Mission: Cheer Jooyeon up

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

For the next few days, Jooyeon was seen to be rather out of her usual cheery self.

She didn't smile and laugh as frequently as before and she was seen staring out into the open blankly several times to date.

Moreover, the usually hardworking A student had begun to drift off during lessons which was really unlike her.

She got into more accidents than ever and the number of bruises and grazes she got were increasing by the day.

She avoided all BAP members in the hallway if possible. But there were still times when the inevitable happened and she came face to face with that someone that she had thought she should pledge her heart to.

Just like now.

Jooyeon gulped nervously and she buried her face in the book she was carrying, not even noticing that it was upside down. She closed her eyes as perspiration rolled down the sides of her face and she bit her lips in anxiety.

Taemin sensed her sudden discomfort and looked over at her. They were currently proceeding to their next class but had five minutes in between for a toilet break and to get the necessary books. They had gone to their lockers to retrieve the textbooks when this happened.

Taemin's brows furrowed slightly and he looked around for the cause of her discomfort.

It wasn't difficult to identify, with Himchan strutting down the hallway with a bunch of girls by his side. The rest of BAP were strolling behind him leisurely, chattering in that loud manner of theirs.

It didn't bother Jooyeon before, but now when she saw it, it looked completely low class and a nuisance to the public. The way they wore their messy clothes and cursed freely in the public made her cringe in disgust.

When they neared Jooyeon, she hurriedly pressed against the locker such that her entire body seemed to have been flattened in the process. She closed her eyes and fervently hoped that Himchan might not see her.

But he did.

Himchan's eyes narrowed at Jooyeon whose back was facing him. Rage filled through him as he saw her. She was the cause of this whole embarrassment. If she hadn't confessed to him and spiked his interest, he wouldn't even have bothered to try things out with a goody two shoes anyway.

However his eyes strayed to Taemin who was at her side and glaring straight at him. *Not today Kim Himchan.* He thought as he walked closer. He wasn't ready to deal with Lee Taemin yet, as seen by that black eye that was still clearly visible on his right eye.

But he couldn't have it lying down if he just walked past without doing anything. It would mean be admitted defeat, and Himchan swore never to do anything like that.

When he reached Jooyeon, he muttered softly under his breath. "Loser." Soft, but he was sure she heard it.

Satisfied when he saw her tense up, he smirked and sauntered away with the rest of the BAP members. Jooyeon swallowed back her tears and bit her lip so hard that it began to bleed slightly.

Taemin didn't hear what Himchan said, but he did see how uncomfortable Jooyeon was around the latter. Jooyeon quickly kept her books and retrieved another set of notes. She hugged them tightly and gave him a small nod. "Im ready. Let's go to class."

She turned away, walking away quickly in that manner she did when she was nervous. Taemin ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

It had already been a week after the incident with Himchan. She constantly assured him that she was alright, but it was obviously nothing close to the truth.

Taemin sighed. *Eotteohke? I want the normal Yeon back.*  he sulked.

"Then do something about it."

Taemin jumped in surprise when Minho appeared out of nowhere. "Woah hyung!" he yelped in surprise.

"He's right, Taemin." Jonghyun appeared too. "You've got to do something to cheer her up. It's been going on for days."

Key tapped his chin as he entered the scene. "I sense a mission coming up." he grinned. "Mission: Cheer Jooyeon up."

Taemin nodded and smiled determinedly. He was going to return that smile back on Jooyeon's face no matter what it took. Onew suddenly fell into the scene, literally fell when he tripped over Jonghyun's laces and blinked confusedly at the members.

"Something I missed?" he scratched his head, confused.

Key rolled his eyes and pushed the Dubu leader away. "Aish. You're not ninja enough sometimes hyung!"



"Where are we going?" Jooyeon blurted, eying the SHINee members nervously. When the bell rang, signalling the end of the school day, the five SHINee boys suddenly whisked her away before she could even ask Sunmi or Sehun for help.

They were looking at her with grins on their faces that made Jooyeon think something was up. "Come on, spill." she demanded.

Taemin stepped forward and smiled brightly. "Well, SHINee has noticed that you're moody and down most of the time nowadays, Yeon." he explained. "And today we're on a mission to change that frown on your face and replace it with a permanent smile!"

Jooyeon blinked. "Mission?"

To her surprise, the SHINee boys saluted. "YES MADAM!" they hollered in unison. "We'll find that smile before the day ends today, Madam!"

It just started, the the sides of Jooyeon's lips already twitched up in a giggle.


"So this is your idea of cheering me up..." Jooyeon mumbled in doubt. "To make me scream my lungs out like a lunatic?" she shuddered.

"Aww come on! It'll be fun!" Key whined and jumped up and down like a kid. "I haven't been to Lotte world for a lonnnngggggggg time! I missed it here!" he shrieked.

Jonghyun clapped and smiled brightly. "This is heaven~" he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. "Girls everywhere!!"

Minho rolled his eyes and whacked the dino hyung's head. "Retard." he grumbled. He focused his attention back on Jooyeon and smiled. "This is the perfect place to destress, Jooyeon. If you want to forget about Himchan that bastard, you've got to come here and ride the roller coaster!"

Jooyeon took a step back and glanced around nervously.  "There're other rides here other than that that are interesting and exciting as well." she muttered.

Onew grinned and took a step nearer to her. "Yeah but the roller coaster is the best right?" Jooyeon gulped. "Come on Onew, I'll buy you chicken if you let me off this time." she bargained.

The betrayer Onew actually hesitated for a moment and Taemin immediately bounced in before she had the chance to excape. "Don't even think about it Yeon~" he grinned as he caught her arm before she could run away. Giving out a shrill squeal, Jooyeon was lifted off the ground as Taemin hauled her over his shoulders and ran towards the roller coaster excitedly.

Jooyeon closed her eyes and bit her lips. "Oh god."

Taemin chuckled at her reaction. *Don't worry Yeon. Even if it's just the roller coaster, I'll be with you no matter what.*

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Chapter 2: Question:

Are they supposed to be in high school or university?
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I know this is a technical question, but i just wanna the correct setting to imgaine the scenes of the story better. Regardless, I think the story is amazing, and this is actually my second time reading it. I love it!
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