Sunhun Couple

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"YOU TWO ARE TOGETHER?" everyone chorused as Jooyeon and Taemin walked into school hand in hand the next day.

Jooyeon blushed pink and focused on her legs. Taemin beamed brightly at everyone. "Yeah! Yeon is officially my girlfriend now!" he announced.

"Awwwww!!" the fangirls pouted.

"That's great, maknae." Key smiled. "One step closer to spending your life together."

Taemin smile down at Jooyeon ad squeezed her hand. Jooyeon bit back a smile and blushed.

This was so different from when she was with Himchan. Even when he's holding her hand like this, she feels happy and contented. The way he smiles, the smiles only reserved for her, it made her feel so special.

Not because he was one of the Jjangs, not because he was handsome, not because he was rich. But because he was Lee Taemin and she loved him.

Sehun watched his sister looking so happy and all and let out a sigh. He glanced at Sunmi dejectedly, and the latter immediately directed her gaze away from him awkwardly.

Sehun closed his eyes in pain and walked away from the gang wordlessly. Sunmi swallowed uncontrollably and walked off as well, in the opposite direction.

Jooyeon frowned. "What's wrong with them two?" she asked.

"Don't you know, noona?" Suho answered. "Sunmi and Sehun got into a fight yesterday."

"What?" Taemin blinked in surprise. "What happened?"

"Well," Baekhyun sighed. "Sunmi made some comment like Sehun isn't old enough to take care of her, and Sehun was pissed, because he had always been trying to show her than he was man enough. Sunmi told him she would never date someone younger than her and so they fought." he shrugged.

The gang fell silent.

"But it's obvious Sunmi likes Sehun too isn't it?" Jonghyun commented, tapping his chin. "My Dino radar tells me that she likes him back. Why is she so insistent on this?"

"Whatever the case, it isn't fair for Sehun." Kai muttered, sad for his friend. "Sunmi noona shouldn't run away from her feelings."

"We should do something to help them get together." Chanyeol suggested.

The gang racked their brains together for the benefit of their lovely Aegyo king. After a while, D.O. finally spoke up. "I think it's still better for them to talk it out. And I have the perfect plan to make that happen." he grinned.



"What?" Sehun and Sunmi echoed.

"Yep you heard right." Key snapped. "We are not going to let you two out until you work out this problem you two have."

"But Key oppa-" Sunmi blurted.

"No buts." Key growled. Sehun and Sunmi shrunk back in fear. Key could be pretty intimidating when he wanted to.

He slammed the door shut and left Sunmi and Sehun in the empty classroom while the rest of Shinee and Exo-k eavesdropped outside.

Sehun glanced at Sunmi and she looked away immediately. Sehun flinched. *Am I that detestable?*

He sighed and went to one of the spare tables, plopping himself on he chair and laying his head on the table to take a nap. There wasn't anything to say to Sunmi anyway when she specifically said she didn't want to date younger guys.

Sunmi heard the scraping of the chair on the floor and peeked at Sehun. She saw him sleeping and sighed. What had become of them?

They remained silent for a whole five minutes until Key's voice boomed in the loudspeaker.


Sunmi and Sehun jumped and looked at each other. Sunmi blushed and played with her fingers.

Sehun sighed and raked his fingers through his hair. This was awkward.

"Key hyung is nonsensical." Sehun murmured, trying to break the silence. "We have nothing to say."

Sunmi bit her lip. "Hm." she winced at the coldness and finality in his voice. Did she hurt him so much?

The two of them stared in to space for some time, until couldn't take it anymore. She wasn't used to the silent and emotional Sehun. She liked the cheerful Sehun, the one that protected her and talked non stop when he's with her. Not this dead Sehun like this.

"I'm sorry."

Sehun frowned as he raised his head to look at Sunmi. "What?"

Sunmi avoided his gaze and stated at her hands. "I'm sorry." she repeated. "I'm sorry for saying that you're not man enough to take care of me."

Sehun took several moments to answer. "No matter. Noona doesn't date younger guys anyway." he muttered.

Sunmi winced. "I...I have a reason." she admitted. "I don't want to accept you not because you aren't man enough. In fact you're everything a girl would want in a boyfriend."

Sehun gulped and looked into her eyes searching. "So why?" he whispered. "Why do you push my away time and time again?"

"I..." Sunmi struggled with her words. "I..."

"Noona." Sehun stood up and crossed the room, walking over to Sunmi and taking her hands in his. "You can tell me anything. Don't you trust me?"

Sunmi nodded. She took a deep breath and focused on a spot on the floor. "My father." she whispered.

"My father's younger than my mother." Sunmi explained. "He's five years younger than my mother, but that didn't stop them from falling in love. Everyone thought they were the best couple ever. They were just so loving and sweet together."

Sehun squeezed her hands lightly. "And?" he probed.

Sunmi swallowed. "And he left." she murmured. "He found another girl outside, a girl that's a full ten years younger than my mother. He said that she's too old for his liking and he liked someone younger and more youthful. And that's how he left my family. Left me and my mother."

A tear trickled down her cheek and sniffled. Sehun cringed in pain and wiped it away.

"And that's why I'm against dating a guy younger than me." Sunmi admitted. "Because I'm afraid that someday he'll realize I'm old and want to leave me for someone younger."

"But I'm only a year younger than you, noona." Sehun told her.

Sunmi nodded. "I know. But you're still younger." she explained. "Everytime I think I may really accept you, I remember that you're younger than I am, and I get really scared."
She whispered.

Sehun cupped her cheeks and turned her to face him. "But do you love me, noona? Will you love me even if another older and more handsome man appears to court you? Will you?"

Sunmi swallowed as another tear trickled down her cheek. "Yes." she confessed.

Sehun smiled. He pulled her into his arms and wrapped them around her tightly, breathing in her scent. "And that's how I love you too, noona. Because I won't ever look at another girl in the same way, even if she's younger or prettier. You're the one I choose, noona. You've got to believe my love for you."

Sunmi broke down into tears. "Sehun ah.."

Sehun kissed the top of her head. "So I guess this means you're mine?" he chuckled.

Sunmi nodded into his chest, hiding a smile. Perhaps this was the time to get rid of her fear. This was the time to give Sehun a chance.

Sehun sighed in content as he hugged her closer. So all these time, it wasn't because he wasn't good enough. And now he could hold her in his arms just like he dreamt of.

"Noona, I really love you." Sehun whispered, turning to face her.

"I love you too." Sunmi confessed, blushing.

Sehun smiled and leaned closer to her lips, until...


Sunmi and Sehun broke apart and laughed. Sehun hugged Sunmi happily. "There're more chances noona." he whispered.

Sunmi pinked and slapped Sehun's arm lightly. "Yah!"

Sehun chuckled and continued hugging her like she was the most precious thing on earth. Sunmi sighed in content.

*Perhaps I should have made this decision earlier.*

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Chapter 68: Awwwweeee~~~ you don't know how many times I giggled, laughed, and almost cried because of this. Thank you for the very nice ending. Cheers! :)
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omoooo i love it
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Chapter 2: Question:

Are they supposed to be in high school or university?
I mean it says that they were in front of SM university and the father said they are in university in the prev chapter, but the setting sounds a lot like a high school...

I know this is a technical question, but i just wanna the correct setting to imgaine the scenes of the story better. Regardless, I think the story is amazing, and this is actually my second time reading it. I love it!
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Chapter 68: AWEEEEEE my heart ♡ was so sHOOk from reading this, soooo many feels tho, and whenever the topic of taemin and hus ability pops up I think of the old disney channel show,"That's so Raven" anyone else? XD
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