Almost fatal treasure hunt

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"Ugh..." Taemin groaned as Key forced the medicine down his throat. He winced and shuddered as the bitter after taste attacked his tongue.

Jooyeon frowned and watched worriedly as Taemin grumbled and fell back onto bed tiredly in an exhausted manner. He looked lifeless and weak, and it occurred to her that she really didn't like seeing Taemin in such a manner.

Taemin's eyes fluttered close as the medicine worked its wonders and e soon fell asleep. Jooyeon hovered around the bed, not willing to go.

Sunmi blinked for a few seconds before smiling knowingly and letting Jooyeon have her time with the sleeping Taemin. Kai on the other hand was worried for his hyung as well and didn't read too much into Jooyeon's actions just yet.

He glanced at her and noticed with a jerk that her face was almost as green as Taemin's. "Noona. Are you okay?" he asked, concerned.

Jooyeon blinked. "Oh. Yeah. I was just's my fault that Taemin oppa's sick." she murmured guiltily. "If he didn't lend me his jacket when he's cold himself. If he didn't sleep late yesterday night because I had asked him a few questions regarding homework. If...if it wasn't Himchan you were against just now, he wouldn't even insist on playing when he's not feeling well. It's all my fault."

Kai bit his lip and let few moments pass in silence as he thought. He finally raised his head to look at her. "Well, no matter what happens, that's his choice right? Even if he did fall sick because of you, it's because he wants to." Kai shrugged. "At least respect hyung's choice."

Jooyeon blinked and watched as Taemin slept. She sighed softly. *But if I had a choice, I wouldn't you to. But still...thank you Taemin oppa.*



While Taemin was resting back at the lodge, the rest of the students went to gather together for the main event of the trip: the Treasure hunting.

Students were to split into pairs and search around for clues that would lead them to the final treasure. It had been said that the treasure was awesome and the students were excited to find out what that was.

"Sunmi noona let's be partners!" Sehun swept Sunmi away before she had any say in the matter, much to the envy of the other fangirls.

Chanyeol and Suho partnered up, Key and Jonghyun, Minho and Onew.

Kai smiled softly as he approached Jooyeon. "Be my partner, noona?"

Jooyeon nodded, not noting how Kai's face lit up with delight when she agreed. Her mind was halfway back at the lodge with Taemin as she worried about how his condition was going.

Baekhyun looked around for someone to partner and frowned when he saw that the only one left was D.O. He gulped. *No.*

D.O. beamed and hopped over to Baekhyun. "Guess it's me an you, Hyung! You don't need to worry with me as your partner! I'll bring enough chocopies to last!" he assured with a thump on his chest.

Baekhyun facepalmed himself. *Thats why it's worrying.*

The groups got their first clue and split up immediately, with the Minho-Onew group leading the game as Minho practically dragged his hyung away at top speed.

Kai and Jooyeon went to a corner and read their clue quietly. "It says the next clue is somewhere where all sweetness begins." Kai read.

Jooyeon frowned and fumbled with the map of the place as she scanned it through. "What does it mean? Where sweetness begins..." she pouted.

Kai blinked at her cute expression. *I think it's noona. She's where all sweetness begins.* he thought affectionately.

He was suddenly awoken from his trance when she burst out in a cheer. "I know!" she squealed. "It's the honey bee farm!" she pointed to the map. "Honey is where sweetness begins! Let's go now!" she urged and ran off.

Kai chuckled amusedly and followed behind, easily keeping up with her. *Cute.*

They arrived at the honey bee farm a while later and one of them had to wear the suit and take pictures with the swarms of bees for the task to be completed.

"Noona I can-" Kai started when he thought girls and bees don't normally go together.

"I want to take the picture!" Jooyeon squealed. Kai and the operator's jaw fell opened.

"It's so cool!" Jooyeon continued. "Woah I never knew honey looks like this before it's in syrup form! I want to take the picture Kai please!!"

Kai blinked. A small smile cracked on his lips. "Why don't we take the picture together, noona?"



"Yah Kai hurry!" Jooyeon called.

Kai stuffed the picture into his pocket hurriedly, but careful not to crumple his precious picture. In the end Kai and Jooyeon both wore the astronaut like suits and went into the farm to take the pictures. It was a peculiar experience, but more so because it was with the girl he loved.

He sighed contently and went after Jooyeon as she ran hiking up the trail. They had gone through a lot of clues and had finally gotten to the latest clue.

The treasure was located at the top of the mountain hike. They had to do an hour long hike before they could reach the top to discover what that treasure was.

Jooyeon was bursting with energy as she bounded up the trail like a bunny with endless energy. "Jooyeon noona please be careful!" Kai warned. "I don't want you hurling yourself off the mountain."

Jooyeon rolled her eyes. "I'm fine." she waved the matter off. "We better hurry or that stupid Minho is going to get to the top with those long legs of his!"

The two of them hiked up the trail for around half an hour. It was beautiful along the trail, with small animals that could be seen once in a while.

Once, Jooyeon spotted a deer and Kai could never forget her face at that moment. The pure delight lighting up her eyes was the prettiest thing he had ever seen.

After quite some time, Kai noticed Jooyeon was rather tired but she kept forcing herself to go on. "Noona, we have to rest." Kai insisted.

Jooyeon frowned and shook her head. "No! We're reaching the top soon!"

"Noona.." Kai pulled her down on one of the rocks. "Rest. You look completely tired out."

Jooyeon twisted her lips and reluctantly settled on the rock as she caught her breath. She kept glancing at her watch, her desire to win burning in her chest.

All of a sudden, a bunny appeared and snatched Jooyeon's wallet that was hanging from her bag. It hopped away merrily with her wallet into the bushes and disappeared.

"Omo! My wallet!" Jooyeon cried out.

Kai immediately stood up. "Stay here noona. I'll get it." he assured and went after the rabbit.

Jooyeon watched him go and shook her head in disbelief. "Who knew a rabbit would steal my wallet?" she giggled.

She turned to look at the view from halfway up the mountain. She had been too preoccupied with winning that she didn't really stop to admire the scenery and beauty.

Now that she did, the scene really blew her mind. It was marvelous.

"Wow. So pretty." Jooyeon murmured as she looked out into the scene.

She shuffled nearer to the edge of the trail to get a better look.

It was beautiful. The scene gave her this sense of peace that rarely came to her since she was constantly fussing about this and that.

She absent-mindedly took a step forward and was alarmed when she realized she reached the end. Her foot stepped on air and her entire body fell off the cliff.

"KYAAA!" Jooyeon shrieked, her entire past flashing through her eyes at that moment.

She was going to die.

She never expected herself to die from falling off a cliff like this. What about her parents? What about Sehun?

What about....Taemin?

Jooyeon closed her eyes and prepared for the fall when a hand suddenly grabbed onto hers just before she fell off, leaving her body dangling off the cliff.

Jooyeon gasped and saw Taemin's pale face panting as he clutched desperately at her hand to prevent her from falling to her death.


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