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According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

Sehun on the other hand, also had a great time bonding into the new school.

He was fortunately slotted into one of the most popular classes in the whole university, for the simple reason of the five gorgeous boys who were allotted in that class.

With him as a hot newbie, the junior girls from his class never felt more lucky. They had another hottie to add to their collection! Screw their grades! They were going to oggle at the six hot guys as long as they could till their eyeballs fell and they wouldn't have a single regret.

Sehun found himself sitting at one of the tables in the middle of the four handsome men, and grew conscious as the girls kept staring at him. He wanted to facepalm himself for thinking that girls in Seoul wouldn't find him y.

*Great. By the way they're looking at me, I think I'm going to be eaten alive by the end of the period, not even the end of school.* he grumbled to himself. Two of the handsome men were sitting in front of him and the other behind. His desk partner, according to a helpful fangirl from the side, was also part of the five handsome men, but was just late.

Sehun kept his gaze on his table, aware that practically everyone from the class was staring blatantly at him. He tried to write his name on one of his notebooks, and his pencil fell, not even being able to hold a pencil normally from the excessive staring.

The moment it fell on the ground, the hoards of girls flooded towards the pencil to try to grab it first. Sehun was shocked and he backed away, horrified. The girls were almost having a catfight, wanting to get the pencil themselves.

Hadn't they seen a pencil before? Sehun wanted to shout.

Finally, a nerdy girl with large spectables and flabby cheeks got the pencil after a vigorous morning wrestle. She glared at the other girls and immediately put on her "cute" expression, smiling brightly at Sehun. "Here you go." she held the pencil out.

Sehun gulped at her. " can have it."

The fangirls squealed and cooed over the lucky nerdy girl. She herself was fanning herself like she couldn't believe how blessed she was. "THANK YOU!!!!" she squealed and skipped away, almost to the extent of praying to the freaking wood and lead.

Sehun shuddered and massaged his temples. He sighed at his notebook and twisted his lips, wondering how on earth he was going to get past the day without anymore writing materials. A blue pencil was passed from the front and Sehun looked up in surprise. "You'll need it." the guy in front of him chuckled.

Sehun smiled, taking it. "Thanks." He looked at the guy. "I'm Oh Sehun."

"He's Kim Joon Myeon, but you can call him Suho." the guy who looked cute but with exceptionally low voice on the right offered, gesturing to his desk partner who had offered Sehun the pencil. "And I'm Park Chanyeol."

The two guys who were sitting behind Sehun joined the conversation as well. "We're Byun Baekhyun and D.O." the two introduced themselves. Sehun smiled at them, glad that they were being all so friendly. Baekhyun gave Sehun a pointed look. "You may want to bring more pencils next time. It's going to keep happening every single day, especially when you're sitting with us Exo-K."

Sehun raised his brows. "Exo-K?" he asked uncertainly.

Suho smiled. "It's the name they got us because we're the junior jjang group here." he offered. "You can join us if you want. It seems you need protection from the fangirls as well."

Sehun smiled warmly. These guys were easy going as well as good looking. Perhaps he was really going to make a few real friends for once. "And here comes the last member of Exo-K." D.O. rolled his at a tall guy who ran into the class, panting. "Kai! What took you so long!"

The guy, Kai, who was coincidentally Sehun's desk partner as well, plopped himself into the seat beside Sehun. "I knocked the books out of a girl's hands. I helped her with it." he said between pants. "You're too nice, Kai." Chanyeol pointed out. "You're going to have the whole school falling for you if you're not careful."

Kai shrugged. "That girl didn't seem to notice me at all." he grumbled. His face fell. "In fact, she didn't even seem bothered by my good looks." his voice laced with a certain regret. Suho whooped while Baekhyun was too eager to dampen his dongsaeng's mood. "Seems like someone got a little crush there, and he's getting heartbrokened before it started~~" he sang.

"Aish shut up." Kai's cheeks burned red and he finally turned to Sehun. He offered Sehun a smile and immediately took out an extra pencil from his bag. "I think you'll need more than one of these today." Kai whispered as the teacher came into class.

Sehun chuckled in amusement. *I think I like these guys already.* he smiled. "*I think I may become good friends with them. I wonder who's that girl Kai has a crush on? Must be some beauty.* he thought, not at all knowing that the girl in question was actually his good old noona.



"NOONAAA!!!!" Sehun hollered. "Aren't you going to buy me ice cream? Me wants ice creammmm~~" he pouted cutely.

Jooyeon looked at her brother coldly and looked away. "Noted. And ignored." she said boredly as she turned back to the tv programme she was watching. Sehun made a face and plopped himself on the couch next to her.

"Aish noona, you're so not soft hearted." Sehun clicked his tongue. "No guy's ever going to fall for you if you remain like that." he taunted.

Jooyeon shot him a nasty look. "See if I care." she crossed her arms and grabbed the remote control away from Sehun before he could change the channel. The commercial break came on at that moment and she looked at her brother. "How's school today Aegyo king?" she asked in a bored manner, trying to hide the concern she felt.

Sehun relaxed on the couch. "Great." he stretched. "I'm being chased by fangirls, as usual." he smiled cockily and Jooyeon rolled her eyes, whacking his head. "But it's much better now that there are another five guys running away from girls together with me."

He looked at her sister. "You know EXO-K?" he asked. "They're the junior jjangs. I think I'm part of them now. They're great guys." he commented. Jooyeon smiled, a little pride bursting from within.

Her little brother could charm anyone he wanted to. She wasn't that surprised that he got into the jjang group on his first day at school. And he needed some real friends. She could tell that Sehun really liked his new group of friends and she was delighted for him.

"How about you noona?" Sehun asked, sneaking the remote control away while she wasn't looking.

"Hmm? me?" Jooyeon tapped her chin, not noticing what he did. "Yeah it's fine too. I made a friend. She's called Kim Sunmi. She's very cute and bubbly, I think you'll like her too." she smiled to herself when she remembered what she and Sunmi were spazzing about the whole time. "And it's going to be great because Kim Himchan is also in the school!" she whispered to herself.

Sehun just looked at her with raised brows for several moments. He looked back at the tv. "Okay. Fangirl moment ignored." he switched the channel to his favourite football channel. Jooyeon pouted and tried to get the remote control back, but her brother was stronger, depsite being younger.

"Aish noona, let me watch it for a while!" Sehun made that awfully cute face of his again, that made Jooyeon's defense crumble. Stupid Aegyo king.

"And help me get ice cream from the mart! Maybe you'll meet cute guys there as well!" Sehun suggested, grinning. Jooyeon suddenly brightened. *Himchan? Will Himchan be at the convenient store again?*

Without a word, she grabbed her purse and rushed out. Sehun, with his eyes glued to the tv screen, didn't know anything that happened. "Aww come on noona, just buy me ice cream will yo-" he faltered when he realized he was alone in the living room.

He scratched his head. "Noona?"


Jooyeon pouted as she paid for the ice creams.*He isn't here.* she sighed and grabbed her ice creams, suddenly frustrated at Sehun for making her come when moments before, she was praising him for giving her the idea.

She lugged the tubs of ice creams as she went off. *I hope I can see Himchan tomorrow at school.* she thought happily.

She didn't notice someone staring at her with an open mouth, his hand shaking as he held his carton of banana milk. *It's her.* he thought, his eyes wide. *The girl I was waiting for.*

He took a step towards Jooyeon when another voice rang out. Kai stepped into view and frowned at his hyung.

"Aish Taemin hyung!" Kai "Why are you here buying banana milk again when you're sick because you drank too much in the first place?" he appeared and his hyung quickly chucked his thoughts aside.

*I'll find you tomorrow.* he thought, determined. *You're finally here, Oh Jooyeon.*




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