According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

Taemin sat up on the bed, jerking up from his well needed rest.

His head felt extremely heavy and groggy, his cold not yet recovered, every inch of his body complaining wildly as he decided to sit up.

However Taemin wasn't concerned about any of this. His face was exceptionally pale, and not only contribute by the fact that he was sick. He was thoroughly well shaken.

He gulped nervously, trying to force oxygen into his lungs. He recalled every moment of that flash to its excruciating detail, and it scared him to the very core of his soul.

He had seen Jooyeon and Kai going on that Treasure hunt together as partners, which made this small not saintly part of him extremely jealous.

He had seen Jooyeon's insistence that they hurry so that they could win. He had seen Kai wanting them to take a rest because Jooeon was thoroughly exhausted from he hole. He had seen the wild bunny running away with Jooyeon's wallet. He had seen Jooyeon admiring the scenery.

And he had seen Jooyeon falling to her death.

Taemin didn't bother putting on a coat or better shoes as he ran out of the lodge in slippers and a simple tee. He ran wildly in the direction of the mountain hike, dodging questions from the teachers and nurses around.

Even when he was sick, his dandy long legs could carry him quite well and he managed to escape every one of those people. He hoped fervently that he could get there in time. If not...

No. He couldn't even think of what would happen to him if something else happened. He can't live without Jooyeon.

He sprinted through half of the hike that would have taken half an hour and only took him fifteen. He saw Kai running away to catch the stupid bunny and looked around anxiously for Jooyeon.

He spotted her just before she fell off the ledge of the cliff and ran madly towards her, throwing a wild grab at her arm.

And he caught her.

He opened his eyes in relief and saw Jooyeon's large eyes looking back at him, dotted with fear, acceptance and mostly disbelief.

"Taemin oppa!" she gasped.

Taemin panted heavily, his eyes darkening as he tightened his grip. He wasn't going to let her die. It was the last thing he would do. The very last thing.

"Yeon." he managed to croak out and pulled her up the ledge the best he could. However his weakened strength from the cold and the hole up the mountain had rendered him insufficient and even his body was slowly being pulled down the ledge.

Suddenly, a pair of strong arms held onto to Jooyeon's right one as well and hauled. Taemin looked to his right and saw Kai, perspiring profusely as he helped his hyung to save the girl they both loved.

Jooyeon was finally brought safely back on flat ground and she inched away from the edge of the ledge fearfully as she panted. She gulped and looked at Taemin with pure gratitude. "Taemin oppa...thanks for-"

"I'm glad you're safe, Yeon." Taemin murmured. His body swayed and his eyes fluttered close as he fell to the ground in a dead faint.

Jooyeon's eyes widened. "Taemin oppa!"

Kai rushed to his brother and checked him. "He just fainted from exhaustion. We've got to get him back." he muttered.

Jooyeon nodded. As much as Taemin didn't want anything happen to her, she didn't want anything to happen to him.



"What happened?" Key shrieked when Jooyeon and Kai ran back, before the race even ended with Taemin laying unconscious while Kai piggy backed his hyung.

Jonghyun and Key had backed out of the race because Key had been complaining too much about how ba the sun was for his skin and Jonghyun didn't care for the treasure, and wanted to go back to the lodge for ice cream.

"No time. Taemin oppa." Jooyeon murmured as they rushed into the nurse's room. The doctors took over immediately and chased them all out to focus on Taemin.

Jooyeon slumped on the ground and stared at the ground lifelessly.

"So now will you explain to us what happened?" Jonghyun asked.

Kai sighed and plopped himself on a seat. He explained how Jooyeon nearly fell off the ledge and Taemin saved her, exhausting all his energy and fainting as a result.

"He must have foreseen that happening." Kai muttered. "And thank goodness. Or Jooyeon noona will well be dead."

The three guys turned to look at Jooyeon who was still staring blankly. Her face suddenly contorted in pain and it was like the gates of the dam were opened.

And she cried. Cried like never before. Cried like she lost something important to her.

"It's my fault!" Jooyeon wailed. "If I hadn't been so careless, I wouldn't have fallen. It's my fault that Taemin oppa fainted."

"Jooyeon, no one could have prevented an accident." Key comforted gently.

Jooyeon shook her head and sniffled, continuing to sob. The boys couldn't do anything with her since they didn't exactly have experience with crying girls, and this was one crying girl that would never stop.

Finally they were let into the room where Taemin was resting. He was sound asleep and the doctor specifically told them to let him sleep for a thorough ten hours because he dreadfully needed the rest.

Key and Jonghyun fussed over Taemin for a little too much and the doctor banned them from the room because at that rate, Taemin would be awoken in no time.

Jooyeon and Kai were left watching over Taemin while he slept. Jooyeon sat beside Taemin's bed and caressed his cheek lightly, grazing the new cut that had formed when he fainted just moments ago.

She winced and tenderly used a wet cotton to clean his wound without waking him up. Her face was full of concern and affection as she watched him sleep.

Kai gulped. Some part of him had expected something like this to happen. But that didn't mean that the hurt that followed would be any lesser.

"Uh. I'll get us some food noona." Kai excused himself and went out of the room. He didn't know why, but he thought he felt like the third party there. He felt that the moment was magical, was everything that he wished to share with Jooyeon, but it was only for his hyung and the girl he loved. He felt like he intruded their privacy by just being there.

He sighed and raked his fingers through his hair. He went off to get them food, hoping that the little walk would clear his mind.

On the other hand, Jooyeon was busy tending Taemin's every need. Her heart cringed terribly when she saw the cut on his face, and she desperately wanted to do something about it.

She felt Taemin's forehead and was pleased to find that his fever was slowly subsiding. She was surprised by the magnitude of worry and concern she felt for Taemin.

It was comparable to what she felt for Sehun and her parents. In fact, it was even stronger, in this heart thumping magical way.

Her eyes shifted to Taemin's face when he turned over to face her in his sleep. "Yeooooooooonn.." he murmured, hugging the pillow tighter.

A small smile broke on Jooyeon's face. *Is he dreaming about me?*

The possibility of that idea made her insanely happy and it made her surprised. She let her thoughts trail off to whether he dreams of any other girl and she was surprised by how possessive she felt. He couldn't! He can't dream of other girls! They were soulmates!

Jooyeon jerked upright. It was the first time she had actually acknowledged the "soulmate" thing that had initially scared her away from Taemin entirely. And now that she thought about it, she actually..liked the idea. A lot, actually.

Jooyeon's face flushed pink. "Oh my god." she whispered. She gulped as she watched Taemin sleep and resisted the urge to sit closer than she already was, and to his hair and sing him lullabies.

"I think... I think I'm in love with Taemin oppa." Jooyeon gasped.

Outside the room, Kai closed the door and leaned heavily against the wall with the burgers in his hands laying forgotten.

He closed his eyes and felt the pain wash through him. It was excruciating.

*So I guess, I don't love noona enough to change fate.* he thought miserably.




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