According to the Future, You're my Soulmate
"It's not that bad is it?" Key asked as the group finally came down from the horrifying eight storey roller coaster that attracted much attention as well as fear.
Jooyeon's face was pale and her knees felt like jelly as she stumbled down the steps. Taemin chuckled and held onto her, making sure that she wouldn't fall. "Bad." Jooyeon mumbled firmly.
Minho seemed completely not bothered by the fear and excitement that followed with the vicious sudden drop of the roller coaster. He grabbed the nearest member, which happened to be the unfortunate Onew and grinned. "Let's go on that again, hyung."
Onew's eyes bulged out in horror and he shook his head furiously. "NONONONONO!!!!" but the strong Minho already plled him away before he could refuse. "JOOYEON HELPPPPP!!!"
Jooyeon giggled and shook her head in amusement. The four that were left began strolling around the amusement park. They passed by a mobile store that sold various amusement park goodies like soda drinks, candy floss and popcorn. Jonghyun immediately stopped when they passed.
He grinned cutely and turned to Key. "Key ooooppaaaaa~~" he began in that annoying voice of his. Key shuddered and shuffled away but Jonghyun kept going at it. "Oppa~~~"
"ARRASO ARRASO!" Key let out an anguish yell. "I'll buy you popcorn alright? Sheesh! No wonder people say Jongkey is real." he muttered in anger.
He stormed over to the store to purchase popcorn with Jonghyun making victory signs and following behind. Taemin grabbed Jooyeon's hand and led her along as well. "Come on, your soulmate oppa will buy you candy floss too."
Jooyeon rolled her eyes. "Soulmate oppa?" she wrinkled her nose.
Taemin grinned. "Why? I'm your soulmate and I'm your oppa. Quite a fitting name, I might add." he chuckled as he paid for the pink candy floss for her and a banana milk for himself. He passed it to Jooyeon who immediately brightened and began picking bits of candy and putting it into waiting for it to melt in that delicious goodness.
"Hmmm..." she smiled delightfully. Taemin smiled softly and ruffled her hair. *Cute.*
The moment that passed didn't go unnoticed by the Jongkey couple. They looked at each other and grinned slyly. "Don't you think it's time we disappeared from here Yeobo?" Key whispered.
Jonghyun nodded and rubbed his hands together. "I love being the match maker!" he cheered softly. Key shook his head. "Why am I friends with such a weirdo?" he questioned himself.
They slipped off without Taemin and Jooyeon noticing, and the latter two continued to walk without knowing that the other two had already gone off by themselves and giggling like a bunch of lunatics. "Oh look at that!" Jooyeon pointed at one of the water rides. "Let's go ride that guy-"
She faltered when she spun around and noted that there were no one. She blinked in surprise. "Eh?" she blurted. "Where's Key and Jonghyun?"
Taemin frowned in confusion and rubbed the back of his neck until he spotted to familiar hyungs hiding behind one of the clowns giving out balloons. Key was gesturing wildly and making heart shapes with his hands and Jonghyun making kissy faces.
Taemin made an "O" shape with his mouth. *I see what Hyungs did there...* he nodded subtly at them and sent a grateful smile. He turned to Jooyeon innocently. "I think maybe they were distracted by something else and ran away. Come on, let's go on that." he led her away without giving her a chance to question any further.
THe two of them got onto several rides and enjoyed themselves profusely. They got tired after some time and decided to visit one of the fortune telling stores.
Taemin was particularly interested because he wanted to know what sort of nonsense those fake witches would sprout when he could already determine the future by random flashes.
"How will I do for finals at the end of the year?" Jooyeon inquired as the acadamic side of her took over her curiosity.
The witch nodded and began feeling her crystal ball as mist from the dried ice at the bottom of the table created the mystical feel. Taemin raised his eyes in interest as he waited for the answer. *All A's, as far as I know from that flash.*
The witch opened her eyes and stared at Jooyeon, shaking her head. "Not too well, you may have to work harder to change the fate." she advised.
Taemin made a face and tried not to blurt any contradictory comments. He squeezed Jooyeon's hand to signal that she didn't have anything to worry about.
"What about my love life?" Jooyeon questioned.
After her elaborate acting in front of the crystal ball, the witch looked at Jooyeon seriously again. "You may have loved wrongly before, but don't lose fate in love." she told Jooyeon. "Because there is one out there that is fated to spend the rest of his life with you. Don't worry and just wait for him to appear. Everything will be alright."
Taemin grinned. *Now that she got right.* he smiled as he watched Jooyeon take in her words slowly. *It's me, Yeon. I'm your soulmate remember?*
Jooyeon blinked. "I wonder how long I've got to wait." she murmured. "Or maybe it had been Donghae oppa all along!" she brightened.
Taemin's face fell and he wrinkled his nose. *Remind me to get rid of that Super Junior poster in her room as soon as possible.*
"Waaahh!! Pretty!" Jooyeon smiled brightly as she gestured to the scenery outside.
The two of them had played around in the amusement park for the whole day and had decided to ride on the ferris wheel that overlooks the night scenery of lotte world.
Taemin smiled warmly as he gazed at Jooyeon. His heart was fluttering at her cute expressions and a smile naturally followed on his face as well. He watched her quietly and offered a smile when she turned around to face him with a matching grin. "It's really pretty up here." she exclaimed.
"Hm." Taemin nodded, agreeing not with her point of view of the scenery but the person instead. He looked at her wide smile and softened, reaching out to curl a lock of hair behind her ear. "You're smiling." he noted.
Jooyeon blinked in surprise. A wider smile came onto her face. "Hm." she nodded. "Thanks for cheering me up, you and SHINee. I don't know what I'll have become without you guys." she admitted.
She looked at him, a blush flushing her fair smooth cheeks. "And thanks." she murmured. "Thanks for coming to my rescue. Thanks for trying to stop me from making the mistake even though I did it anyway. Thanks for standing up for me." she swallowed. "Thank you so much, Taemin oppa."
Taemin's face brightened and he chuckled. Jooyeon reddened and backed away, making a pout. "Don't read too much into things Lee Taemin. I only called you oppa because I realized it's quite rude to call you Taemin all the time when you're older than me." she harrumphed. "I still don't believe you're my soulmate."
Chuckling, Taemin reached out to pinch her nose. "Thanks Yeon. And thank you for being yourself." he smiled affectionately. Jooyeon wrinkled her nose and slapped his hand away playfully, turning to watch the scenery once more.
Taemin watched her silently, aware of how the air was energized between them with attraction, aware of how his heart was beating wildly for this girl in front of him, aware of every miniscular movement between them.
Taemin smiled softly to himself. *So it finally came. Love.* he thought.
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