According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

Jooyeon gulped as she faced the large house. Loud bass music was blasting from inside such that the entire street could have heard every word that was pronounced in the song.

There were girls sauntering in in skimpier outfits than hers, making hers look like what one would wear to some form of high school graduation party together with your principal. There were guys smoking in the corner, laughing loudly and not bothering that they were being a nuisance to the neighborhood.

The place screamed of rebellion and danger. It screamed for her to go away.

However, Jooyeon took a deep breath and stepped inside. She saw couples making out openly in the public, not minding the show they were creating for the others around.

Alcohol was readily available and Jooyeon wondered how Himchan's parents would allow this mess in their house. Where did he get the money to buy that much beer anyway?

Fidgeting nervously, she grew conscious of the stares she got as she went in. Guys whistled as she passed and cackled. "Hot !" one called out.

Jooyeon felt her blood freeze and she desperately wanted a pair of jeans instead. She finally found Himchan in the corner with the rest of the BAP members, laughing the loudest together with bunch of girls that clung onto them like their lives depended on it.

"H-Himchan oppa." Jooyeon called out timidly, wondering if she should have even turned up.

Zelo was the first one to notice her and his jaw dropped, seeing her dressed to kill. He quickly tugged at his hyung's sleeve to get Himchan's attention.

The moment Himchan turned to face her, his eyes widened and he let out a low whistle. Jooyeon felt her cheeks reddening rapidly, not of excitement but of embarrassment.

She didn't feel like he appreciated her for who she was. He liked her as much as he liked the other two girls who he had his arms slung round their shoulders.

Himchan sauntered over to her and did a double take at her. "Wow is this goody two shoes On Jooyeon?" he snickered. "Hon, you look hot!"

The rest of BAP howled in agreement like some animal zoo. Jooyeon felt uncomfortable as she shifted. She didn't feel pleased when Himchan said she was hot like she thought she would.

In fact, there was this nagging part in her heart that told her she was insulted.

Himchan left the two girls he was originally with and went over to sling his arm round Jooyeon instead. His arm never felt as tight and heavy.

Jooyeon timidly passed the birthday present she prepared for him. "Happy birthday Himchan oppa." she squeaked.

"Haha she's really different!" Youngjae smirked. "Present, hyung. A real physical present!" he teased.

Himchan turned to look at Jooyeon and smirked. "He's right, hon. You didn't need to bring me anything." he leaned over and buried his face in her hair, making her squirm uncomfortably. "Just make it up to me tonight." he whispered huskily.

Jooyeon gulped as she wiggled away. " there anything here to drink, Himchan oppa?"

"Of course!" Himchan blurted, as though offended she had to ask. He signaled for Jongup to bring him one of the cups on the table. He smirked at Jooyeon as he handed it to her.

"Drink this." he ordered. "It's special you know. Freaking expensive as well but it's all worth it for you, hon." he took an appreciative glance at her chest.

Jooyeon bit her lip as she took a small sip. It tasted strangely powdery, the attack of alcohol in her tongue robbing of all ability to taste anything else. She forced a smile as she looked at Himchan. "What's this, Himchan oppa?"

Himchan leaned over and whispered in her ear. " in the cup."

Jooyeon spit out the remaining drink in and wiped her lips furiously, embarrassed. The BAP members were howling in laughter by then, and Yongguk laughed the loudest. "Himchan I have a feeling you're going to enjoy tonight with this one!"

Himchan smirked. He made Jooyeon finish the drink and pulled her on his lap as they sat at a corner, watching the other people there dance. Himchan was so close to her, their bodies almost touching, but they didn't seem to fit. She felt oddly uncomfortable and violated.

She took in a loud gasp of breath when she felt Himchan's lips trailing wet kisses on the nape of her neck as he fastened his arms around her waist. "Himchan oppa, what're you doing?" she half shrieked.

Himchan didn't respond, as his hand began crawling under her tank top. The moment his fingers touched her bare stomach, she jerked away. She pushed Himchan with all the strength she had, making him fall on the ground.

He hissed in pain, growling. Jooyeon took a step back, her eyes blurry from what she didn't know. She stumbled slightly, blinking a few times to get the clarity back.

"What the hell are you doing?" Himchan had crawled up now. Jooyeon let out a squeak of fear. "I'm sorry Himchan oppa, just that you were touching me. I understand your hand must have slipped-"

"Slipped?" Himchan snickered. "My hands don't slip, little one. They wander where they want to. And they want to wander all over you right now."

Jooyeon's eyes widened. She felt dizzy and nauseous. "You don't mean-"

"Yes hon. ." Himchan laughed like it didn't mean anything. "Didn't you expect doing it with me, Hm? Don't be a fuss, it'll be fun!"

He approached her with lustful eyes, grabbing her arm and pulling her to him. "No!" Jooyeon hit his chest weakly, feeling more faint than ever. "I don't want to!"

Himchan smirked at her. "It's not your choice now, hon. You already drank the drug I put in your drink." he snickered. "Didn't you know? Your boyfriend deals with drugs!"

Jooyeon's eyes widened. *SHINee were right.*

She felt all strength seeping away from her and she really couldn't fight him. Was she going to be taken advantaged off this easily?

"Help!" Jooyeon called weakly as Himchan began touching her all over in front of everyone. She looked at the BAP members and they just stood there as of watching some free entertainment.

Her eyes locked with Daehyun's and she pleaded. "Please help me Daehyun. Please!" she croaked.

Daehyun regarded her with those cold eyes of hers emotionlessly. At that moment, she knew both Sunmi and her were terribly wrong.

They shouldn't have liked these two bastards in the first place.

But it was too late.

Himchan already had her on the floor as he began to unbuckle his own belt. Was he going to take her like this? In front of everyone jeering and sneering?

Jooyeon never felt as cheap and humiliated in her life. She closed her eyes, willing for this to be a dream.

When suddenly, a familiar voice rang throughout the premises, even surfacing above the blast of loud music. "YEON!"

Jooyeon opened her eyes weakly as she saw Taemin towering above Himchan and her and she heard a grunt when someone was punched, and a vague sound of bones being crushed.

For a moment, she was left alone and shivering on the cold stone floor, until a pair of warm arms enveloped her. They felt so safe, so right around her, like they took away all the troubles and pain.

"It's alright now, Yeon." was the last thing she heard before the drug knocked her unconscious.

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Chapter 68: Awwwweeee~~~ you don't know how many times I giggled, laughed, and almost cried because of this. Thank you for the very nice ending. Cheers! :)
Chapter 20: This girl is too stubborn....I'm irritated
Chapter 68: Please have a sequel~~~~
[deactivated] #4
omoooo i love it
please come back author-nim! T-T
hayaz3 #6
Chapter 2: Question:

Are they supposed to be in high school or university?
I mean it says that they were in front of SM university and the father said they are in university in the prev chapter, but the setting sounds a lot like a high school...

I know this is a technical question, but i just wanna the correct setting to imgaine the scenes of the story better. Regardless, I think the story is amazing, and this is actually my second time reading it. I love it!
taetae29 #7
Chapter 68: AWEEEEEE my heart ♡ was so sHOOk from reading this, soooo many feels tho, and whenever the topic of taemin and hus ability pops up I think of the old disney channel show,"That's so Raven" anyone else? XD
Chapter 68: awwwww this was such a well-written story, i love it!
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This looks interesting~~