According to the Future, You're my Soulmate
After knowing that he has truly followed the fate he predicted and had fallen for Jooyeon, Taemin felt much lighter and freer because he was another step closer to the fate he predicted. Now that he has fallen for her, all he needs to do is to wait for her to love him back.
He practically skipped into the house and stumbled over his brother who was watching the television. "Woah!" Kai yelped as the both of them fell onto the floor in a pile. He raised a brow at his hyung. "Again, hyung?"
Taemin chuckled and pulled Kai up, smiling. "You know, I'm clumsy when I happy."
Kai looked at Taemin in interest. "You're happy, hyung?" he immediately tried to read Taemin's mind. *Get out of my head Kai.* he read and made a face at his hyung. "Arraso arraso."
Taemin grinned and plopped himself next to Kai on the couch. "It's awesome that I can block you from reading my mind." he commented. "There's nothing called privacy with a brother like you."
Kai rolled his eyes. "There shouldn't be anything called privacy if we're brothers, hyung." he retorted coolly.  Taemin made a face at Kai. "Aish, I have a brother's that too witty for his age." he muttered. He smiled and patted Kai's head. "I'll tell you next time when the time is right, Kai. Next time." he promised.
Kai nodded and smiled. He said goodnight as Taemin went up to his room and settled back on the couch, pondering over his own matters. "I wonder if Taemin hyung's that happy because of a girl?" he thought.
He shook his head. "Nah. Taemin hyung doesn't even talk to girls." he dismissed the thought immediately. He propped his head up with his elbows and furrowed his brows thoughtfully. "I wonder if Jooyeon noona's gotten over Himchan yet. Maybe tomorrow I'll go check up on her." he made a mental note.
He picked up the remote and began watching some Hip Hop competition that was on air again, smiling to himself at the thought of meeting the girl of his dreams.
Kai gripped the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book in his hands tightly as he walked unsurely towards Jooyeon's class. He was usually cool and sure of himself, confidence being one of his main charms.
But when it came to the girl he liked, he wasn't that sure anymore. He stayed outside the class for a few moments, peeking in. The other female students cooed at the handsome junior that had arrived at the senior block. "Is he here to find his hyung? That's so cute!" they cooed.
Kai saw Taemin and Jooyeon sitting together and the rest of SHINee chatting together with them. He was surprised that his hyung looked so close to Jooyeon, but that made things even better didn't it? He wanted his hyung to like the girl he loved too.
With a deep breath, he went into the classroom and all the noonas immediately started making a huge fuss. "Oh look! It's Exo-k's Kai!" they shrieked. "He's as handsome as his hyung!"
Both Jooyeon and Taemin stood up when they saw him approaching, smiles curling onto their faces. Kai his lips nervously and walked closer. "Hi-"
"Annyeong Kai!" Both Jooyeon and Taemin chorused together.
They paused and blinked. Then turned to look at each other with wide eyes. "You know him?" they both blurted.
Taemin frowned and pinched the bridge of his nose, taking it in. "How did you know Kai, Yeon?" he questioned. Jooyeon bit her lip. "Sehun's in Exo-k as well, so I'm familiar with the Exo kids." she explained. "And he's locker 56 while I'm 57 so..." she frowned at him. "How did YOU know Kai, Taemin oppa?"
Taemin didn't get time to relish how the word oppa rolled off his tongue as he quickly slung his arm around Kai. "Can't you tell?" he grinned as he pointed to the both of their faces. "I'm his hyung!"
Jooyeon's eyes widened twice their size as fell open. "Wait. You and Kai are...brothers?" she blurted in shock. "I didn't know! Wait! So that means the brother you said that could read minds was..." her gaze fell on Kai.
"That's right!" Taemin declared proudly. "KAI!!!"
Kai rolled his eyes at his hyung's childish actions and pushed Taemin's arm off him. "Hyung can't you act your age?" he mumbled, embarrassed. He smiled at both Taemin and Jooyeon. "I knew you two were in the same class but I didn't know you two were so close, hyung."
He hesitated, remembering how Taemin called Jooyeon Yeon and how she called him Oppa. Jooyeon punched Taemin's arm playfully and made a face. "Can't help it. This guy saved my life when he rescued me from Himchan." she made a reluctant face. "No choice here.."
"Hey!" Taemin pouted.
The SHINee boys soon joined in the conversation and the seven of them were joking around freely. Jooyeon noted how the SHINee boys were famliar with Kai and deduced that they were indeed close because of Kai and Taemin's blood relations. She scrutinized both Taemin and Kai and mentally knocked her own head. How could she miss that this two were blood related? They looked so alike!
Kai had a more muscular build and jawline, the muscles on his body more developed and he had this cool aura surrounding him. In the mean time, Taemin was someting like Sehun, someone that screamed cuteness from inside to outside. His face was slightly more feminine and he didn't have that much muscles as his younger brother did. But both of them were around the same height at around 1.8 and towered tall above Jooyeon.
"Why, like what you see?" Key teased.
Jooyeon blinked, snapping out of her trance. She made a face at Key and whined. "Yah oppa!"
Taemin just chuckled affectionately while Kai bit back a smile. The hyung turned towards his younger brother curiously. "Anyway what brought you here Kai?" he asked. "Did you need something?"
Kai reddened as he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "Actually hyung...I didn't come to look for you." he admitted. He focused his gaze on Jooyeon. "I came here to look for Jooyeon noona."
Taemin blinked in surprise while Jooyeon cocked her head to the side in surprise. "Eh? What's up Kai?" Jooyeon asked curiously.
Kai took out the Harry Potter book gingerly and passed it to her. "I said I'll lend this to you someday noona." he murmured. "Thought I'd bring this to you." Jooyeon brightened and smiled. "Gomawo Kai!"
Key and Jonghyun looked at each other in surprise and met eyes. Something was amiss here.
"And uhm.." Kai continued. "We haven't finished watching the second Harry Potter the other time. I wanted to ask if want to come over to watch it today?" his face reddened rapidly.
Minho raised his brows. This was new. Kai stuttering AND blushing?
Jooyeon frowned and pouted. "Aww I can't. There's a family dinner today." she sulked. "Some other time, perhaps."
Kai's face fell but he hid the frown and forced a smile. "It's okay noona. Some other time." he echoed.
Taemin took in the happenings quietly as he began analyzing. He was naive. He was dense. He was inexperience and reckless most of the time, but he would know if something was different about his own brother.
And this was bad. Because the way his brother was behaving seemed very much similar to how he was around Jooyeon. Blushing at the slightest things and going out of the way to do something for her. This wasn't what a usual dongsaeng would do for a noona.
Taemin met eyes with Key and sighed. Key gave him an encouraging look and Taemin nodded. He needed to do something about his little brother's crush on his soulmate.
"Uhm Kai."
"Hm?" Kai responded coolly as the two brothers were having dinner together. He looked at Taemin with his mouth full of rice. "Yes hyung?"
Taemin his lips nervously. He suddenly felt like a father reproaching his son on the subject of love, really. To say he was inexperienced and uncomfortable about it was a huge understatement. "Uhm Kai." he swallowed. "What do you think about Jooyeon?"
Kai looked up, interested. Taemin's heart sank at his enthusiastic face. The Kai in the past wouldn't even respond when girls were mentioned, very much like himself. "Jooyeon noona?" Kai echoed, a dreamy smile coming onto his face. "She's adorable of course. Kind hearted, sincere, straightforward and..." he pinked, realizing that he was blabbering.
Taemin mentally smacked himself. He was careful to keep his thoughts hidden from Kai as he blocked Kai from entering his mind. How was he supposed to tell Kai that he shouldn't be falling for Jooyeon because Jooyeon is his soulmate.
"I think..." Taemin started slowly. "I think you shouldn't be too close to Jooyeon." Kai frowned at his hyung. "Why?" he immediately asked.
"Uhm." Taemin gulped. "You know. At this age you should be uhm...focusing on...ACADEMICS!' he blurted. "You know, we should aim for first class honours and then get the bachelor's degree and the phd if possible."
Kai frowned. "But hyung," he started. "Studying is important but I'm sure I can manage both sides. I mean, I'm already this old and I haven't even had a girlfriend yet. Same goes for you."
Taemin raked his hair with his fingers. "Just trust me on this, Kai." he muttered. "Don't get to close to Jooyeon. Please."
Kai looked at Taemin for a second before looking back at his food. "Hm." he grunted half-heartedly. Taemin's heart sank, knowing that his younger brother didn't take any of his words to heart.
He sighed. *First I have to stop Yeon from falling for Himchan. Then Kai for Yeon? This is hard...* he massaged his temples.
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