Identity of her crush

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"Wow." Both Jooyeon and Sehun echoed at the same time. They stood in front of the SM university, completely blown over by the largeness of the whole place.

They were originally in a not commonly known university in Daegu which wasn't anything near prestigious. But SM Uni was a different thing altogether.

Just looking at the Lamborghini's and Audi R8's rolling into the school entrance, they knew the students here were completely different.

"Okay... So it's big." Jooyeon muttered to herself. "So there are like thrice as many people there are here compared to your previous school. Oh Jooyeon you're going to go in there...go...go in there and...and..." she stuttered.

"Fall flat on the ground." Sehun offered helpfully.

"Yes. Fall flat on the...what?" Jooyeon spun to look at her brother with a nasty look. "You're mean."

Sehun grinned. "Thank you." he bowed. He waved and ruffled his sister's hair.

"Good luck at school noona." he winked. "You may not believe it but your adorable brother will be rooting for you all the way!" he made a fighting sign and disappeared into the crowd.

Mihye smiled to herself. *I must admit the title Aegyo king suits him completely. Thank you Aegyo king.*

With a deep breath, she held onto her bag an hurried into school. Some heads turned when she went in, some because she was a new face they hadn't seen before. Some because this new face was a cute face alright.

Jooyeon felt highly conscious and shuffled uneasily to the general office to get her locker number and time table. She was studying the arts and hoped that there wouldn't be any mean people in her class.

With the slip of lock combination in her hand, she went around darting like a busy bee to the locker area.

"57.. 57.." she chanted as she looked around. She brightened when she spotted the locker she was looking for.

Whispers rang out in the hall when she opened the locker, and she felt uneasy as everyone watched her open the locker.

"She's so lucky! I wanted 57 for a long time now but I couldn't get it!" people whispered. "She's so lucky to have both Lee brothers' lockers on either of her side!"

Jooyeon scratched her head confusedly and put her few belonging into the locker. Dedicatedly, she pasted a tiny tiny picture of donghae at a corner so that she was the only one who could see it.

Another tall guy came into the area and immediately all whisperings stopped. He went to the locker beside hers, 56 and opened it, putting some things and retrieving some.

Jooyeon didn't take notice of him, and continued conversing with her Donghae oppa picture in her mind. When she was finally done, she got the books she needed for the first period and closed the locker, the same time as the guy beside her did.

They were startled when they turned to each other when they wanted to walk in opposite ways. Jooyeon let out a yelp and stumbled backwards, not having stood so close to a guy besides her own brother before.

She dropped her books and turned red, scrambling to pick them up and cursing herself for embarrassing herself on the first day of school.

The guy bent down and helped her with the books, to her surprise. None of them ever did.

He stared at her, surprised to see an unfamiliar face. This unfamiliar face that he was sure he wouldn't forget ever. *No time no time~* he read her hurried thoughts and she suddenly tore her gaze from his, not knowing how it affected him so.

She looked at him with a bright smile. "Thank you!" she chirped, and ran off to her first class.

The guy continued gaping at her even though she was long gone. *That's the prettiest smile I've ever seen.* he gulped.

He collected himself and stood up, blushing lightly. "Aish Kai. You're getting ahead of yourself. You don't even know her name." he muttered.

He looked at where Jooyeon went and smiled. "But I'll soon find out." he promised himself.



Jooyeon went to class and had herself allotted to a desk where her desk partner was absent for the day. She wondered vaguely why the girls in the class groaned when she was assigned that seat but shrugged.

She noted that there were four rather good looking... Scratch that. Awesomely handsome guys in her class that sat near her.

One of them looked ridiculously tall but still awfully charming. He looked like he did sports really well. Another looked like he spent at least two hours in front of the mirror each day as he checked his reflection in his phone every now and then. But diva he was, he was most definitely good looking.

Another guy was secretly eating chicken under his table and looked like he was enjoying some delicacy, making Jooyeon wonder if his chicken was any different from the ones she had. The last one resembled a dinosaur. A very hot dinosaur. He didn't look interested in the class and just played tetris on his phone.

They were cute, but thy weren't get type. Her type was guys like Donghae. Cute. Cute. And cute.

Throw in an additional trait of dance skills and she'd be on the way of falling in love.

She thought about the guy she saw the previous night, her first ever crush. He was a pretty boy, and one I the handsomest she had ever seen. She was just daydreaming about him when he walked past her class.

Jooyeon jerked in surprise and her gaze followed him as he went, her eyes increasing in size win every passing second.

*Mr Hottie is in this school too!* she nearly squealed in excitement.

The lesson ended too soon when se was too busy thinking about her crush and the teacher went off. The girls in the class immediately flocked around the four pretty boys and they seemed irritated with the excessive attention.

Jooyeon ignored them and walked off, bumping into one of the girls. "Oh sorry." Jooyeon bowed. The girl smiled and shook her head. "It's okay."

She looked over to the group of girls that were still flocking around the pretty boys. In fact, the numbers were increasing.

"Aren't you going to join them?" she joked. Jooyeon shook her head. "Nah. I've had my sights set on another one. You know that guy that walked past the class minutes before?"

The girl looked surprised and squealed. "You mean Himchan? Kim Himchan?"

"Kim Himchan?" his name sounded really nice rolling off her tongue. Jooyeon decided that she liked it.

"Yeah! He's friends with Daehyun oppa!" The girl spazzed. "They're a group of six guys and they call themselves BAP and ..."

Jooyeon looked completely confused and the girl laughed. "Why not I explain things here to you slowly. Hi I'm Kim Sunmi!"

"Oh Jooyeon" Jooyeon smiled. She was glad to have found  a friend first thing she came.

Sunmi explained to Jooyeon that there were two Jjang groups in SM university. The senior group, which was in the same year as them, we're five guys called Shinee. The four guys in their class that were surrounded by girls just now were them.

The junior Jjang group is called Exo-k. And they were really proficient in dancing and singing and their popularity was catching up with SHINee's fast.

Himchan, and Daehyun, who was Sunmi's crush, were in a group called BAP. They weren't as popular as SHINee and Exo but Sunmi didn't care. She liked Daehyun and that was final.

"The guy that's supposed to sit beside you is Lee Taemin." Sunmi explained. "He's the maknae of SHINee and he has the best aegyo ever. He's a really proficient dancer too!"

"I heard he's having the runs that's why he isn't here today." Sunmi explained. "And the thing is, although he's so cute and everything, he hasn't had a single girlfriend before. Rumor has it that he was waiting for the right one to appear."

It may seem romantic at other times, but Jooyeon was at a stage where no one was good enough except for Himchan. She shut off the topic of SHINee and Taemin.

"Now tell me more about BAP and Kim Himchan." she probed excitedly.

Sunmi beamed, more ready than ever to discuss about her favorite oppas.

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