Himchan's birthday party

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"Himchan oppa." Jooyeon called timidly.

Himchan spun round to face her, his expression emotionless. He still hasn't really gotten over the falling-into-the--pool incident, and things were kind of awkward between them. Which wasn't like they were really close to begin with, but you know what I mean.

And it didn't help that one loved the other so much, while the other didn't really care. They didn't have time to spend together in school because of Himchan's insistence, and only caught moments together when Himchan wanted to ditch and Jooyeon would wait for him at the garden like she always did.

Sometimes, Jooyeon would wonder if this was really how it was like to have a boyfriend. Did all girlfriends have to cling onto the sparse and few moments where she met her boyfriend? And to scrutinize his face and hope for a kiss or hug and get nothing in return?

Himchan wasn't even bothering to keep up with the lovey dovey boyfriend act because he was still pissed with Taemin and indirectly blamed Jooyeon for making him fall into the -pool. He eyed Jooyeon coolly, with his usual untucked shirt and cold attitude.

"You're here." he responded.

Jooyeon gulped and looked at him timidly. "You're ditching again?" she questioned. "It's not good oppa, your grades are going to suffer and you're going to..." she trailed off, seeing Himchan with his bored look and annoyed eyes. She kept shut and bit her lip, wondering what she must do to get a more enthusiastic response from him.

All of a sudden, Himchan moved towards her and plucked her phone from her hands. Jooyeon blinked in confusion as he typed at something in her phone and passed it back to her. "My birthday's this Sunday." he told her. "I'm having a party."

Jooyeon's eyes lit up when she saw that he had saved it as a memo on her calendar. "I can go?" she squeaked in surprise.

Himchan nodded as he sized her up and down. A smirk came onto his face as his eyes landed on an inappropriate place between her shoulders and her tummy. "I think it's time to take our relationship to the next level." he said in his husky voice.

*It's getting boring just having kisses and such. Might as well get to the main point and dump her after that.* Himchan thought, smirking.

"Make sure you wear suitable clubbing clothes." Himchan told her strictly. "I'll not have you embarrass me in front of my other friends where I invite some girl who turns up in jeans and a tee." he eyed the clothes she was wearing. "Dress nicely." he commanded.

He gave her one last look before climbing off the tree and ditching school like he always did. Jooyeon let out a sigh and looked at the memo on her phone. Things weren't exactly sweet and fluffy between Himchan and her, and she desperately hoped to change the current situation.

She clutched her phone tightly and bit her lip, determined. *I must impress Himchan oppa this time so that he doesn't regret having me as a girlfriend.*



"You're not going, are you?" Kai slammed his locker shut as he eyed Jooyeon seriously.

Jooyeon turned pink as she faced him. "You're reading my thoughts again!" she blurted. "That's against the rules of privacy!" she made a face at him as she put her books away in her locker.

Kai sighed and crossed his arms, leaning against the rows of lockers. "Seriously noona, clubbing clothes? Do you even know what sort of clothes are considered clubbing clothes?" he asked sarcastically. "Do you know what they do at those sort of parties? Especially BAP?"

Jooyeon frowned. "Of course I know what are clubbing clothes!" she defended. "They're...they're dresses!" she harrumphed.

Kai wanted to bang his head on the lockers right then and there. "Dresses that cover nothing and leave little to imagination." he snapped. He sighed when he saw Jooyeon blinking at him, confused over his attitude. "Noona." he softened. "You have to be sure you know what you're getting yourself into. Is someone else going to go with you to this party?"

Jooyeon cocked her head to the side. "Why would I need anyone else?" she asked. "I already have Himchan oppa and he's my boyfriend." she answered.

*But he's the biggest threat.* Kai thought.

"Don't worry about me, Kai." Jooyeon gave him a big smile. "I'm going to be okay. I admit I'm a little slow in trends and the newest happenings here since I came from the country, but I'm turning into a Seoul girl!" she grinned goofily.

Kai shook his head in amusement. Trust this noona to break into his icy shell just like that.

"I can take care of myself easily." Jooyeon told him with a smile. "And I have to learn to adapt to Himchan oppa and his friends if I want to be with him, right?"

*You don't always have to change for the one you love.* Kai thought. *It's him who has to accept you for who you are.*

Jooyeon kissed her Donghae picture in her locker goodbye and reached out to pat Kai's head, even though he was must taller than her. "Aish dongsaeng, you're behaving too old for your age!" she tutted her lips. "You should see how good Sehun is with aegyo. Boys like your age should be carefree and not worrying about noonas like me, acting like a grandpa."

Kai made a face and pinched her nose. "That's because you don't act like the noona." he chuckled.

Jooyeon wrinkled her nose in protest and she wriggled away. "Don't sweat." she assured. "Everything's going to be fine! Thanks for worrying anyway Kai!" she waved and ran away.

Kai pushed himself off the lockers and watched as she went. *You don't act like the noona because you thing everything's so simple. I don't act like the dongsaeng because I don't want to be one in your eyes, don't you understand, noona?*



"You've got to help me!!!" Jooyeon whined as she tugged on Sunmi's sleeve.

Jooyeon had gone for Sunmi's help immediately after Himchan asked her to go to his birthday party, since she was a complete fail at choosing clothes and needed some professional help. To be honest, Sehun helped her with her clothes most of the time when he picked out suitable styles for her from the magazine and she would just buy the exact outfit.

However she didn't want to trouble Sehun this time because she wasn't exactly sure how he'd take it if she said she wanted to get "clubbing" clothes. It didn't sound good or decent, and even though Sehun was the Aegyo king on the outside, he can be quite protective of his noona. She shuddered at the thought of how Sehun would react if he knew about what she had to wear.

"I have no idea what sort of clothes to wear!" Jooyeon pouted. "I've got to impress Himchan oppa again. He's been rather cold since the -pool incident."

Sunmi bit back a giggle when she remembered how Himchan looked like when he emerged from the pool. Gruesome and completely ridiculous, was what.

She smothered her laugh in fear of offending Jooyeon and she tried to focus on the matter at hand instead. "Ooohhh I've heard of these parties BAP have." Sunmi muttered. "Apparently not everyone can go, because only the toughest guys and girls can turn up, and they're usually extremely pretty or badass."

Jooyeon slumped on her chair. "How am I suppose to outshine them and impress Himchan oppa, then?" she sulked.

Sunmi smiled brightly as she yanked Jooyeon out of her chair by her arm. "You're going to impress Himchan." she declared. "And you're going to make friends with Daehyun oppa as well so you can matchmake the both of us." she grinned.

Jooyeon rolled her eyes, laughing.

"And you're going to be the iest little thing alive on that night," Sunmi continued. "Because Kim Sunmi is going to help you! Oh Jooyeon, prepare yourself for the ultimate y concept you never thought you'd get yourself in!"

Jooyeon smiled. She hoped this would turn out well.

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