." she shrugged. She bowed. "So, I'll be going." she smiled and turned to go.

The guy panicked and held her back, causing Jooyeon to look back at him curiously. "Uhm...I'm Kai." he bit his lip in a seemingly nervous manner. "Why don't I walk you to class in case your head uh....feels unwell along the way?" he asked eagerly.

Jooyeon beamed at him. "You're so nice!" she was impressed. "Thank you but I'm really fine and-"

"I'LL WALK YOU!" Kai suddenly yelped loudly. Jooyeon blinked in surprise. "O....Kay....? If you say so." she shrugged.

Kai smiled inwardly and walked beside her, noting how she only came up to his shoulders. "Are you new here?" he asked conversationally.

"Yup." she smiled. "I'm Oh Jooyeon by the way. Me and my younger brother moved to Seoul just recently and we entered this Uni. Nice place really." she thought about Himchan. Even at the dumpster, Himchan would make the place look like heaven.

Kai stopped in his tracks. "So you're a senior?" he looked disappointed. "Since you have a younger brother here as well."

"Yup!" Jooyeon hummed a tune and skipped along, unaware that Kai was struggling with himself at the moment.

*Okay so you're younger than her. So what?* Kai questioned himself. *There are many couples where the girl's older. It's just that she has to see me as a man instead of a dongsaeng, and my age's going to be a rather large hurdle.*

"And Seoul's do pretty too!" Jooyeon continued. "I can't wait to attend any fan meets Super junior has. You know Super junior right? They're JJANGG!!!" she held two thumbs up.

Kai chuckled at her cuteness. Why is it that none of the girls he ever met was this pure and attractive?

Reading her thoughts, he could tell that her enthusiasm and cuteness weren't forced. She was just this excited deep from her heart.

"Yeah." Kai nodded. "I doubt anyone here doesn't know who Super junior is." he added with a smile.

Jooyeon grinned. "Yup! Because Suju is sooooooo...." her eyes lit up at a figure far away that was walking away quickly.

*Himchan!* she turned to Kai quickly in a rush. "I'm sorry. I have to go. Nice to meet you, Kai!" she waved and ran off, her brown locks of hair flying wildly in the wind.

Kai frowned and caught her last thoughts before she left. *Himchan!! Must. Catch. Up. With. Himchan.*

He frowned as Jooyeon sprinted away. "She likes him." he whispered.



"Hey soulmate."

Jooyeon cringed. She shot a glare at Taemin and made a face there after. "If you call me that one more time I'll contact the police and report ual harassment." she warned.

Taemin, instead of looking horrified, broke into a smile. *She looks cute when she's angry. Hmm...just like what I foresaw.*

"Arraso Corporal Oh." Taemin pretended to salute. He peered over at her table and raised his brows when he saw her copying two sets of notes.

He scratched his head. This new happening must have happened rather recently with new decisions made within a short span of time.

He could read the future if the future only if it had been set, like destiny. But he couldn't read it if decisions were made last minute, and had no control over what he would read either.

"Why are you copying two sets of notes?" Taemin asked curiously.

The girls in class were curiously looking as their maknae of SHINee began conversing with a girl WILLINGLY, and they were dying to know what he was talking about.

But Taemin noted that unlike the previous day where Jooyeon would be conscious of their stares, she seemed so absorbed in writing the notes that she didn't notice the attention.

"Hm?" Jooyeon responded half heartedly. "Nothing much." she shrugged, but her pink tints on her cheeks revealed otherwise.

Taemin frowned and squinted at the notes. One of them, she just scribbled in a horrible handwriting that was barely readable.

Another, she wrote so nearly that it looked printed, and even occasionally added pink stars and hearts to highlight important parts. And on that piece, the name was written Kim Himchan.

Taemin flinched. Why was she copying for him? He didn't hesitate to ask her that.

Jooyeon peered a him suspiciously. She looked around. "Don't tell anyone." she whispered.

"Himchan oppa's ditching school today do i offered to help him with these." she smiled dreamily at the mention of Himchan's name.

Taemin frowned. Why was she liking someone else? She's his soulmate!

A sudden flash ran in his mind as a piece of the future was revealed. Taemin paled and watched as Jooyeon carefully wrote Himchan's notes which he doubted that the latter would even read.

*Oh no.* he thought urgently. *Her first crush isn't going to end well.*

He bit his lip. *I hope she falls for me before that happens.*

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