According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

It was Physical Education and the seniors were out on the field for their usual workout. Or rather, attempt to get out of the usual workout.

The only people who seemed really interested was Taemin, Jooyeon and Minho. Jooyeon and Taemin because they weren't negative to anything educational, while Minho because of his superior sporting genes.

For that session of Physical education, the teacher than Somethig different lined up for them.

"Today you're going to get yourself paired up in twos." he announced. "We have set up a course right here in the field and you guys have to go through the course as fast as you can. Something like the Japanese show Ninja Warrior. The fastest pair will be able to skip PE next week."

Everyone chattered excitedly not because of the prize, but the prospect of doing something other than running and running and running.

Jooyeon was immediately taken up by Taemin and they did stretching exercises together, radiating cuteness around the field. Taemin helped to push Jooyeon forward as she reached for her toes. He snuck a kiss on her cheek when no one was looking.

Jooyeon let out a gasp and turned to him in surprise. "Oppa! We're in school!" she hissed, looking around to see if anyone saw.

Taemin shrugged. "Let them see." he made a face. He leaned forward and pecked her lips again. "You're my soulmate, remember?" he grinned.

Jooyeon couldn't help but giggle and blush in that way only Taemin could make her behave. Girls around hissed angrily seeing Taemin and Jooyeon interact so intimately. What they would give to be in Jooyeon's place right now!

The game started and the first part of the course was for one of them to skip ropes while completing an algebraic sum while the other ran around the field. Once the latter came back from one round, the one that had been skipping would have to tell him the answer and he would have to run another round before answering.

Jooyeon started skipping as she did her mental sums quickly, an easy task for her. Onew was to her left and seemed to have much difficulty even reading the question because his vision was jerking up and down from the jumping.

Minho came back first, but his extra speed was of no use because Onew hadn't even solved the question and he had to wait. "Hyung!" he hissed.

"Wait!!" Onew panicked. "What's log276 divided by e^cos60 times square root of 133?"

Minho gaped at his hyung. "I don't think that's the answer."

Taemin came back soon after, panting lightly. He smiled at Jooyeon while jogging on the spot. "The answer is 2 oppa! 2!" Jooyeon whispered.

Taemin sent her an okay sign and ran turned to run another round. He was one of the fastest when he returned and shouted the answer across to the teacher.

"That's correct!"

Taemin let out a cheer and danced around, running to Jooyeon and smiling brightly. Jooyeon giggled and gave Taemin a high five. The others girls rolled their eyes and made faces.

The session advanced till the last segment where the one of them pair has to piggy back the other and finish a short race.

Jooyeon held on fast to Taemin as he raced through the course at top speed, almost beating Minho.

"Fighting Oppa! Faster faster!" Jooyeon cheered as the wind whipped her hair about.

Hearing her cheers, Taemin picked up his speed and ran even faster. All of a sudden, they heard a shriek from behind them.

One of the girls had fallen from the guy's back and landed in a heap on the floor. Being nice sports men and women, Jooyeon immediately made Taemin stop to put her down so thy they could help.

"Are you alright?" Jooyeon asked the guy who had hurt his knee.

Taemin went over to the girl and held his hand out. "Can you stand?"

The girl whimpered and grabbed hold of Taemin's hand. Taemin was surprised by her strength because he didn't expect someone who just went through the shock of falling to be this hulk like.

Unexpectedly, the girl tugged on Taemin's hand hard and Taemin went toppling onto the girl. He tried to stop himself from falling but it was too late.

His body was pressed against the girl's and not only that, his lips were too.

Jooyeon's eyes widened and she gaped at her boyfriend kissing another girl. *WHAT?*

Taemin scrambled up immediately and wiped his lips furiously, stunned. The girl let out a giggle. "Opps. Accident?"

Taemin frowned at her and turned to Jooyeon immediately, hoping that she didn't see. And she did. Every single detail.

"Bastard!" Jooyeon hissed and stormed away, angry and ballistic. It wasn't exactly Taemin's fault, but she had the right to be angry and jealous right? They were only together for a few days and he goes kissing someone else! This cannot be pardoned easily!

Taemin let out a groan and buried his face in his hands. "Oh no."



I'm sorry. I really didn't expect her to pull me forward. Forgive me, Yeon?

Jooyeon sighed as she read Taemin's nth message to her. She had ignored him for the whole day because she needed time for herself to get over the hurt. It wounded her, really.

And at the same time, it made her realize just how much she liked Taemin. Because even though it wasn't his fault and on his will, she was deeply traumatized from the incident.

She sighed and chucked her phone under her pillow. She didn't want to think about his now. Love made her stronger and at the same time more vulnerable.

She was about to find a book to read so that she could take her mind off things when loud rustling came from outside her window. She blinked.

The tree shook violently and suddenly a head appeared. Jooyeon gasped. "Taemin oppa?"

Taemin grinned and climbed over the ledge into her room, jumping skillfully and landing on his two feet. "Yeon." he looked at her.

Jooyeon gulped and opened and closed repetitively. "" she stuttered.

Taemin shrugged. "You didn't answer my calls or reply my texts so I only had this choice."

He stepped forward and took Jooyeon's hand. "I didn't mean to kiss that girl, Yeon." he murmured. "It was an accident. And I didn't even foresee that coming. I'm sorry if you're hurt because of it but I want you to know that I won't kiss anyone other than you, under my will. Forgive me, oh?"

Jooyeon sighed and nodded, a small smile forming. "It's hard not to when you already climbed through the window into my room." she commented.

Taemin chuckled and tugged on her hand, pulling her into his embrace. He tilted her head up and kissed her chastely. "I love you, Yeon."

Jooyeon softened. "I love you too." she confessed.

Taemin shook his head. "I really mean it. And I want you to remember this, Yeon. I really really really love you." Taemin's face was serious and not a hint of joke.

"Oppa?" Jooyeon frowned.

Taemin finally forced a smile and crushed her to him again. "I love you." he repeated.

Jooyeon nodded and melted into his embrace, though doubtful.

Even if every I love you made it harder for her to think, it didn't take a genius to figure something was rather wrong with his behavior.

*I wonder what it is.* Jooyeon pondered.

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