According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

This is pure chaos, Jooyeon thought. And it was.

Taemin had finally recovered enough and after the trip. When they returned to Seoul from the trip, he was still sick and sleepy most of the time, but Jooyeon tended to his every need faithfully that speeded his recovery.

He was well enough to go back to school on Wednesday, after a two day break and the school welcome him back with a big roar.

And mind you, a big roar was a very very subtle description indeed. Jooyeon had insisted that Taemin not drive her to school that day because she didn't want to inconvenience him.

Taemin went to school with Kai a few moments after Jooyeon and Sehun reached. The SHINee and EXO-K gang was waiting around as usual around the corner when Taemin and Kai arrived.

The moment one of Taemin's Bentley rolled into the school, the whole flock of girls flooded out to the gates to see Taemin.

Jooyeon squealed and was almost pushed away in the sea of screaming girls when Baekhyun held her back. Sehun held on fast to Sunmi while the other girls ran past them, pushing and screaming their lungs out like lunatics.

It was highly difficult maintaining their original position, and even standing upright. It was like standing in the sea while there was a tsunami. You try that and tell me it's easy and I'll call you Thor.

Jooyeon gaped as the swarms of girls pushed the surprised Kai out of the way and he nearly fell and landed on his . They surrounded Taemin like a bunch of bees finally seeing honey and offered their life long love and affection.

"Taemin oppa I heard you were unwell! I made you herbal tea!"

"Taemin oppa I made you ginseng chicken soup!"

"Who cares about ginseng chicken soup, oppa. Here's the entire ginseng for you!"

Jooyeon blinked as the girls pushed their gifts into Taemin's hands and he just smiled politely at all of them.

"Taemin oppa!" one even shouted. "I promise to take care of you for the rest of my life so just sign this please!" she waved a marriage certificate in the air.

Jooyeon's eyes bulged out. Marriage certificate, she thought, that's just level 9000.

Taemin didn't accept their gifts and just thanked their concern and worry, rejecting their presents with a polite smile. He however didn't stop the girls when they hugged him as he walked past, making him look like a tree with several koalas attached.

"Thank you for the kind gifts girls." Taemin told them. "But I'm fine now. I don't need them anymore. Thank you though!" he waved cutely.

The girls squealed loudly and swooned. Chanyeol blew a raspberry. "Man! Taemin hyung is popular!"

Taemin made his way to the rest of the gang as Kai tried following behind his hyung so not to get trampled by the girls. Taemin smiled brightly at the gang. "Morning!" he grinned at Jooyeon. "Morning Yeon!"

Jooyeon rolled her eyes. "Good morning TAEMIN OPPA~" she emphasized, imitating those squealing girls.

Taemin blinked in confusion while the rest looked at each other knowingly. Oh the jealousy war, it's starting.

"Jooyeon ah. You sound slightly sour today." Sunmi chuckled.

Jooyeon made a scandalized expression. "No! Who said I was jealous!" she grumbled. "I'm not okay!"

"Hmm." Sehun hummed. "You say what you want and we believe what we want to. I think you're just jealous, noona. Just like how Sunmi noona is always jealous when those fangirls give me chocolates." he winked at Sunmi.

Sunmi pinked. "I DON'T!" she waved her hands about.

Taemin eyed Jooyeon with an amused smile. "So are you jealous, Yeon?" he asked teasingly.

*YES YES YES!* she screamed in her mind. She put on a straight face and looked at him. "No." she said firmly.

Kai raised his brows, seeing through her good acting. *Noona's lying.* he shook his head.

Jooyeon picked up her books and her heel. "It's getting late! Better go to class now." she told the guys.

"Before I drown in the fangirl ocean." she muttered.

Kai smiled softly. *At least I know if it's Taemin hyung, you'll be happy noona.*




"Yoohoo!! Yeon!"

"Hey Yeon hello I'm here!"

Taemin pouted cutely and crossed his arms as Jooyeon ignored him. This was horrible. Why was she ignoring him?

Jooyeon tried hard not to respond a Taemin kept nudging her again and again. Aww look at him! He's so cute! Why was she angry with him again?

*Oh right.* Jooyeon thought. *Fangirls.* she immediately scowled. Stupid stupid fangirls. She wasn't jealous! She was perhaps just a little you know....jealous.

Jooyeon huffed when she saw another girl smile at Taemin and pass him a carton of banana milk which he accepted with a bright smile. *Why is he accepting that?* she thought. *Stupid Taemin oppa.*

Taemin scratched his head. *What's wrong with Yeon?* he thought innocently. *She already said she wasn't jealous so it can't be that. Aigoo I wish I had Kai's ability to read minds.* he pouted.

The SHINee boys watched in amusement when Jooyeon stiffened whenever a girl approached Taemin. It looked like she was putting a whole lot of effort just not to be affected by it. It was hilarious.

"Think we should help Taemin a little?" Jonghyun asked. "The maknae's puzzled as hell as to why Jooyeon's behaving like that."

"Girls. Why can't they say what they feel?" Minho grumbled.

Key rolled his eyes. "They're not called girls if they're not like that." he retorted. "They're a really strange specimen that needs to be handled with great great care."

"So what should we do?" Onew asked confusedly.

Jonghyun grinned. "I have just the idea."


"No I don't want to." Taemin whined. "I want to sit with Yeon!"

"Come on maknae don't you want to know why Jooyeon is behaving like that?" Jonghyun asked. "Do as we say and you'll find out."

Taemin looked at his Dino hyung doubtfully. "Really?"

"Yes." Key nodded. "So come on. Don't sit with Jooyeon for lunch today. You'll like the results, trust me."

Taemin signed and followed his hyung's grudgingly as they made their way to another table with loads of girls that welcomed them with enthusiasm. Jooyeon had been sitting with the EXO-K members and waiting for Shinee to arrive when she caught sight of them venturing to another table.

"What are hyung's doing?" Suho  frowned.

*Yes what are they doing?* Jooyeon thought, scowling.

Sehun narrowed his eyes and scratched his head. "Well. It looks like they're not sitting with us today." he shrugged. He smiled at his own plate of food. "Then let's eat!" he beamed and scooped a spoonful of rice, bringing it to Sunmi's mouth.

"Noona, say Ahh~" he cooed.

"Ugh." The Exo-K members rolled their eyes.

Chanyeol tapped his chin and wondered out loud. "I wonder why Taemin hyung and the rest decided to sit elsewhere today."

"I can see why.." D.O. drooled as he eyed the chocopies being passed to Taemin as the girls offered him food.

Kai remained silent because he knew perfectly why. He could read what the SHINee hyungs were thinking. I would have been cute if it was happening to another couple, but this was Jooyeon.

Silently, Kai murmured an excuse and walked away. He didn't need to see this. He saw someone eating alone outside and his eyes lit up.

Today he'll sit with Kim Minhee.

Jooyeon on the other hand didn't notice Kai slipping off because all her attention was focused on not crushing the bread she was holding. Which wasn't working because it was already squashed when she applied her inhumane like force that came with all jealous girls.

"Taemin oppa~" the girls cooed. "Taemin oppa here! Eat this!" they stuffed the food into Taemin's mouth before he could protest.

Jooyeon felt her blood rage. What were they doing to HER Taemin? Hmm?

Without knowing what she was doing, she grabbed the banana milk on the table and marched over to where Taemin was. The SHINee boy nudged each other excitedly as she approached them.


Taemin turned around and brightened when he saw Jooyeon. "Yeon!"

Jooyeon shoved the banana milk into his hands roughly. "Drink this, Taemin oppa!" she grumbled crossly.

"Arraso!" Taemin smiled widely and opened the packet immediately, downing it's contents. The other girls blinked in surprise, because Taemin didn't really accept their food, and especially not with such enthusiasm.

Jooyeon smirked satisfied and walked away. Taemin beamed and followed after her. "Wait for me! Yeon!"

The two of them walked off, leaving a bunch of scandalized girls and face palming Shinee boys. "Aish. Should have known the plan was going I fail if it's Taemin." Jonghyun muttered. "He can't stay away from Jooyeon even if his life depended on it."

Key nodded. "At least you do know she is jealous, right? Though Taemin returned too quickly. I was kind of hoping for some cat fight or something..."

Onew just yawned. "Yeah yeah." he scratched his head. "Chicken anyone?" he grinned.

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