School Trip

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

The days at school were soon slowed down to a sort of mundane pattern as the Lee Siblings went back to school and everything returned to normal.

Kai still spent a lot of time courting Jooyeon and doing a lot of romantic stunts that made all makes in the school wish they were as romantic and financially capable as he was.

Jooyeon kept telling Kai that he shouldn't do those things for her but the only response she got was "It's t time and effort. I'll do what I want."

Taemin remained as that naive and cute little boyish character, that would occasionally grow protective of his soulmate when things happened the wrong way. He would now send a message to Jooyeon everyday to tell her about the things to look out for in case he couldn't save her from it.

The three of them grew closer, almost like family. Except Jooyeon wasn't exactly sure what sort of family she felt for either of the Lee siblings.

After all, she didn't want to get into a relationship so fast without thinking things through like she did with Himchan. Every time she caught sight of her first boyfriend, it would serve as a horrible reminder of what could have happened and what a terrible mistake it was.

That made her stand firm in her decision not to accept anyone until she was certain about her feelings, as well as his.

On the other hand, the Sunmi and Sehun couple was something like a push and pull. Sunmi obviously had interests in Sehun, and sometimes she couldn't hide the affection she felt for him.

But she would quickly withdraw all her emotions when she caught herself and would back away into her shell again. Like Jooyeon, she was wary of loving another, and not only that, she was still stumped over the fact that Sehun was a younger guy.

The Shinee and Exo-k boys were constantly irritated by the romance scenes by these five people and they just wanted them to get together and get it over and done with.

Somehow, there was just a tinge of jealousy that the maknae's of their various groups could have such interesting love lives and they wanted something interesting in their lives.

And as if there was a fairy god mother some where, their wish was granted when there came an announcement that there was going to be a school trip for the entire school.

"We'll be going to the rural areas where there would be the seas and the forests." the principal addressed them. "This is to encourage you younger people to take life slowly and enjoy the nature around us. Please sign the consent form and pay the fees by tomorrow. We will set off this friday."

The students immediately buzzed with excitement. The prospect of nature didn't exactly excite many of them since it meant no tv, no computers and no electricity.

However, the part were you got to go out with your friends made up for all the flaws.

"Wow I can't wait to go!" Chanyeol grinned. "I'm tired of studying everyday."

"Me too." D.O. sulked. He scratched his head. "I wonder if I should bring two or three boxes of chocopies with me...would three be enough?" he murmured.

Baekhyun rolled his eyes and whacked his dongsaeng's head.

Jooyeon seemed to be rather excited about the trip too. "Woah! I can't wait too!" she exclaimed. "I wonder if we can see the sea. I love the sea." she sighed dreamily.

"Me too." Sunmi grinned. "The sea's so beautiful and romantic."

Sehun butted into the conversation with a smirk. "So Sunmi noona, I say we have a date on the beach then? A romantic walk along the shores barefooted, letting the grains of sand massage our soles, the wind caressing our faces, as our hands linked, our eyes met, our-"

"STOP!" everyone hollered together. Sehun blinked.

"I don't think I can manage that for any longer..." Key shuddered. He rubbed his arms vigorously to to of the goosebumps.

Taemin smiled lightly as he watched Jooyeon blabber excitedly as she planned the things she was going to bring and do when they got there.

He turned and saw Kai doing the exact same thing he was. The affection in Kai's eyes reflected his own that were visible in his eyes.

He sighed softly. *This sure is complicated.*



The day finally came where they were going to set off. The students were decked in appropriate outdoor attire, though some of those girls still chose to wear short skirts and heels.

The girls were dressed in decent long track pants and cute tees together with sneakers that was more comfortable than stylish.

However, Sunmi and Jooyeon didn't seem to mind that they weren't making a fashion statement. Sehun smiled softly. *Another reason why I love you, Sunmi noona.*

The students boarded the bus and Sehun hurriedly plopped himself beside Sunmi when she say down. Sunmi blinked in surprise and looked at Jooyeon, who shrugged and moved to another seat.

Jooyeon sat down on the window seat that was behind Sunmi and Sehun, biting her lips as she waited to see who would sit beside her. She surprised herself when she actually looked out for Taemin when she eyed the door, wondering when he was going to appear.

Kai managed to get onto the bus before his hyung as Taemin got held back by a few confessions. Kai smiled when he saw that the seat beside Jooyeon was empty.

"Can I sit here noona?" Kai asked.

Jooyeon nodded. "Neh." she squeaked. She made sure to clear her mind and not think of anything weird, and pushing down the disappointment that filled her entirety in this strange way when Kai sat down.

The other members of SHINee and EXO-K finally boarded the bus and Taemin got on last, his arms full of chocolates and cookies and banana milk that girls had given him.

Taemin pouted lightly when he saw that Jooyeon was sitting beside Kai and he plopped himself on the sear directly opposite them next to the aisle. Jooyeon eyes the gifts he got critically.

She never really realized how popular he was with girls until then. Even when they were going to some rural area, those girls had the initiative to make him sweet delights and prepare his favorite drink.

She bit her lip. She eyed him critically. *To be honest...I can see why they like him so much.* she thought. *Taemin oppa is nice and caring, he doesn't put on airs and says whatever he thinks without even keeping anything in. Not to mention cute and rather charming I might add, and-*

She quickly stopped when she remembered she was sitting beside mind-reader Kai. She glanced at him and was relieved to see that he was busy talking to Baekhyun.

She turned her gaze to Taemin who was bobbing his head to the music and doing his popping moves.

He always did that on class and Jooyeon just thought that it was highly disturbing. However, seeing him dance clearly right then, she was amazed at how good a dancer he was.

Her cheeks flushed pink and she quickly turned away to face the window.

Kai blinked and turned towards her, curious about the reason for her unease. He looked to the other side and saw Taemin still popping to the music.

He flinched. He looked back at Jooyeon.

*Is fate really unchangeable?*

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Chapter 2: Question:

Are they supposed to be in high school or university?
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I know this is a technical question, but i just wanna the correct setting to imgaine the scenes of the story better. Regardless, I think the story is amazing, and this is actually my second time reading it. I love it!
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