According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"Let's go something to that Kim Himchan."

All eyes fell on Taemin curiously. "What do you mean do something to him, hyung?" Chanyeol asked in interest. "I sense some evil plans forming." he rubbed his palms together.

After the unfortunate incident with BAP, the afternoon found SHINee, Exo-k, Jooyeon and Sunmi gathered together in one of the cafes near the university to talk about what had happened. "What do you mean do something to Himchan, Taemin oppa?" Jooyeon asked, frightened. "Don't do anything that'll get yourself into trouble alright? I'm warning you or I'll never-"

A chocopie was stuffed into before Jooyeon could continue her protest. Her eyes widened at D.O. who was the culprit that was grinning at her. "You're talking too much noona." he told her. "Evil plans. Me likes."

Sehun laughed at Jooyeon's dumbfounded expression. "Told you guys my noona talks excessively!" he teased playfully. "You don't know how she talks at home oh my gosh. She's worse than my mum at nagging, I seriously thought of suicide once when she nagged for five hours non-stop-"

"YAH OH SEHUN!" Jooyeon hollered.

Taemin and Kai laughed and looked at her affectionately. Taemin ruffled her hair and pulled her away to the next table while Kai transferred the latte to the other table as well. "You sit here Yeon." Taemin instructed. "No disturbing while the adults make plans."

"Yah Lee Taemin did you just insult me?" Jooyeon huffed. "Kai come on, talk some sense into your hyung!"

Kai shook his head and walked away. "Sorry noona. I've got to support Taemin hyung on this one." They went back to the large table to sit and forbade Jooyeon from joining them as they continued talking.

"I agree Taemin." Key nodded. "Something has to be done to that stupid Himchan. It isn't going to be an easy task taming him, and it'll take a few tries. But the frustration is building up, we can't just let him do whatever he likes to Jooyeon. We've got to show him what we've got."

"Right on with my Yeobo!" Jonghyun added helpfully, or rather, not very helpfully.

Sunmi furrowed her brows and puffed her cheeks in thought. "What can we do then?" she asked. "We can't possibly go to school with a shaver and shave his hair off!" she tapped her chin for a few seconds. "Hmm it sounds really feasible though."

"SO CUTEEE!" Sehun spazzed quietly while Baekhyun had to cover the maknae's mouth to hide his squeals. Baekhyun rolled his eyes. *I'll never want to fall in love if it makes me like this.*

"Personally I really like the idea of diarrhea medicines." Suho blurted. The SHINee hyungs looked at him with wide eyes. "Wow. I didn't know Suho had that in him." Onew mumbled.

Minho elbowed the dubu leader and scoffed. "He doesn't spend his time on chicken and only chicken like you, hyung." he hissed.

"What about setting his bag on fire?" Chanyeol suggested.

"Nah." Key shook his head. "Doesn't harm him personally."

Jonghyun perked up. "What about sending an ahjumma after him? To seduce him and stuff?"

"I don't want an innocent ahjumma to suffer, hyung." D.O. frowned. "Seducing Himchan? EWWWWW..."

Jooyeon looked at them back and forth while they talked about the plans enthusiastically, getting more and more excited. "YAH! CAN YOU GUYS NOT TALK LIKE I'M NOT HERE?" she shrieked.

They all looked at her. And turned back. "So we agree on setting his bag on fire?" Minho asked.



"You ready?" Sunmi grinned.

"YEAH!!!" The SHINee and Exo-K boys cheered loudly. "THEN RELEASE YOUR CHARMING POWERS RIGHT NOWWW!!!" Sunmi yelled into the loudspeaker. The boys immediately scattered and ran about to do their tasks.

Jooyeon looked at Sunmi nervously. "Do you think this will work?" she squeaked.

"Just trust in the guy's charms, Jooyeon. They'll be done in no tim... HEHHH!" Sunmi yelped in surprise. "They're done?"

In less than twenty seconds, all 11 hot guys had returned with at least fifty girls surrounding them and shouting their names like they were in a riot or something. "SHINEE!! SHINEE!! EXO-K!! EXO-K!!" They chanted.

"Did you brief them what they're supposed to do?" Sunmi asked professionally. "Of course...not yet." Suho mumbled bashfully. "But they've pledged they support one hundred percent!"

Taemin smiled at Jooyeon brightly. "We're going to make that Himchan regret what he did, a thousand times over."



"Himchan oppa~"

Himchan perked up as a dozen girls came running towards him. He met eyes with the other members of BAP and smirked as they all got surrounded by girls. Girls weren't a common sight for them, but this throng of girls was really uncommon since they already had SHINee and Exo to spazz over.

"Why hello girls~" Yongguk cooed appreciatively as a dozen girls flung themselves at him. Heaven really. He just died and went to heaven.

"Oppa! Oppa!" the girls shrieked and squealed excitedly.

The brain Youngjae raised his brows suspiciously at the girls' behavior. This was so strange.

"Why are the girls crowding around us all of a sudden?" Youngjae asked doubtfully. "Not that I'm doubting my charm, but when there's Shinee and EXO-K around girls don't exactly pay us that much attention."

"Insult yourself but don't insult us too." Jongup looped his arms around two giggling girls. "Since they're here, why not enjoy them?"

Youngjae shrugged and smirked, discarding all his doubts and uncertainties. The BAP members soon attracted more and more girls, three times their usual charm size. It was as if all the females had gone to them and Shinee and EXO-K didn't exist.

"Himchan oppa, we made bird's nest soup for you guys." One of the girls cooed. "Drink up~"

"Arraso." Himchan's eyes lit up at the expensive delicacy and he smirked. He met eyes with the rest of the BAP members as they devoured the array of goodies that the girls brought them.

"Eat more oppa! Eat more!" the girls cooed and began feeding them. They even managed to get Daehyun to take off the mask to feed him, giving them a rare glance at his full appearance.

Loud burps were heard as the gang finished all the food as well as sighs of satisfaction. The girls met eyes and smiled. Everything was going according to plan.


"Come on Yeon." Taemin persuaded. "It isn't that difficult. Get a marker, draw." he instructed.

Jooyeon gulped at the black marker in her hands and trembled. She wasn't used to this sort of things. To be honest Goody Two Shoes was a rather apt nickname for her. She rarely did anything out of line.

The fangirls had successfully drugged the BAP members with highly efficient and extra strong sleeping pills and the BAP boys were out before they even knew what happened.

In front of them laid the six BAP members, sleeping and vulnerable all at once. The SHINee and EXO boys had taken the courtesy of changing their clothes into mascots of animals, making the BAP boys look absolutely ridiculous.

But they still had the best part: the face painting.

Sunmi let out a annoyed sigh and snatched the marker out of Jooyeon's hands. "If you're not going to start, let me." she grinned as she approached the sleeping Daehyun who was wearing a Bear costume.

"Oh Daehyunnie ah~" she sang lightly. "You're so handsome behind that mask~"

Sehun flinched. Even unconscious, his love rival was still acting his charms.

"But heh!" Sunmi exclaimed dramatically as she began coloring Daehyun's nose. "You're a jerk so you don't even deserve such a pretty face! Let me ruin it for you!!" she giggled as she drew whiskers.

Sehun smiled brightly and got another marker, racing to her side. "Let me help, Sunmi noona!"

The rest of the SHINee and EXO-K boys began grabbing the markers and doodling the best they can on the rest of the BAP members. It was totally enjoyable to be honest.

Taemin sent Jooyeon a smile as he passed her another marker. "Want to join in the fun?"

Jooyeon hesitantly took a marker and drew a on Himchan's flawless skin. A mole on his cheek.

She blinked at looked at him. A smile crept on her face and she looked up to see Taemin smiling at her encouragingly.

Jooyeon let out a giggle as she began drawing panda eyes for the darned Himchan. The more ridiculous he looked, the better. She knew she was being sadistic, but she was totally enjoying herself. When she thought of how Himchan used her and was so mean, the drew even faster.

Taemin smiled warmly and met eyes with Kai, who had a satisfied look on his face. *I guess this is one good thing that happens when your brother is your love rival.* Taemin thought as he blocked Kai from his mind.

*Both of you can work together flawlessly for the girl you love.*



Hello! As I've said, I'm making an EXO fic. So here it is! See you there!

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Chapter 68: Awwwweeee~~~ you don't know how many times I giggled, laughed, and almost cried because of this. Thank you for the very nice ending. Cheers! :)
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Chapter 2: Question:

Are they supposed to be in high school or university?
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I know this is a technical question, but i just wanna the correct setting to imgaine the scenes of the story better. Regardless, I think the story is amazing, and this is actually my second time reading it. I love it!
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Chapter 68: AWEEEEEE my heart ♡ was so sHOOk from reading this, soooo many feels tho, and whenever the topic of taemin and hus ability pops up I think of the old disney channel show,"That's so Raven" anyone else? XD
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