According to the Future, You're my Soulmate


Jooyeon giggled when she saw Sunmi bursting out in the fangirl moment. She finally let herself go from the cool image and she also...
"KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!" the both of them twirled together in the stupidest manner possible, with goofy smiles hanging by their lips.
Sunmi did a happy dance and beamed brightly at Jooyeon. "I'm so happy for you, Jooyeon!" she squealed. "I can't believe Himchan oppa kissed you!"
It was Saturday of the weekends, a day after she went out with SHINee, a day after Himchan miraculously appeared on her doorstep and bestowed her with the gift of his y lips.
Jooyeon had Sunmi over immediately and told her friend about what had happened, and holy , they were excited alright. The two girls who had no experience in the dating field ever before, and a mere peck would seem like a huge thing to them. More so that the kiss Himchan gave her wasn't just a peck, but a proper kiss.
"You're so lucky!" Sunmi gasped. "I can even imagine that scene and tingles just run down my spine!
"I know!" Jooyeon happily said. She plopped herself on the bed and smiled her dreamy smile. "I couldn't sleep all night thinking of it." she admitted.
"If it were me, I wouldn't be able to sleep as well." Sunmi offered helpfully. She nudged Jooyeon and crept closer. "So how was it?" she asked just above a whisper even though it was just the two of them in the room.
Jooyeon blushed. "I wish I could have more details," she bit her lip. "And that I closed my eyes to enjoy the entire process, but half the time I was getting over the initial shock and just staring at his face being so close to mine." she buried her face in her hands shamefully.
"Aww that's okay." Sunmi patted Jooyeon's head. "There'll be more kisses to come and you'll get to enjoy them thoroughly then." she grinned.
Jooyeon brightened at the aspect. More kisses. She didn't think her brain would be able to handle such a thought.
Only she didn't realize that brains have nothing to do with enjoying kisses and such. Because it was the heart that did all the work.
The door flung open unexpectedly, and Sehun leaned at the doorway, raising his brow at the both of them. "Himchan Sunbae kissed you?" he questioned.
Jooyeon reddened but her heart swelled with pride. "Well he did." she generously admitted. She narrowed his eyes at him and frowned. "But how did you know?"
Sehun chuckled and came into the room, plopping himself on the bed together with the two girls and careful to choose his position such that it was closer to Sunmi. "You Noona's were so loud. I could hear from a block away." he teased.
Sunmi's hands flew to as she gasped. "We weren't that loud!" she exclaimed, horrified.
Sehun smiled at her and diverted his gaze at his noona. "So...you and Himchan Sunbae are for real?" he asked hesitatingly. "Like...really into each other, type of real?"
"Of course!" Jooyeon exclaimed, scandalized. "Why wouldn't we be real? Don't you know how much I like him?"
Sehun puffed his cheeks adorably as he thought. "Well to be honest noona, I wasn't exactly sure." he muttered. "You meet this guy for a while and suddenly you're completely head over heels in love with him."
"It isn't that I don't believe in love at first sight though," he shot a meaningful gaze at Sunmi. "But it's just that I'm worried that you may be mistaking this as love. Or being too rash."
"Aww thanks Aegyo king." Jooyeon patted Sehun's head. "But I know. Himchan oppa and I are a great match! Don't you think?"
Sehun kept mum, thinking otherwise, while Sunmi immediately nodded, giving her full support. "I agree!" she raised both hands up. "And I think Daehyun oppa and I are a great match too!"
At that, Sehun "accidentally" threw a pillow at Sunmi and smiled innocently. "Oops."
*I don't think so, Sunmi noona.* he thought. *I can think of a better person for you. Like me.*
"Hey!" Sunmi huffed at him, throwing it back. Sehun laughed when it missed, but quickly stopped when another pillow hit the back of his head.
"Don't attack my friend!" Jooyeon teased.
"Noona!" Sehun wailed as both girls began attacking the poor aegyo king. He laughed as they fooled around, his thoughts somewhere in the middle of fun and worry.
*I know I can change Sunmi noona one day, but noona, I really don't think Himchan is the one.* he thought as he tried to smile and play along with the girls. *He gives off the vibes. Even though I'm younger, I can tell he isn't a good guy. And same goes for that Daehyun bastard. Although I may be biased in what I'm saying, but whatever. He .* he thought jealously.
"Hey." Jonghyun sighed in a soft voice. "It's not so bad. It's just a kiss right?"
Taemin shot a look at Jonghyun. "It's not just a kiss, hyung. It's her first! And it's supposed to be with me!"
Jonghyun rose his brows and Taemin grumbled. "Okay so maybe not supposed..." he muttered. "Since fate arranged for it to be like this, but still!"
"I can understand your agony, maknae," Minho nodded. "But maybe this is just a phase she has to go through before she falls for you?"
Taemin pouted. "I hope so." he sighed and looked out of the cafe at couples walking about. He wished sometimes he didn't have the power to look into the future, because then he wouldn't have known that Himchan and Jooyeon kissed.
Then again, if he didn't know they were soulmates, he may let her slip through his fingers without knowing.
His eyes widened when a group of six men came into the cafe, their black based with neon paint splashed shirts gaining a whole lot of attention with the rebellious vibe.
"It's BAP." Onew whispered.
Yongguk ordered three lattes, two coffee macchiatos and a single herbal tea for the maknae Zelo. The gang was loud and didn't are if they were disturbing others.
"So how's it going with miss goody two shoes?" Youngjae asked Himchan with a smirk.
Himchan laid back on the counter. "Fine. She's amusing and quite interesting to watch." he commented like he was talking about something else other than his girlfriend. "And dumb too."
"Haha why?" Jongup asked curiously.
Himchan smirked as he flexed his muscles. "She caught me with two of my other girlfriends, and I was even hugging one of them. But she didn't suspect anything and thought they were my cousins!" he howled in laughter, even smacking his thigh in the process. "And I just kissed her yesterday to gain her trust again, and you should have seen her dreamy state when I left! Absolutely smitten!"
"HAHAHAHA!!" the BAP boys guffawed.
Taemin clenched his fists. *Bastards.*
"So when are you getting to third base?" Yongguk asked while Daehyun watched from the corner with his mask in place and a face of total boredom. "Homerun? Hmm? Into bed?"
Himchan smirked. "Soon, hyung. She'll say yes before she realizes what happened." he announced.
The BAP boys grabbed their drinks and went off, the cafe becoming significantly quieter after their departure.
"What are you going to do, Maknae?" Key asked. "He's obviously playing with Jooyeon."
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