Ignoring you

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate


Mr and Mrs Oh jumped in surprise when Jooyeon came into the house with a scowl on her face. It was unusual that their cheery daughter was moody and sulky like this.

Sehun looked at his sister from his video game and frowned.

Jooyeon muttered something under her breath and smiled half heartedly at her parents. "I'm home." she announced weakly.

Mr and Mrs Oh looked at each other in surprise. This was a stark contrast compared to the Jooyeon who would yell that she was home, so loud that the whole neighborhood would know.

"Is something wrong, Jooyeon?" Mrs Oh asked kindly, placing a hand on Jooyeon's shoulder.

Jooyeon nodded as she plopped herself down beside Sehun and snatched his bag of chips, stuffing a fistful into angrily. "Yes. Yes something is wrong."

Sehun leaned on one of his elbows and raised his brows. "So will you please enlighten us on what that problem is and not keep us in suspense?" he asked, grinning cutely.

Jooyeon made a face at Sehun. "Baekhyun's sarcasm is rubbing off you." she  muttered.

She stood up and faced her parents. "Appa, Umma. Sehun. I want your honest opinion on this." she muttered. "Do you think Himchan oppa and I will work out?"

Mr Oh blinked. He so didn't expect that. "Excuse me?"

Jooyeon let out a frustrated sigh. "I mean," she grumbled. "Do you think we can last? Like we are meant to be? Or do you think we look like two people from different worlds being clashed together?"

"Aww Jooyeon is this what you're worried about?" Mrs Oh cooed. Jooyeon nodded. "Someone said Himchan oppa and I won't turn out well." she pouted.

"Whoever that is, he sure is wise." Sehun praised. "I have the exact same sentiments."

"YAH!" Jooyeon threw a pillow at her brother. "I don't need Taemin having another supporter on this."

Sehun raised his brows but kept mum. *Taemin hyung? So Taemin hyung was the one who made Noona so mad? Wow.*

Jooyeon looked over at her father and asked eagerly. "Appa, do you think Himchan oppa and I look good together?"

Mr Oh shifted uncomfortably. "I don't deny that the Himchan lad is good looking, but with his rebellious hair and those neon painted clothes, he doesn't look like he suits you, honestly."

Seeing how Jooyeon's face fell, he hurriedly added. "But to me all guys aren't good enough for you. No father would."

Jooyeon's face relaxed slightly. Mrs Oh patted Jooyeon's shoulder and smiled lightly. "It doesn't matter what anyone else says, Jooyeon. If you think you and Himchan can last, then try to make it happen." she advised. "If it's the right choice, you'll look back and smile. If its the wrong one, you'll learn from your mistakes."

"Himchan oppa can never be a mistake." Jooyeon insisted.

"That's what you think." Sehun mumbled. He secretly thought Taemin and Jooyeon looked much better together, and it made him happy that Taemin wasn't supporting the Himchan-Jooyeon couple either. Perhaps the hyung was jealous buthe couldn't know for sure.

All he knew was judging from Jooyeon's furious face, Taemin was likely to be in a hell lot of trouble with his noona.



"Don't believe what other people say, just trust in me."

The BAP guys snickered and Himchan's face was red as he tried to hold back his laughter.

"I didn't want to tell you over the phone, but I want you to know it right now." Himchan continued. "I love you, Jooyeon. Don't let anyone else convince you otherwise."

Zelo burst into laughter and smothered his guffaws in his shirt. Bang Yongguk smacked his own thigh hard that it created bruises but he didn't notice.

"Hmm. Goodnight." Himchan got off the call and looked at the BAP members. At once, all of them burst into the laughter that they tried so hard to keep in.


"Oh my gosh I didn't know you could be that mushy, hyung!" Youngjae snickered.

Himchan rolled his eyes. "If you want several girlfriends at a time, a sweet tongue is what you must have." he smirked. "It's really freaking easy to get that Jooyeon girl to believe me."

"She'd be so sad when she finds out that all you want from her is her body." Jongup pretended to sniffle pathetically.

Daehyun smirked behind his mask and shook his head in amusement. Himchan laughed and nodded. "Well, after that powerful three words, she'll be fully mine in no time." he said confidently. "Just need to find the right opportunity."

"But for now..." he trailed off as he saluted to the rest of the BAP members and he walked off to the nearest hot chick and charmed her in no time.

Yongguk smirked. "Stupid manwhore."



*She's coming!* Taemin panicked. *Okay just put on your cute smile, Taemin. Girls fall for this smile all the time. Just smile at her cutely and start a casual conversation.*

The Shinee boys looked at their maknae as he muttered to himself.

*But Eotteohke?* Taemin pulled a his hair. *I don't know what to say! She's angry with me! I hardly know what to do with screaming fangirls, much less angry girls!*

He gulped as the time for Jooyeon to get into class drew closer.

*Okay just take deep breaths.* Taemin told himself. *Its going to be alright.*

He stiffened when Jooyeon came walking into the class. *Just smile and wave.*

Jooyeon plopped down on the seat beside him and Taemin leaned over. "Good morning Yeon!" he chirped. "How was your day?"

Jooyeon ignored him pointedly and turned behind to the other Shinee members. "Good morning Onew, Jonghyun, Key and Minho."

The Shinee members blinked hesitantly. "G-good morning?" the Dino Jjong gulped as his gaze darted at Taemin.

"Have you done the math homework?" Key asked, trying to create conversation.

Jooyeon made a face. "It was really difficult. I could hardly follow binomial distribution and poisson distribution, and now normal!" she gasped. "It's horrifying."

Taemin shuffled closer to her. "I can help you with math, Yeon."

Jooyeon ignored him and propped her face up with her elbows. Minho looked at Onew and elbowed the Dubu leader hard in the ribs.

"Owwiee!" Onew jumped. He looked at Jooyeon awkwardly and rubbed the back of his neck. "Err I can't help since I'm worse than you at math, but you can ask Taemin for help. He's good at numbers."

Taemin nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah Yeon!" he grinned. "I can help you!" he tried reaching for her math textbook. "Which sums did you not know?"

Jooyeon pulled the textbook away and faced the front of close. "Lee Taemin sshi. Please don't touch my belongings so casually." she snapped.

Taemin blinked, surprised. His heart constricted, knowing that this time she was really mad at him.

Because she firmly believed that all he did that day was just tricks to make her believe him that Himchan and her weren't meant to be, and it disgusted her that he would result to such ridiculous means.

Except it wasn't a trick. It was real.

*Yeon, what am I going to do with your stubborn head?* Taemin pouted as he gazed at her.




Uhm I just want to talk about how you guys are infuriatingly furious with Jooyeon for being such a stubborn block of wood. Well the thing is, I am too.

But you see the point of this story is how even the guy who can read the future isn't able to do things as he wishes as well. Like making Jooyeon fall for him.

It will come in good time but at this moment, he is unable to attain that.

Besides, you can't really expect Jooyeon to believe Taemin 100% when he tells her he can read the future etc. She has high hopes for her first love, as anyone of you will for yours.

I won't change my plot if you're wondering, but Jooyeon doesn't necessarily have to fall for Taemin after she and Himchan breaks up.

So yeah.


On another lighter note, I've responded to your questions on my blog. There are two posts so go check it out if you've asked me anything. (:

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Hey peeps I'm sorry for the false update because I had to retract the chap with techno flaws. Unfortunately I can't edit it till Saturday because of sch, mian

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