According to the Future, You're my Soulmate


Seeing someone falling for the very girl you like is a very horrible feeling.
The feeling is intensified when the person in question is actually someone you know. Even worse if he's your friend, close friend even. And the worst of all is that he's actually blood related to you, your brother, your only family in this whole wide world.
Seeing someone you care for fall for someone they aren't supposed to is a terrible feeling.
And the feeling is intensified when the person is your brother, and the girl in question is supposedly your soulmate, and because you can read the future, you blame yourself because somehow this piece of news just didn't reveal itself to you until your brother had already hopped on the train and was well delving into love.
Taemin felt terrible. He had always thought that it was awesome having such an ability to read the future, and didn't really mind how he couldn't choose which future to read, because he was quite contented with the information he had access to before the actual event happened. However when things happened and he didn't foresee that . A lot.
Especially when he found out now that his dear brother had actually developed some form of visible crush on his soulmate. Way to go. And not to mention when Taemin himself has just realized that he had fallen for Jooyeon and was basking in the afterglow of affection.
Life .
Taemin sighed loudly and dramatically as he propped his chin up with his elbows and sulked. The SHINee boys looked at each other, knowing fully well what he was troubled about. If the love rival involved was someone like Kim Himchan who was some badass irritable person that was easy to hate, things were much easier. But when the other person was actually someone you cared for, you can't really break their heart straight away. Things were difficult.
"Awwwww~" The fangirls cooed when they saw their maknae of the senior Jjang group sulk. It was a pretty cute sight. They got banana milk from the cafeteria and offered him, together with sweets and cupcakes that would make the usual Lee Taemin brighten up in no time, but it didn't work.
Jooyeon noticed Taemin's down mood and frowned. She wasn't used to the cheery Taemin being sad like this, it was really disturbing. Partly discurbing because something big must have happened to affect Taemin that way, and also disturbing because his emotional face was actually very handsome and charismatic.
"Hey." Jooyeon whispered, careful not to raise her voice as the teacher came into the class. Taemin turned to look at her, his large eyes dim with the lack of energy. "Is something wrong?" Jooyeon asked, concerned. "You aren't behaving like yourself today, Taemin oppa."
Taemin softened and pinched her nose. "Aigoo~ My Soulmate Yeon is worried about me!" he grinned cutely. Jooyeon made a face and pushed his hands away. She gave him a serious look and crossed her arms firmly. "Seriously oppa. What's gotten into you? You're not annoying me like usual or saying random mushy things.." she frowned. "And this is actually the first time you've mentioned soulmate today, which is a record because you at least say it fifty times every hour." she grumbled.
Taemin smiled softly. "Didn't know you liked that side of me, Yeon." he chuckled. He let out a small sigh and shook his head at her. "Something is bothering me, yes. But nothing you have to worry about. I'll handle it, Yeon." he assured.
Nodding, Jooyeon turned to face the front of the class again but she couldn't help but peek at Taemin from the corner of his eye. He was still moody and affected, and she really wanted to do something about it. *After all,* Jooyeon thought. *Taemin oppa did save me from Himchan and he helped me a lot all these while. Since he's not happy, I should do something about it.*
Which was why she found herself handing over a fifty thousand won note over to the cashier, her heart cringing in disapproval as she paid for fifty cartons of banana milk. Yes. Fifty. F-I-F-T-Y.
She didn't exactly buy that so Taemin could drink it all, albeit she had no doubt in his ability to finish them. But she thought it was a rather good laugh and was worth it if she could put that smile back on Taemin's face.
Careful not to let Sehun see her with all those banana milk in fear of him reporting about her casual use of pocket money to their parents, she hauled th entire lot of fifty cartons along the corridor to get to Taemin. To say she attracted a lot of attention was a little bit of the opposite of exaggeration. EVERYONE stared while she pulled those fifty cartons along, especially when the stall owner had actually given her a large banana soft toy for free because of her large purchase.
Blushing in embarrassment, she tried to hide her face by lowering her head and letting her bangs cover her features as she walked. She didn't realize someone was calling out to her until the person actually tapped her shoulder. Jooyeon looked up in surprise to see one of the girls she usually saw hanging around BAP, called Zinger, but didn't actually know her in person.
"Jooyeon?" Zinger asked hesitantly. Jooyeon nodded in acknowledgement. "Uhm Lee Taemin asked me to tell you to meet him at the back garden where the pond is." she said.
Jooyeon blinked in surprise. "Taemin oppa?" she echoed. "But just five minutes ago he was still in class sulking..." she frowned.
Zinger shrugged. "I don't know. He asked me to pass the message. So yeah." she nodded and went off nonchalantly. Jooyeon thought for a moment and turned the opposite way she had intended to go. Since the banana milk was for Taemin anyway and he was already in the gardens, she didn't need to haul the stupid things up three storeys which was a great turn of events.
She smiled to herself as she made her way towards the gardens. Hopefully Taemin would smile at the giant Banana soft toy and the mountain of his favourite drinks. What caught her by surprise was that the person she had expected to see in the garden wasn't there, and the last person she wanted to see was.
"Himchan?" she gasped in surprise. She frowned and looked around him and the rest of BAP. "Where's Taemin oppa?"
Himchan took a step nearer to her and smirked. "So he's Taemin Oppa now and I'm degraded to Himchan?" he asked sarcastically. "Some improvements in your relationships huh?"
Jooyeon gulped as she took a step back. "I figured when you drugged me and Taemin oppa saved me from being eaten alive by you, he's the good one and you're the one that's bad." she muttered. She looked around once more to confirm that Taemin wasn't there. "Since Taemin oppa isn't here, I'll go." she spun around, but Zelo held her back. "Not so fast, goody two shoes."
Jooyeon blinked. "What?"
"Do you think we'll let you go so easily after we lured you here?" Yongguk smirked. "You and your stupid banana milk boyfriend humiliated us BAP. We aren't going to take it down so easily, ." he hissed.
Jooyeon's eyes widened when she realized what had happened. "Y-you.." her voice shook. "You guys lured me here? Zinger lied?" she blurted.
"Ding Dong Deng~" Jongup sang. "Correct~" he grinned slyly. "Your little Taemin hasn't even stepped into the gardens in the first place." he smirked. Jooyeon paled as she gripped the handle of the pushcart containing the milk cartons tightly in fear. "W-what do you want?" she asked.
"Revenge." Himchan said simply. "You're going to have to pay for embarrassing us, Oh Jooyeon. We're never going to give up until satisfaction of your plight strikes us." he smirked.
He grabbed Jooyeon's arm hard and pulled her towards him, yanking her hair. Jooyeon winced and tears immediately flooded her eyes with the pain. He smirked at the pushcart of banana milk. "Buying milk for your boyfriend? How sweet." he snickered, before kicking the pushcart and toppling it's contents.
Jooyeon gasped as all the banana milk split on the floor and the giant banana toy got dirty and stained in teh process. *Oh no!* Himchan smirked and pulled her towards the pond. Jooyeon bit her lip, realizing what he wanted to do. Dunking her in, seriously? How deep was the pond anyway? She couldn't swim for got's sake!
"Ready?" Himchan smirked.
Jooyeon felt the cold water wake all her senses as she fell head first into the cold pond. Fear gripped her as she sank deeper and deeper, kicking desperately but unable to get to the surface no matter what she did. She closed her eyes and whimpered, getting a large mouthful of water. She was going to die.
All of a sudden, two strong arms gripped her arms and hauled her up. She opened her eyes weakly and saw the surface of the water coming nearer and nearer towards her. Finally, when she burst out of the surface of the water, she took an exceptionally large breath of air and savoured how sweet it was.
Her unfocused eyes saw an outline of someone familiar hold onto her protectively as he held her in his arms tightly. "Didn't I warn you once?" Taemin growled dangerously.
Jooyeon opened her eyes as she saw Taemin stare at Himchan, his eyes flashing with anger. She closed her eyes momentarily until the person who was holding her finally spoke. "Are you alright, Jooyeon noona?"
Jooyeon looked up into the face of Kai and smiled weakly. "I'm fine." she managed. She looked at Taemin again and saw him yelling madly while the BAP members retreated back. Other students were gathering around and they were losing their edge. He ran back to her and pulled her away from Kai, hugging her tightly.
"You scared me, Yeon." he whispered brokenly.
"I'm sorry." Jooyeon whispered. Taemin's eyes trailed to the spilt banana milk and he flinched. So she got into so much trouble because of him? Man, that made him feel so much worse.
Kai managed to divert Jooyeon's attention from Taemin as he fussed over Jooyeon and he flinched again. The guilt intensified when he realised he should have seen this coming. That he wasn't doing that much of a good job protecing Jooyeon and now he wasn't protecing Kai enough either.
He sighed deeply. *I must do something about this. But first thing's first...Kim Himchan.*

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