You're my Soulmate

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

The next day, the Oh siblings were back in school, ready for another day of fun and challenge. Sehun went off with his EXO-K friends as soon as they reached and abandoned his dead sister.

But she didn't mind, because she soon found her new friend Kim Sunmi, who was ready to share new gossips and news with her. Sunmi beamed and waved her over enthusiastically, not minding the stares. The two of them huddled in the corner and Sunmi pointed discreetly.

"There! They're over there!" Sunmi whispered.

Jooyeon let her eyes follow the direction that Sunmi was pointing in, and found herself looking at the guy that occupied most of her thoughts recently. *Kim Himchan.* she took a sharp intake of breath.

Himchan was with another five handsome guys which Jooyeon assumed were the rest of BAP. They were all blonde and attracting attention like a boss, and not caring about the attention like a Chuck Norris. Jooyeon spotted a guy who kept wearing a black mask on his mouth and looked bored but cool, idly standing at the side as Jung Daehyun.

He was handsome alright, but nothing compared to her dear Himchan. Seeing him again like this with more light, he really took her breath away. How can a guy be so handsome like this?

The two girls stared at BAP, not at all noticing how the rest of the girls were caught up instead in EXO-K and SHINee who had arrived after BAP. The only girls left hanging around BAP were also shooting glances at SHINee and EXO, wanting to join but knowing they couldn't squeeze their butts in.

Kai walked in with his hyung and his eyes darted around. *I wonder where's that girl from yesterday.* he thought curiously. He was even more surprised when he found Taemin checking out the students in the same way he was, like he was looking for someone.

Taemin caught Kai looking and grinned. *Just glad to be back and not vomitting down the sink.* he explained in his mind. Kai chuckled at his childish hyung and nodded. Sometimes, instead of the dongsaeng, Kai felt like he was the hyung instead. Taemin was just so idealistic and naive sometimes, mysterious and gullible, that Kai wanted to smash a vase on his hyungs' head.

But he knew better. After all, he was the one who could read minds and Taemin was the one who could read the future.

EXO-K bade goodbye to their seniors and went to their classes, leaving SHINee alone. Key narrowed his eyes at Taemin and held out his hand. "Bag check." The diva tutted his lips in an commanding manner.

Taemin handed his bag over to the SHINee's mother figure and Key immediately searched the former's bag with enthusiasm and utter professionalism. After finding nothing he was expecting, he shoved the bag back to Taemin. "Good. Don't let me see you bring any banana milk for another one week." Key warned and wagged his finger. "You'll die of over poisoning!"

Taemin shook his head, unaffected. "I won't hyung. If I will, I'd predict that too." he grinned.

Jonghyun guffawed at Key's expression and patted his Yeobo on the shoulders. "You shouldn't try to taunt Taemin, Yeobo. He'll always know it'll never come true. Try it on someone who can't read the future instead, why don't you?" he teased.

Key grew irritated and in the end directed his fury on their poor dubu leader and unfortunately confiscated the leader's secret stash of chicken wings for the excuse of "a better health".

The SHINee boys joked around, until Taemin suddenly froze. Something had just flashed in his mind, one of those random images that brought familiar tingles down his spine again.

He quickly gathered his things and pulled his hyungs along. "Let's go now." he urged. "She's here. And I'm going to meet her officially today."

The Shinee guys looked at each other, knowing who the "she" Taemin was talking about. Was it true? She's really here?



Jooyeon burst into the class together with Sunmi, panting like they just ran a marathon. They had been too busy ogling at BAP, her Himchan oppa and Sunmi's Daehyun oppa that they actually missed the first bell and forgot to get to class.

The two of them bowed to the teacher awkwardly and went to their various seats with blushes on their faces. Taemin watched as Jooyeon approached her seat beside him with pink rosy tints on her cheeks and smiled. *Cute like I knew she would be.*

Jooyeon seemed surprised that she was sitting beside someone that day, and assumed that the pretty boy that was her desk partner would undoubtedly be the Lee Taemin from Shinee Sunmi was talking about.

*He's really good looking.* she thought. "EVEN MORE THAN HIMCHAN!" another voice in her head called out but she pushed it back down. She wasn't going to go unfaithful to her crush when she hasn't even finished spazzing about him.

Jooyeon got out her books and pens and began paying attention to class, hoping to top the class like she did back in Daegu. She was just about to write down a couple of tips the teacher had mentioned, when she felt someone staring.

She glanced to the side and blinked. That Taemin guy was recalling staring at her blatantly without feeling embarrassed at all! Perhaps he as just curious about his new desk partner.

Jooyeon offered a short smile and went back to her notes.

Until few seconds later, she felt it again. His gaze.

She turned to him again and found him staring, in that same position of his. When he saw that she was looking at him, he smiled a bright smile that would even make the sun feel dim.

Jooyeon nodded awkwardly and continued with her work, the pink tints on her cheeks growing.

This process repeated itself over and over again, and the rest of the class were also aware of how the maknae of their senior Jjang group was practically glueing his eyes to this new girl. Why? Was she that pretty? Is he interested in her? She was cute but she isn't worthy of him! No one is worthy of Lee Taemin!

Jooyeon gulped and tried to hide behind her bangs as she pretended to bend down to do her sums.

Okay, so perhaps the intense staring in Twillight when Edward first met Bella was absolutely romantic and took your breath away, but believe me, being stared THIS INTENSELY at, even if it was a cute guy, can be extremely horrifying.

Jooyeon was dying to get out of the place because his gaze was making her squirm in her seat and highly conscious of herself. She counted the seconds till the end of class and nearly shouted in joy when the bell went off.

She gathered her things and was ready to make a dash for it when to her utter pleasant surprise, which she would rather it be known as her worst nightmare, she found Lee Taemin standing beside her all cute and ready to talk.

"Uhm h-hi.." Jooyeon nodded and was ready to run off any moment but Taemin blocked her path.

"Hi Oh Jooyeon, I'm Lee Taemin." Taemin smiled his million watt powered bright smile. The girls in the class swooned and wondered what he was saying to Jooyeon. She was really the luckiest girl ever!

Jooyeon smiled awkwardly, ready to slip off for lunch when the next line he spoke shocked her more. "I've been waiting for you for a long time." Taemin added, as if he was talking about donuts and strawberries.

Jooyeon gaped at him. "Eh?"

Taemin took a step nearer to her. "Oh Jooyeon," he whispered, cupping one of her cheeks.

"You're my soulmate."

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Chapter 2: Question:

Are they supposed to be in high school or university?
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I know this is a technical question, but i just wanna the correct setting to imgaine the scenes of the story better. Regardless, I think the story is amazing, and this is actually my second time reading it. I love it!
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