White Day

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

It seemed so much longer than month that Jooyeon nearly forgot about its existence.

White day. The day where boys would return gifts to girls if they liked the girl back.

Jooyeon went to school, her heart uncertain and insecure. Was Taemin going to give her anything?

Although Taemin had already said that they were soulmates the very first instant they met, Jooyeon was highly aware that he hadn't actually said I love you or anything close enough for that matter.

And it does matter. Because she needs to know what he feels for her. She wants to know if this soulmate thing is just something resigned to fate or did his feelings play a part in it.

Which was why Jooyeon was exceptionally afraid when she stepped into school that day. The first thing she saw when she went into the hallway was a couple kissing and smiling, not minding the attention.

"I love you."  "I love you more."  "Nope I love you more.."

Jooyeon walked away. Will that happen to her today?

She stopped short when she came into an awkward scene just few feet away from her locker.

"Oppa please give me a chance!" the girl pleaded.

"I'm telling you, I don't like you!" the guy snapped. "Just get the out of my life!"

Jooyeon cringed and walked past quickly. Her heart was hammering wildly in her chest as she collected her books. Was the second scenario going to happen to her today instead? She couldn't dream what would happen to her if Taemin actually rejected her. Brokered. Beyond repair, she would imagine.

Because Taemin was the one who gave her hope to love after Himchan. He saved her from Himchan not only in the physical aspect but also emotionally. What she felt for Himchan was perhaps just a passing  crush, but the love for Taemin was here to stay.

Jooyeon was about to get into class when she received a text from Kai.

Noona, meet me at the back of the school now. -Kai

Jooyeon gripped her phone. It was time to reject Kai properly, even though she had been saying it non stop to him. Perhaps on this day, he would actually listen to what she had to say.

She couldn't actually get into a relationship with Taemin if Kai was still in love with her. She hoped that she would have the courage to say the necessary things to end Kai's hope.

She found Kai pacing around in the garden with his hands behind his back. She bit her lip and cleared to get his attention.

Kai looked up and a gentle smile came on his face. "Jooyeon noona."

Jooyeon smiled a small smile and went over to him, playing with her fingers. "Uhm Kai before you say anything I have something to tell you. I know I've said this so many times, and you don't ever listen to any of them, but please  believe me this time. I just want to say that I-"

"I'm giving up on you, Jooyeon noona." Kai cut in. Jooyeon paused and her jaw fell open slightly, surprised after his prolonged stubbornness on the matter.

"Eh?" Jooyeon blinked.

Kai shrugged and looked at his feet. "There's nothing you can hide from me, Jooyeon noona." he muttered. "Don't forget I can read minds." he looked at her softly. "You like, no.. You love Taemin hyung."

Jooyeon swallowed, tears welling in her eyes. "Kai..."

"I knew that would happen." Kai muttered. "But I was stupid to think I can change fate." he looked at Jooyeon intently. "But I don't regret any of it noona. I really do love you."

Jooyeon pinked. "Kai I'm really sorry." she murmured.

Kai chuckled softly and ruffled her hair. "Nothing to be sorry about Jooyeon noona. I'll find my special someone someday." he told her. "At least I'm glad you're my sister-in-law. Wouldn't have anyone else for that position."

Jooyeon smiled softly. "Thank you Kai." Kai nodded and walked away slowly. "No probs noona. No probs."

Jooyeon smiled and bounced away, happy that this was cleared. Kai lowered his gaze and stated at his feet. "No problem noona. Nothing is a problem if I can do anything for you." he muttered.

He heard a crash and looked up to see Minhee standing few feet away from him with her books at her feet. She gaped at him, pale. "You heard?" Kai asked.

Minhee shuffled on her feet hesitantly and picked up her books in a flash. "Y-yeah." she answered.

Wheeling around, she turned to run away. "Wait!" Kai called out. Minhee stopped in her tracks and closed her eyes.

"I'mreallysorryIdidn'tmeantoeavesdropbutIwasjustsleepingthereandIheard-" Minhee blabbered.

"Stop." Kai knocked the back of her head lightly with a small smile. "I didn't mean to scold you or anything."

Minhee blinked at him. "You didn't?" Kai shook his head. He looked at the books in Minhee's hand and looked at her again.

"I was wondering, if you are willing to return this books to your locker and ditch with me today?"



"Woah banana milky!" Taemin beamed brightly and bounced away.

Jooyeon scowled and settled back in her chair. They were at a guitar concert by their own students and trying not to call asleep.

The day was rather uneventful, if you called breaking a thousand hearts that. The SHINee and Exo-K boys broke approximately ten thousand hearts all together that day when they refused the confessions. The girls just didn't get that the boys weren't interested.

However, the only girls they returned presents to we're their dear Jooyeon and Sunmi noona. Sehun even gave Jooyeon a large teddy bear and a hug.

"What did Sehun give you?" Jooyeon whispered to Sunmi. Sunmi's cheeks turned pink and she plucked out the chain she was wearing round her neck. On the chain was one of the couple ring and had her name engraved on it.

"That's so cute!" Jooyeon cooed. "Wow couple rings. I never knew Aegyo king had it in him."

Sunmi bit her lip and blushed. "How about you, Jooyeon?" she diverted the attention away from herself. "What did Taemin give you?"

Sunmi immediately regretted asking that question when Jooyeon's face fell. "He didn't give me anything." she admitted in a whisper.

"What?" Sunmi whispered back. "How can it be?"

Jooyeon sulked. "I don't know. He acts like its any other day." she grumbled. "Sehun gave me something. Even Exo-K and Shinee gave me stuff too. But not him." she blew a raspberry.

She sighed as she looked at her feet dejectedly. "Do you think this is a hint that he doesn't like me back?"

Sunmi shook her head and eyed Taemin who was gulping down the banana milk. She hoped not.

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Chapter 68: Awwwweeee~~~ you don't know how many times I giggled, laughed, and almost cried because of this. Thank you for the very nice ending. Cheers! :)
Chapter 20: This girl is too stubborn....I'm irritated
Chapter 68: Please have a sequel~~~~
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omoooo i love it
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Chapter 2: Question:

Are they supposed to be in high school or university?
I mean it says that they were in front of SM university and the father said they are in university in the prev chapter, but the setting sounds a lot like a high school...

I know this is a technical question, but i just wanna the correct setting to imgaine the scenes of the story better. Regardless, I think the story is amazing, and this is actually my second time reading it. I love it!
taetae29 #7
Chapter 68: AWEEEEEE my heart ♡ was so sHOOk from reading this, soooo many feels tho, and whenever the topic of taemin and hus ability pops up I think of the old disney channel show,"That's so Raven" anyone else? XD
Chapter 68: awwwww this was such a well-written story, i love it!
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This looks interesting~~