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According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

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The following monday was one that would officially go down in the university's history. There were no other days in the whole 150 year history of the damned school that recorded the comparing amount of tears being shed and hearts being brokened.

Why? Because apparently the two youngest boys of EXO-K had pledged their undying love for two senior girls and killed million of fangirling hearts. Talk about evil.

The school had been utterly amazed in the morning when Kai and Sehun came to school, decked in tuxedos, Kai in black and Sehun in white, with bouquets of roses in their hands. The scene of their breathtaking good-looking-ness was almost able to knock all breath out of the fangirls and leave them mentally paralysed to question the reason for the bouquets of flowers.

Note: Almost.

The news spread like wild fire around the school and through messaging and the web, such that by the time Sehun and Kai walked from the school gate to the hallway where the lockers are, the entire school had already known of their unusual get up, including the cat that liked to hang around the third floor boys toilet.

Jooyeon and Sunmi's eyes widened when they saw Kai and Sehun walking in, exact replicas of what "Prince Charming" would have looked like in their minds, with that charming wide smile on Sehun and comfortable smirk on Kai as they approached the girls.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jooyeon blurted immediately when Sehun walked near enough for hearing distance. Sehun made a face and held the flowers away from his sister. "Not you noona. Shoo~" he pushed Jooyeon towards Kai and advanced towards Sunmi himself.

"Annyeong Sunmi noona~" Sehun smiled brightly, blinding the fangirls that were looking and even some of the guys. "Nice day today?"

Sunmi nodded unsurely, not trusting herself to speak. Her cheeks were tinted pink as Sehun stood so closely to her, his body heat radiating and making her feel exceptionally uncomfortable. Which was ridiculous. He was younger than her for goodness sake!

"Why are you dressed so nicely today, Sehun?" Sunmi finally controlled her nerves enough to produce a wonderfully fluent sentence that she had to repeat at least ten times in her mind. She cocked her head to the side, confused as she assessed him up and down.

"Like how I look like today?" Sehun did a 360 degree turn and turned back to her with that smile still plastered on his face. Sunmi kept mum. *Yes. You look pretty breathtaking.* she thought, her cheeks reddening from pink to red.

Sunmi looked at Sehun in surprise when he presented the bouquet of pink roses in her face, and even kneeling down on one knee in front of her. Gasps rang out throughout the hallway as the onlookers gaped blatantly at what was going on.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" fangirls yelled in frustration. What was the Exo-k maknae doing! He just arrived at this school and they hadn't enjoyed his single status enough yet! He can't do this to them!

Sunmi gulped at the flowers, blinking in surprise. "What do you think you're doing, Sehun?" she hissed. "This is embarrassing! They think you're proposing to me!" she snapped when common sense finally decided to come back from the holiday and return to her.

Sehun chuckled cutely and looked at her. "Well, that's exactly what I'm doing Sunmi noona." he grinned. Sunmi's eyes were opened so wide that Jooyeon thought it might be permanently stucked at that size. "Not exactly proposing, but declaration of love, yes."

"I love you, Sunmi noona. Please allow me to court you." Sehun beamed.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~" The entire fangirl commitee swooned even before Sunmi could voice out her response. How can some one be sooooo cute?

"But.. B-but..." Sunmi stammered. "I-I'm a senior and y-you're-"

"A junior. Yes." Sehun finished for her. "But I don't see how that's going to affect anything, noona. I think I can love you as well as any senior right here. I'm your personal prince charming." he gestured to his suit with a sweet smile.

Jooyeon decided to help her brother on this one. For one, she hadn't seen him so infacuated with any girl ever, and this was a good thing to see. Her motherly instincts were surfacing, god help her, and she wanted to help him in any way she can to secure his love.

"He's right, Sunmi." Jooyeon piped up. "There's nothing wrong with a noona-dongsaeng relationship nowadays." she encouraged.

And the last thing she expected was for that single line she tried to in with, to backfire on her.

"There's nothing wrong right, Jooyeon noona?" the deep voice resonated behind her and Jooyeon jumped in surprise. She almost forgot that Kai was standing behind her and she did a double take at his tux and flowers. She raised her brows in question and frowned. "And who are those flowers for, Kai? Don't tell me you're confessing to a girl too?" she teased, giggling.

"Actually," Kai chuckled at her astonished expression. "Yes. I'm here to confess to you, Jooyeon noona."

And it was Jooyeon's turn to have her jaw drop to the floor. *Me? ME? Oh my gosh my nerves I need to pinch myself.*

Kai bit his lip and it was rather obvious that he was nervous about this. He wasn't that straightforward like Taemin who announced that Jooyeon was his soulmate the first time they met. He had some sense to be embarrassed, heavens bless this child.

"I like you noona, I like you a lot." Kai told her in a smaller voice, unlike Sehun who announced his love for everyone to hear. He wanted his next words to be for her ears and her ears only. "In fact I think I might be in love with you. I know this must come as a shock, but I'm willing to wait. I'm willing to fight for you against Taemin hyung even though he says you two are soulmates. I don't believe the ."

Jooyeon reddened. *He knows?*

"So Jooyeon noona," Kai cocked his head as his lips pressed in a soft smile that was rather contrasting to his manly stance. "Please be prepared because from this moment onwards, you'll be bombarded with Kai's ultimate charm."

*This is madness.* There was nothing in Jooyeon's mind except for that three words for the rest of the day.



Even though Jooyeon and Sunmi tried to convince Kai and Sehun that they were not possible, that senior girls don't date junior boys, that they only saw each other as friends, but Kai and Sehun wouldn't hear anything of it.

They seemed super determined to get the girls and didn't mind the heat when they went out in their tuxedos for physical education even. The EXO-K boys were stunned, to say the least, that their maknaes were so brave and upfront about their feelings. Admirable, really.

On the other hand, the SHINee boys were rather anxious for Taemin when they saw balloons delivering into the classroom next, followed by chocolates and a giant teddy bear.

"Yah Taemin." Jonghyun whispered. "Your brother's pulling full speed ahead in his plans to court your soulmate." his gaze fixed on the new box of chocolates and his lips every now and then.

Taemin nodded. "I know." he wrinkled his nose, a little unsettled. He wasn't worried that Kai's actions may sway Jooyeon's feelings, he was worried of Kai investing too much feelings in Jooyeon.

"I thought you said Kai knew that you and Jooyeon were soulmates?" Minho inquired with a frown. "Why is he still doing this?"

Taemin chuckled softly. "Lee blood persistance." he shrugged. "Runs in me too."

He gazed at Jooyeon who seemed uncomfortable with all the attention Kai showered on her and trying her best to hide the giant teddy bear beneath the table but to no avail.

*I wonder if Yeon's just a tinsy weensy bit touched?* he scratched his head.

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