Bullying Boyfriend

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

The school was alive with a different restless atmosphere the following week.

Some students were chattering lively, while others were groaning deeply and burying their faces in their hands as they grumbled.

The University was holding its annual Community Involvement Program that involved having students go out to different areas in the country to give back to the society.

Each student would be assigned different destinations for their work. This would range from helping out at the hospital, the elderly home, the orphanage, or even picking up rubbish at the beaches.

And naturally, groans came when the results of their activity postings were released.

"What!!! Why am I separated from you Yeobo!!!" Jonghyun whined as he held fast onto Key's sleeve tightly.

The SHINee members were separated into several activities and the fangirls in the class were trying desperately to peek at their slips of results in hope that their activity was the same as their favorite oppas.

"Where did you get, Jonghyun hyung?" Minho asked.

Jonghyun sulked and crushed his slip of paper. "The incinerator." he muttered in a low voice.

The SHINee boys burst out into laughter and the dino reddened, sorry for his own plight. "Awww come on," Key patted Jonghyun's head. "It's not that bad. You'll get to...uh appreciate how nice smelling your home is compared to the incinerator."

Jonghyun gave his Yeobo a glare and muttered under his breath. Key and Minho found that they were going to the same destination, which was picking rubbish at the beach.

"That's not fair!" Jonghyun whined. "At least you get to admire the sea!"

Watching Key and Minho high five as they stuck their tongues out at Jonghyun, Jooyeon bit his lip as she leaned over to Taemin. "Where did you get, Taemin?"

Taemin sent her a cute smile. "Same as you, Yeon. The farm."

Jooyeon raised her brows at his unopened envelope. "But you haven't even looked-" she shook her head. "Okay. Your powers." she made a face that didn't show that she completely believed him, but not entirely disbelieving as well.

It turned out that Onew, Sunmi, Sehun and Baekhyun were on the same trip as Jooyeon and Taemin as well. Jonghyun was the only loner who went to the incinerator, and worst still, he was stuck with his craziest fangirl ever.

"Oh my god!" Sunmi squealed as they boarded the bus. "Daehyun oppa and Himchan oppa are going to the farm too!"

Jooyeon perked up as she straightened. True to Sunmi's words, she saw Daehyun and Himchan boarding the same bus as them with scowls on their faces. Apparently their attempt at escaping this was futile.

Jooyeon bounced up and down in her seat, beaming. "This must be fate!" she squeaked. "Himchan oppa and I posted to the same activity."

Taemin made a face but didn't say anything. *You and me, now that's fate.* he thought jealously.



"What the hell is this ?" Himchan pinched his nose as a barrowful of brown paste was wheeled into the premises.

The farmer in charge explained to them that it was actually fertilizer for the plants. Some students were required to help pull out weeds while others had to spread the fertilizers. The farmers had actually prepared real boots and overalls for the students, so when they all went to get changed, they looked like a bunch of real farmers, ready to work hard in the fields.

"Omomomo~" Sunmi whispered to Jooyeon. "Daehyun oppa looks so cute in overalls!"

Jooyeon snuck a look at her beloved boyfriend and nearly fainted at the sight of him running his fingers through his hair agitatedly. Why must he be so good looking?

Jooyeon quickly diverted her attention back to the matters at hand as they were given instructions on how to get the job done. Jooyeon put on her gloves and carefully scrutinized the wheats to look for undesirable weeds to be pulled out. "Aha!" Jooyeon brightened when she found a patch and worked to get rid of them enthusiastically.

Taemin smiled at her attempts and followed by her side, clearing the row next to hers. He picked out a basketful of weeds and peered over to Jooyeon, whose basket was still half full. He quietly took out some of his and put it in her basket and pretended to continue working.

Soon, Jooyeon finished her row of wheats and ducked down to look at how much weeds she cleared. She smiled in triumph when she got a full basket and Taemin had less than half. "Woohoo I'm such a great farmer!" she pumped her fist in the air.

Taemin chuckled, amused as he patted her head. *You get satisfied at the smallest things, Yeon.*

They were suddenly interrupted from their moment when they heard a loud anguish roar from the other end of the field. "AISH!" Himchan growled fiercely.

Jooyeon perked up at his voice and darted over to see what was going on. "This is ." Himchan retorted as he kicked at the brown fertilizer soil. "Why should we do this ? Do I ing look like a farmer to you?" he grumbled.

Daehyun blew on his bangs boredly as he sat down at the side. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and gazed at the loads of undone work without flinching.

A teacher passed by the two of them and gave them the look. "However you're going to manage it, I don't care." she told them. "But I want your work done at the end of the day and that's final."

Himchan kicked at the ground. "AISH!"

Jooyeon bit her lip and shuffled over timidly. "Himchan oppa?" she squeaked. Himchan spun around to glare at her, his gaze hard. "What?" he snapped.

"Uhm." Jooyeon gulped. "If you don't mind, I can help you with this." she offered. "I mean, I'm finished with my work already. Maybe you need help in thi-"

"Sure." Himchan suddenly brightened. He went over to her and smirked. "You sure you want to do this?" he questioned.

"Yeah!" Jooyeon nodded enthusiastically. The thought of helping Himchan overwhelmed her. That she was of some use to him. That she was being a great girlfriend that fufilled her girlfriend duties.

But she didn't know that being a girlfriend wasn't about doing chores for your boyfriend. It was loving him and accepting him, changing him for the better and working hard together.

And Himchan didn't try to change her thinking as well. He patted her shoulder and sauntered off. "Great." he grinned. "Thanks hon. I'll be waiting for you in the shade."

With that, he strode off, free of his duties and satisfied. It seems having such a girlfriend that was a goody two shoes had more benefits than possible.

Sunmi caught the chance and bounced over to Daehyun. "I can help you with your job too, Daehyun oppa!" she offered.

Daehyun gave her a single look, and walked away, following Himchan. Sunmi took it as he accepted her aid and cheerfully began spreading the fertilizers in at the roots of the plants. The two girls worked hard for their loved ones, but the other guys were shaking their heads in disapproval.

"What kind of man makes his girl do chores for him?" Baekhyun muttered as he eyed Himchan who grabbed a can of coke and enjoying his afternoon in the shade while Jooyeon worked in the fields.

Onew, who had successfully stopped himself from tripping into any of the pools for the horses, clung desperately on one of the pillars and nodded. "Yeah. It's ridiculous."

Sehun saw Sunmi perspiring and he immediately went over with towels and drinks, offering his help in the work. Taemin too went over to offer his strength, but his face wasn't looking well. Jooyeon's face was red in the sweltering heat, and perspiration ran down her face, but she didn't seem to mind.

They had been working for more than an hour in the hot sun and Taemin was beginning to worry about her. When he asked her to stop and wanted to take over Himchan's work for her, she wouldn't budge and stubbornly insisted to continue with it.

But Taemin could see that she was on the verge of fainting any time soon as her steps became weaker and more unsteady. It wasn't until Jooyeon's knees finally gave way and she had to sit down that Taemin finally burst.

He threw his shovel on the ground and eyed the shelter, looking for that one person who had caused his soulmate such misery. His eyes narrowed at Himchan and he let out a growl.

He was so going to pay for this.



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