Seeing into the future?

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"Taemin?" Jooyeon's eyes widened in surprise.

Taemin looked at Jooyeon and opened his mouth to speak immediately. "You're going to have a surprise math test in third period today, you're going to forget to write the date, you're going to trip over your shoelaces while walking out of Chemistry lecture today, and when you reach home at night, your mom's going to cook seaweed soup and sweet soured pork-"

"STOP!!!" Jooyeon raised her hand to his face. She frowned and peered at him curiously. "What are you talking about Taemin?" she blurted.

Taemin took a large breath of air and looked at her. "What I'm trying to say is..." he bit his lip solemnly. Jooyeon wondered what he was trying to tell her. Taemin never looked so serious as this.

"I can read the future."

Jooyeon blinked. Blink. Blink. Blink.

Cricket. Cricket. Cricket.

Taemin swallowed and looked at her curiously. "Yeon?" he waved his hand in front of her face. "Why aren't you responding? Yeo-"

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Jooyeon suddenly burst out into laughter as she clutched her tummy. "Oh my Taemin! THat's the funniest thing I've ever heard! And you even seem so convinced about it! You're a really good actor Taemin! You should try drama next time!" she giggled heartily.

Taemin frowned and pouted. "Yeon, I'm not kidding. I really can read the future."

"Yes and I can fly~" Jooyeon retorted. She looked pointedly at him. "Seriously Taemin, why are you here so early in the morning?" she questioned. Taemin sighed and ran his fingers through his hair and made his hair looked like some messy bedhair that still looked cute and mildly y on him.

"Yeon, I'm serious." Taemin frowned at her. "I'm going to prove to you today that I can read the future." Jooyeon crossed her arms and looked at him. "Not." she made a face. "What do you take me as, Taemin? Five?" she retorted. "That sounds awfully ridiculous and you know-"

Taemin suddenly yanked her towards him as the front door of her house flung opened and Sehun burst out, with his hair in a mess and looking like he just woke up. "Noona! Why didn't you wake me!" he whined. He saw Taemin and his eyes widened. "Oh Taemin hyung."

Jooyeon blinked on the stop and stared at where she was standing. Seeing how violent Sehun had flung open the door, and how she had just been standing in front of it just seconds ago... She would have been in a coma by now if the door hit her head. How did Taemin know...?

"Hey Sehun." Taemin offered a smile. Jooyeon looked at the two men confusedly, wondering how they met. She didn't know Kai, who was in Exo-K was actually Taemin's brother. But that was another matter for now.

"Woah is that your car, Taemin hyung?" Sehun gaped at the Audi R8. "T-this... this is pure awesome!" he gasped dramatically.

Taemin chuckled and opened the door. "Send you both to school?" he offered. He took Jooyeon's bag naturally and led her to the front seat while Sehun sat at the back. Sehun watched the two sitting in front and felt like the kid while Taemin and Jooyeon were the parents. For once, he didn't mind feeling younger than everyone because the couply feeling that Taemin and Jooyeon gave off made him smile.

*If only noona chooses Taemin hyung instead of Himchan Sunbae.* he thought wistfully. *For one, he's much nicer and is ALMOST as cute as me.* he looked around the car. *And for another, he has this awesome car!* he grinned as he admired the leather seats.

Taemin looked over at Jooyeon. "Don't forget to buckle your seatbelt, Yeon." Taemin reminded. "You always forget." Jooyeon made a face as she fastened the belt. "I don't!"

"She does." Sehun retorted. He looked at Taemin in awe. "How did you know that, Hyung?"

He just smiled mysteriously and sent Jooyeon a wink. Jooyeon shuddered and looked away from him, out of the window at the passing sights and hoping to clear her thoughts. *It's impossible. Reading the future? Does he think he's some sort of fortune teller or something? Pssshhh.*



"Onew Hyung is going to get called by Mr Jung and he's going to admit he didn't do his homework." Taemin whispered.

Jooyeon made an annoyed face at him, but she curiously watched as Mr Jung paced around in front of the class and eying them like a predator eying his prey. He narrowed his eyes at every one of the students and they all gulped as the atmosphere turned highly threatening. "Hmmm...who should I call today?" he smirked evilly.

Jooyeon involuntarily felt a shiver down her spine as she wondered if she would get called. Mr Jung was pure evil, the most sadistic person she ever met. Mr Jung's eyes landed on one of the girls sitting in front of the class, called Sohee.

She saw Sohee let out a squeak of fear as Mr Jung slowly advanced towards her. Jooyeon bit her lip in suspense. It certainly looked like Mr Jung isn't going to call on Onew today. She glanced at Taemin who didn't look flustered at all.

"Just watch, Yeon." Taemin whispered.

Jooyeon wrinkled her nose and turned to face the front when suddenly Mr Jung whipped his face towards their direction and pointed his marker at Onew. "You! Lee Jinki!" he barked. "Answer the question!"

Jooyeon's eyes widened in surprise and she turned her head to look at Taemin in surprise. Taemin grinned smugly and leaned towards her. "Ridiculous, you said?" he teased.

Jooyeon pinked and she pushed his head away. "This is just a coincidence." she insisted as Onew was being scolded dreadfully in the background because he really didn't do his homework. She her lips nervously. *This can't be true.*



And true to Taemin's words, there was a surprise math test in third period. She did forget to write the date on the test even though she tried so hard to remember. She tripped over her shoelaces when she went out of Chemistry lecture even though she watched her steps to make sure she didn't fall so that she didn't get to give Taemin the sense of pride he was looking for.

It was getting weirder and weirder. There were too many coincidences, there were too many for them to be purely coincidental. Jooyeon was starting to believe what Taemin had claimed.

Read the future. Was that even possible?

But it did seem completely possible when it came to Lee Taemin.

"Wait!" Taemin held Jooyeon back as they were about to enter a CD store to get songs for their latest project in school. Jooyeon blinked at him. "Eh? Why?" she asked confusedly.

"Just wait." Taemin told her insistently. They stood outside the CD store like a bunch of idiots while more customers walked in and out of the store, staring at this couple that was standing there awkwardly and looking in as if they didn't have money to get anything inside.

"Taemin ah, why aren't we going in..." before she could finish her question, Taemin pulled her hand and yanked her into the store before an Ahjumma in red entered the store with her kids. Taemin seemed to know exactly when they should enter, but it seemed strange to Jooyeon. Why should they only enter before the Ahjumma in red?

Then all made sense.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" Employees from the CD store suddenly appeared out of nowhere and popped confetti. "You're our 100,000th customer since we opened this store and you win a hundred thousand won worth of vouchers!"

Jooyeon gasped in surprise and she turned to look at Taemin in shock. "You knew?"

The Ahjumma in red that was just behind them sighed regretfully. "Aww! I just missed it!" she laughed heartily as she congratulated Jooyeon and Taemin. They received the hundred thousand won vouchers and spent it on the disks they need, with enough to spare for a Super Junior Mr Simple disk that Jooyeon wanted.

They stepped out of the store and Jooyeon immediately turned to face Taemin. "You can read the future." she gulped.

Taemin chuckled and tapped her nose playfully. "You believe me now, Yeon?" he grinned. "Oh!" he pointed. "That girl's going to rip her skirt when she comes out of the car."

The girl in question came out of her red sports car and slammed the door shut, slamming it and strutting away in a cocky manner, only to have her skirt ripped when it was caught in the door. Jooyeon paled and looked at Taemin. "Okay. I believe you now." she murmured in disbelief.

Taemin laughed and led her away so that they could talk while they walked. "Why? How...? When...?" Jooyeon began asking.

Taemin pinched her cheek. "Long story short, I'm from the Special Lee Blood line. Every one in my family had powers." he added. "I can read the future and my brother can read minds."

Jooyeon gaped at him, like she was listening ot some sort of story.

"But that's not the point." Taemin turned to look at her. He sighed and searched her eyes. "The point is, I know what our future is going to be like." he muttered. "The reason why I told you you're my soulmate from the first time we met is because that's what I saw from the future. You belong with me."

Jooyeon pinked despite herself. Was this some sort of confession in an...odd manner?

"But I already have-" she started.

"Himchan isn't meant for you." Taemin cut in. He frowned. "I originally didn't want to tell you this because I was afraid that you'll be hurt, but you and him really aren't meant to be together. I don't know what he'll do to you yet, but he just isn't alright? So, Yeon will you just break up with-"


Taemin's eyes widened. Jooyeon was glaring at him furiously as she crossed her arms. "NO." she repeated, this time louder. "I won't break up with Himchan and I don't believe this future nonsense anymore." she grumbled. "You must have planned all this to trick me into believing you!"

"But Yeon, you already saw all those things that happened AFTER I predicted them." Taemin protested.

Jooyeon looked away. "It's a trick." she insisted. "That's the only sane explanation." she grumbled. "And I will NEVER believe you again, Lee Taemin. You're a liar through and through."

She shoved the Super Junior Mr Simple CD in Taemin's hands and spun off on her heel, stalking away.

Taemin looked at her desperately. *Why won't you believe me, Yeon? You're really going to get hurt if you don't break up with him. I don't know what he'll do to you yet, but I saw your tears. I don't want to see that happen in real life.*

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