Figuring out

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"SUNMI NOONA!!!!" Sehun ran out of the house and welcomed Sunmi cheerfully, as if she was some sort of princess or president visiting another country.

Jooyeon rolled her eyes as her brother came hurling out of the house like a ball of black and golden, welcoming her friend whole heartedly while she was being absolutely ignored. She pursed her lips, slightly annoyed, when she noticed someone else looking at her from the doorway.

Her eyes widened and her lips broke into a pleasant smile. Kai gave a small miniscular smile back at her. The type of smile that would never have appeared in school even if someone said some sort of incredible joke. The type of smile that only appeared when Jooyeon was around.

*At least Kai is here.* Jooyeon pouted as she shot a look at Sehun who started fawning over her friend. *The Aegyo King effectively stole my friend away from me. Should've known.*

Jooyeon had brought Sunmi home to talk about Himchan and her relationships so she could get some clarity in her head. Even though her parents had already advised her one things, and Himchan had actually told her on the phone that he loved her, she still have doubts about this.

She needed someone else to give her assurance.

And that person was supposed to be Sunmi, until Sehun was unfortunately at home and now he stole her only confider away from her.

Kai chuckled slightly as he read her mind. *Stole?* he glanced at Sehun who refused to let Sunmi out of his sight, and his cuteness was at it's full blast.

To be completely honest, he missed her. He wanted to see her and he knew Sehun liked Sunmi. He knew Sunmi was going to the Oh family house. What did he not know, rather. He could read minds for goodness sake.

And so he convinced Sehun to let him come to the house. He told Sehun that he overheard Jooyeon and Sunmi making plans for Sunmi to go over, and Sehun immediately agreed for Kai to come over so that Kai could distract Jooyeon while Sehun could have Sunmi all to himself.

Kai chuckled as Sehun ushered Sunmi into the house. *Sorry to steal your friend away from you, Jooyeon noona.* he thought. *But I just wanted some time with you.*

"Sunmi noona do you want chips? Or latte?" Sehun asked cutely, trying to be the best host ever. "What about the air-conditioning? Is it too cold?"

Sunmi giggled and patted Sehun's head. "Aww Sehunnie~ You're so cute." she looked over at Jooyeon. "You have such a cute brother! If only I have a brother like this too!"

Sehun's face fell and he wrinkled his nose. *Brother.*

Kai caught the hint and pulled Jooyeon away subtly. "Hey noona. I brought Harry Potter movies. Want to watch them with me?" Jooyeon's eyes brightened significantly, but she looked over to Sehun and Sunmi hesitatingly. "What about-"

"No, count us out." Sehun immediately dismissed. "Harry Potter is old school already noona! It's now the Hunger Games Era!" he retorted as he got out his Hunger Game disk.

Sunmi bit her lip as she turned to Jooyeon, grinning sheepishly. "Mianhae Jooyeon. But I've watched Harry Potter tons of times. But the Hunger Games..." she looked at the cover longingly.

Sehun grinned in triumph and looped his arm around Sunmi's shoulder and pulled her away. "Sorry noona, I'll take your friend away." he beamed. He looked at Kai. "You can have my friend then."

Jooyeon opened to curse at her brother when Kai just took her wrist and led her up the stairs. He went into the room that he presumed was his and closed the door behind them. "Just let them have their time together." he suggested.

Jooyeon pouted and nodded. "Well it takes a little getting used to, seeing my little brother use his charms on a girl like that." she rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly.

Kai just chuckled in that deep voice of his and he looked around her room. Her room was just like her, bright and sunny. Painted yellow and orange, there were many other colours that dotted around her room in decorations and other ornaments. Though she was a girl, she was rather messy-... okay, not THAT neat.

Kai thought about Taemin's room and he realized the colours in them were similar to Jooyeon's. Colourful. Every single colour in the spectrum. Nothing less.

While his own room was duller, black and white, with dots of grey and dark blue. Just like his character, cool and serene.

Jooyeon noticed him looking around in her room and she reddened, embarrassed. She kicked a couple of clothes under her bed and made a face at him. "What? Going to criticise your noona's tidiness now?" she harrumphed cockily, but inside she was dying of embarrassment.

Kai laughed when he read her thoughts. *Seriously? At least she knows it looks like a barn.* he smiled softly. He shrugged at her as she cleared a space for him to sit on the bed. "I didn't say anything." he defended.

Jooyeon pouted at him. "But I know you're thinking it." she said pointedly.

*You know nothing about what I'm thinking about, noona.* he wanted to say. He looked around her room and noticed a picture of Himchan by her bed. Jooyeon caught him looking and played with her fingers behind her back as she approached him slowly.

"Kai..." she murmured. "Can I ask you a question?"

Kai whipped his head to face her. He rose his brows. *Why does she want to ask that?*

"Uhm you see..." she pinked. She went over and got Himchan's photo and hugged it. "Someone said Himchan oppa and I..." she bit her lip. "Said that we weren't meant to be together."

Kai blinked.

"Do you think..." she started. She didn't know how to ask something like this when Kai was looking at her so intently. Sehun didn't even pay attention to her when she talked sometimes.

"Do you think," she tried again. "Do you think that it's hard for me and Himchan oppa to work out?"

A flash of uncertainty passed Kai's eyes. *What am I supposed to say noona? The truth and see you sad, or lies to see you smile for a bit?*

Jooyeon wrinkled her nose and laid on the bed. "I know it's stupid." she sighed. "But I'm kinda affected by this right now." she confessed. "I don't know why but that person who told me that Himchan oppa and I weren't meant to be together...I can't help but think that maybe there's some truth in what he says. And I'm scared."

Kai looked at her softly.

"This is my first relationship." Jooyeon whispered. "I don't want anything to go wrong. IF possible, I even want to marry Himchan oppa because I'm afraid of breakups. I'm afraid to being hurt and feeling pain. And I'm scared that what that person says is true."

Kai let out a sigh and moved closer. "Noona." he said in a deep voice. "Sometimes, sometimes it's impossible to know for sure if this is a right thing or not. You just have to wait and see." he advised, since it was the most neutral answer he could conjure out.

He took Himchan's photo from her grasp. "And sometimes noona, you're just in love with the love you have for your first boyfriend. For your first love." he murmured. "But that isn't the love you're feeling for the actual Kim Himchan."

He looked at her. "Only you can determine if you two are meant to be."

Jooyeon nodded after a few moments. She smiled at him and ruffled his hair. "Awwie thanks Kai. You're so much better than Sehun at talking." she grumbled. She turned to him. "Where're the Harry Potter disks?"

Kai gave a small smile and dug his bag for the disks. He sighed softly as he watched her put it into the dish reader.

*Only you can determine that, noona.* Kai thought. *Because no one can force you to truly break up with Himchan besides yourself. I don't want you two together, but I can only wait till you find that out by yourself.*



Okay, I'm almost about to hide in a hole right now.

EVERYONE misunderstood the meaning of my sentence Jooyeon might not necessarily fall for Taemin after she breaks up with Himchan.

Well perhaps I should have put 'only' into the sentence? Jooyeon might not necessarily fall for Taemin ONLY after she breaks up with Himchan.

I thought I was rather obvious that she and Tae would end up together so I didn't really check my phrasing, I apologize for the confusion. Mianhae.

The thing I was trying to express is (mind you I'm reading this particular sentence over at least ten times to avoid the same mistake): Jooyeon might not need to START feeling for Taemin only AFTER she and Himchan break up. That might happen BEFORE.

I hope that's clear enough. If you have any questions please pm me.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, if you could see me now my cheeks are bright red, no kidding. *finds a hole and hide*

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