According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"Harry Potter again?" Chanyeol made a face. "Seriously Kai, you don't need to invest so much in Harry Potter gadgets just because Jooyeon noona likes it."

The EXO-K boys were sitting around Suho's living room while Kai had just arrived from the collection's store with new Harry Potter collectables again. He seemed to have made many more trips there and spent more money on those things ever since he found out that Jooyeon liked Harry Potter like he did.

The EXO-K boys were wrinkling their nose at his poor choice of using the money because to them, it could be used better.

"Seriously Kai." D.O. made a face. "I could have bought a hundred boxes of chocopies with the money you spent on this stupid wand."

"It's not a stupid wand!" Kai hissed. "It's the elder wand! But...not the real one, just a collectable and all...Jooyeon noona likes it." he murmured.

Baekhyun rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath. "Another reason why I don't want to fall in love. Too much of a financial burden."

Sehun made a face at his hyung and sang cheerfully. "I'm afraid if love comes knocking at your door, hyung, you won't be able to resist no matter how hard you try~"

"Aish." Baekhyun threw a pillow at the maknae's head. It wasn't that he didn't believe in love. In fact beneath that sarcastic racoon face laid a very romantic man, waiting to be released. Except he thought that there were more important things to be done when he was at a prime age of 20, not wasting time on a girl that he might not even marry.

Suho laughed at Baekhyun's annoyed face. "You won't understand, Baek." he grinned. "To think that the two maknaes are the most experienced in the love department out of us six." he laughed.

All eyes focused on Kai as he tensed. "Who said anything about love?" he defended, his cheeks reddening at an alarming speed.

Sehun hopped over to Kai and checked his hyung's pulse. "Heart racing, check." he ticked off an imaginary box. Patting Kai's cheeks, he grinned. "Blush, check." He looked at the Harry Potter things and made a face. "Paying attention to every small detail, check."

"Seriously Kai hyung..." Sehun muttered. "Who said anything about looooove?" he asked sarcastically.

Kai pinked more intensely as he cleared his throat. "Well maybe I just think of Jooyeon noona as a nice girl and..." he faltered as the five pairs of eyes glared at him threateningly. Kai let out a growl and threw the pillow at Sehun's smirking face.

"Arraso arraso. So I like your noona, okay?" Kai muttered grumpily. His discomfort was really amusing to the EXO-K members. They were used to the cool Kai that didn't make comments unless necessary, not the one that blushes and grew embarrassed when they talked about the girl he liked.

"Hah. We knew that." D.O sang. "It was so obvious, come on!" he teased. "The ice man Kai doesn't blush that easily you know." he poked Kai's cheek teasingly while Kai slapped his hyung's hand away, embarrassed.

"I was that obvious?" Kai muttered lowly.

"Yes, at least to us." Chanyeol nodded. He grinned. "But knowing Jooyeon noona, I think she doesn't know a single thing about it. Not unless you spell it out straightforwardly right in front of her face." he laughed and Sehun gave him a high five.

Kai sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, letting out a frustrated sigh. This was great.

It wasn't often that Kai fell in love. In fact, he hadn't done that before. And when he does, he decides to fall for the densest girl on the planet that wouldn't even suspect anything unless you said that three words right in front of her face.

It was useless to drop hints because no doubt, Jooyeon would miss all of them. And it was even harder for Kai to be straightforward about this sort of things because believe it or not, the ice man was in fact a very shy boy~~ AWWWW~

"What am I to do?" Kai asked, desperate. "Sometimes I really wonder how I'm supposed to make Jooyeon noona like me. She only thinks of me as a dongsaeng."

Sehun sighed dramatically. "Me too." he sulked. "Sunmi noona only likes me as a dongsaeng as well."

"Well for starters," Suho advised. "Why don't you two ask Taemin hyung about it? It's not that he has any experience or anything, but why don't you two ask if he had seen any flashes of the future regarding Jooyeon and Sunmi? If you and her aren't meant to be together, then don't try anymore. If you are...why not learn some tricks from the future you?"

Kai and Sehun looked at each other, a smile creeping up their faces. Sounds like a great plan.



Kai went home himself, anxious to get to know the truth about Jooyeon and him. It was rather ironic that he needed Taemin to tell him since he had powers himself.

He never really needed Taemin's help to predict the future because he could cope just well with his mind reading that helped him a great deal.

However, mind-reading was futile in this case since it didn't take a genius to realize Jooyeon hadn't taken a liking to him just yet. She had recently suffered her first breakup after all.

What Kai was betting on was her change of heart in the future. And that he couldn't tell unless he asked Taemin.

Sehun had pestered Kai to ask about his future with Sunmi too, and Kai agreed, only if the maknae didn't follow him home. If Sehun just merely stepped into the house, Kai didn't think Sehun would let Taemin go for long enough for Kai to even say hello.

Kai bit his lips as he stepped into the house carefully, looking for where his hyung was. Even before he saw Taemin, he already heard Taemin's thoughts from across the hall.


Taemin felt someone probing his thought and turned around curiously, only to find Kai standing by the kitchen door and raising his brows at the older brother who was rummaging the fridge for banana milk.

Taemin effectively shut of his thoughts from Kai even though it took quite some energy if he did it for long.

"What...are you looking for, hyung?" Kai asked, his voice like silk but also highly dangerous.

Taemin couldn't help but gulp. Even though Kai was the younger one, sometimes he acted more responsible and mature than Taemin did, and when that fierce aura of his came spiraling out, Taemin swore that Kai's even fiercer than Key.

"Uhm..." Taemin looked around desperately. "Energy bar?" be helplessly grabbed the first thing he saw.

Kai frowned. "You hate energy bars, Hyung." he commented dryly. Taemin let out a sigh and sulked, putting the energy bar back into the fridge with a pout.

"You read my mind, didn't you?" Taemin accused. "There's no privacy in this house, I swear!" he murmured.

Kai shook his head, amused by his hyung. "I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but you were shouting BANANA MILKY in your head such that I could even hear you across the hallway." he shot Taemin a look. "No over drinking hyung."

Taemin put both his hands up. "Arraso Arraso." he pouted. He grabbed a banana and offered it to Kai, who took it with a minuscular smile. Milk or not, it's still banana.

"You're back early today." Taemin noted. "I thought you were going to Suho's? Ahhhh it must be that you've got tons of work to do right? If you don't understand you can ask hyung, I'll try my best to answer your questions." Taemin thumped his chest.

Kai laughed. "Please hyung, you only do well in exams because you knew what questions were coming out even before the paper was set. Nothing to do with brains there."

Keeping his mouth shut, Taemin made a face. He ate the banana with much enthusiasm, preferring not to talk about his genius level because he jolly well knew without the power he might just fail everything.

"About your power, hyung..." Kai asked awkwardly. "Have you any flashes of Sehun before?"

Taemin blinked and looked at Kai. "Yeon's younger brother?" he frowned and thought carefully. "Nope. Not exactly.."

He thought about some flashes of Sehun together with Jooyeon as Taemin visited the Oh in-laws in the future. Not exactly of Sehun, that part he didn't lie.

"Oh." Kai nodded, mentally taking note to tell the maknae the news, not that the latter would forget. "How about me?"

Taemin frowned. "You?" he scratched his head. "I thought it told you before right? You'll graduate with first class honors and get offered a job immediately to work in the-"

"I know." Kai cut Taemin off. "You told me. And I wasn't referring to that."

Taemin turned to look at Kai, confused. "Then what?"

Kai shifted uncomfortably as a blush tinted his cheeks. "You know....my love life?"

Taemin tensed, but Kai didn't notice. "I'm just curious if you had any flashes of my future with a girl..." Kai continued. "Particularly..Uhm Jooyeon noona?"

Taemin flinched. He got up abruptly and threw the banana peels in the dustbin. "I've got homework!" he yelped and ran up to his room.

Kai frowned and blinked several times. *Thats strange. Something's up. *

On the other hand, Taemin had raced up to his room and slammed his door shut, panting hard.

"Eotteohke?" Taemin muttered to himself while panting. "I can't lie! I don't want to lie! But I can't possibly say the truth either!"

Taemin grabbed his hair and pulled frustratedly. "How am I supposed to tell my brother that the girl he likes is actually my soulmate?" he asked out loud.

He sighed and was just about to leap into bed o feign sleep when he heard a crash from outside his room. His blood stilled and he opened the door with a sinking heart.

Outside, Kai gaped at Taemin with a broken cup at his feet, banana milk split all on the ground when he wanted to bring the drink up for his hyung.

"What did you say?" Kai croaked in disbelief.

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