Close Call

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate


"N-Noona.." Kai stuttered. "I don't think you should hit the door so hard. Don't hurt yourself in the process."

Jooyeon ignored Kai and kept banging on the door like a lunatic. When she heard that Taemin was still cowering at home like the coward he was, she was fuming with anger.

How dare he claim to be her soulmate when he doesn't even dare to come out of the house to meet her? Ridiculous!

"YAH LEE TAEMIN OPEN THE DOOR!" Jooyeon demanded.

"Noona! Our door!!" Kai called out desperately to make her stop.

After what seemed like ages to Kai, the door finally opened to reveal his hyung. "Yah Lee Taem-" Jooyeon started, but Taemin quickly covered and pulled her inside.

He dragged Kai into the house again and peeked outside, looking left and right. When he was satisfied that they weren't in any more danger, he let out a sigh of relief and closed the door quickly, leaning against it and fanning himself.

He grinned at Jooyeon. "Hi Yeon!"

Jooyeon fumed. How dare he "Hi Yeon" so naturally like nothing happened when he was the one who just ran off with Kai like that!

"Yah Lee Taemin!" Jooyeon finally yelled out. "SHH!" Taemin hushed her and peeked out the door hole again.

"Not so loud Yeon." Taemin told her. "We don't want to alert other people. Especially the Choi's." he shot a glare at Kai. "I don't think it's exactly safe to return to Seoul just yet, but Kai made us come back."

Kai pinked. "Well...I missed Jooyeon noona too much.."

Jooyeon heard it and fumed even more. So Taemin wanted to stay away from her even longer? Even Kai misses her, so doesn't her "soulmate" miss her too?

"So.. Kai missed me." she clicked her tongue and narrowed her eyes at Taemin. "What about you, Taemin oppa?" she asked sweetly.

Taemin brightened and widened his arms. "Of course I missed you Yeon!" he beamed brightly. "Come here and give me a hug-"

"Then why didn't you tell me when you went off!" Jooyeon hollered, grabbing fistfuls of hair in frustration. "Why didn't you notify me beforehand, or even text me? Oh gosh, a simple text message and you couldn't manage it?"

Taemin blinked. "Yeon.."

"And look at Kai!" she grumbled on. "It's not even safe to be back in Seoul yet and he comes to find me the first thing when you two get back. What about you!"

Kai gulped. This Jooyeon was scary.

Taemin sighed and raked his fingers through his hair. "To protect you, Yeon." he murmured.

"What protect.." Jooyeon muttered under her breath on disbelief.

"We can't have any contact with you while we're away. We can't let the Choi's know that we know each other." he explained calmly. "We can't do anything we want to because of they just get the gist of your importance to us, they'll try to harm you to get to us."

Taemin sulked. "I missed you, Yeon. Of course I did." he said as if it was the most important thing in the world. "But I'm not going to act on my feelings and put you in danger, Yeon.l

He went to her and punched her cheek as she sniffled. Oh darn that Lee Taemin for being such a sweet talker, or rather, for saying the things in his mind so plainly, and for thinking such touching things.

"So will you forgive me now Yeon?" he pouted. "Smile pleaseeee~ Banana milk?" he offered with a cute smile.

Jooyeon blinked at the large cartoon  banana on the carton. She giggled and punched his arm. "Aish!" she rolled her eyes.

Taemin grinned. *So I'm forgiven. Aigoo Yeon you're so cute.*

Jooyeon wiped some tears away and looked around the house. She was toofurious with Taemin to look around the Lee sibling's house.

To her surprise, the house was much larger than she expected it to be, and a whole lot more posh. "Like it noona?" Kai asked. "This is one of the good points of choosing a lee. We can earn never ending wealth because we can always predict which stocks are going to earn us a bunch of money."

Taemin nodded. "Why, this house was purely bought on the profit we made on Facebook stocks."

Jooyeon's eyes bulged out. *Wow.* she looked around and came into one of the rooms that was speckless and tidy, and not a single book placed out of order. It was even tidier than her room, to be honest, which was a pig sty.

"This is Kai's room. No doubt." she muttered. Kai pinked and nodded. "Neh. It's my room."

Jooyeon went around to the next room which even more untidy than hers. There were banana soft toys everywhere, and she identified one of the banana soft toys that she bought Taemin the other time.

It had a grass stain beside the banana's eyes, reminding Jooyeon of how Himchan and the rest of BAP had tried to get revenge on her the other time.

"You kept this?" Jooyeon murmured, slightly touched.

Taemin chuckled and flicked her forehead. "Of course I kept it. It's from you."

Jooyeon smiled slowly. That was...sweet. Before she had time to analyze her own response to what he said, there was a loud banging on the door.

The three froze and looked at each other. "Does anyone besides you know that we're back?" Taemin asked urgently.

Jooyeon and Kai met eyes and shook their heads slowly. "No..."

Taemin bit his lip. "Oh no." he muttered under his breath.

The trio made their way towards the door where the stranger was still banging the door hard.

"Yah Lee Taemin are you in there? Kai?" A distinctly familiar voice called out.

Kai and Taemin gasped. It was Dansen Choi.

Taemin gestured for them to stay quiet and they stood straight as sticks.

"Abeoji. I think no one's at home." Dansen's voice said. "Let's move on to the next one.

Jooyeon crossed her fingers and nodded, wishing fervently that Dave Choi would listen as his son suggested.

"No." The devil Choi's voice sounded. "They might be in there hiding when they heard our voices. We have to knock down the door if no one opens it. Just for sure."

"Neh Abeoji."

The trio gasped and looked at each other in shock. There was no where to hide in the house and if the Choi's barged in, they would be able to see them at once.

"Hyung.." Kai whispered desperately but Taemin only looked back with the same helplessness written on his face.

All of a sudden, Jooyeon shoved them into one of the cupboards and grabbed an apron, running to the door. Taemin's eyes widened. "No Yeon!" he hissed.

Too late.

She opened the door just as Dansen was about to use the hammer to knock the darn door down. She blinked at them. And they blinked back.

Dave Choi cleared his throat and his son immediately kept the hammer. "Erm hi miss. Do you live here?"

Jooyeon nodded. "Yeah. Sorry I couldn't here you before because I was cooking." she gestured to the apron she was wearing.

Dave narrowed his eyes at the apron and twisted his lips. Dansen sighed. "Looks like he's not there Abeoji."

Dave nodded wordlessly. "Hn." he grunted. He looked at Jooyeon. "My apologies miss. We looked up the wrong house." the two Choi's went off the knock on the next door.

Jooyeon quickly shut the door and leaned against it, fanning furiously. "Woah. That was a close one."

Taemin and Kai emerged from the cupboard they had been hiding in. Jooyeon smile brightly. "Look I managed to-"

"What do you think you were doing Yeon!" Taemin hissed.

Jooyeon blinked. "Excuse me?"

"You let him see your face!" Taemin continued. "The face we've been trying so hard to keep from him. Now even though he doesn't know who you are, he knows what you look like. That is not good. Not good at all."

"But I was just trying to help-" Jooyeon tried saying.

"Don't you get it that we might as well die than have anything happen to you?" Taemin roared.

Jooyeon gasped at his outburst and hung her head. Taemin sighed and massaged his temples. "Mianhae." he murmured. "Just..." he looked at her, his eyes looked pained. "Don't do anything like that again."

He walked away into his room as shut the door. Jooyeon bit her lip and felt tears pooling at her eyes.

Kai went over and patted her shoulder wordlessly, offering comfort.

Jooyeon broke down into sobs. Not sobs of sadness, but sobs of desperation and gratitude.

*He would die rather than have me hurt.* Jooyeon thought. That was the first time someone said something like that to her.

*Im sorry for letting you worry, Taemin oppa. But I don't regret what I did. You have the right to protect me, and I have the right to do to same for you.*



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It has come to my attention that some of you were able to read my future chapters that I had saved as "hidden" during AFF's breakdown. And you guys are commenting on it.


I'm taking this quite seriously and I can only take it all myself because it really isn't AFF's fault that it crashed. I'm quite the perfectionist in some things and I hope you guys won't spoil the story for other readers and for me as a writer.

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