The kiss

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate


After the SHINee members shut up about BAP doing drugs and smoking weeds, Jooyeon was significantly happier and enjoyed herself thoroughly. They played a while more in the waters and had dinner together at a nearby eatery.
Nothing expensive, like the ktv BAP brought her to, but comfortable and safe like she liked it.
At dinner, Jooyeon was once again surprised at how chicken and Onew were two inseparable beings. It was like lock and key, paper and pen, Onew and chicken. If you didn't see the link, you better now. Because these are two things that cannot go without one another.
While Onew chomped down the chicken like a maniac, Key thumped the leader on his back, hard. "Yah! Save some for Jooyeon!" he snapped. "You're eating all of them up!"
Onew looked at Jooyeon with his mouth full. "Yuuu stuuu waaaa sooom?" he asked.
Jooyeon blinked in confusion. "He asked if you still want some?" Taemin added helpfully. Jooyeon laughed and shook her head, patting her tummy. "It's fine. I'm full."
Taemin gave her a look and wrinkled his nose. "For your information you're really skinny, Yeon. You should eat more and fatten up." he murmured as he picked up her thin wrist. "If other people saw, they might think I'm treating my soulmate badly."
Jooyeon made a face and tore her hand away from him. She stood up and politely bowed. "Thanks for the meal SHINee oppas. I had a great time today." she beamed. "But I must get home soon. Umma and Sehun must be looking for me."
"Awwwieee~" Jonghyun cooed. "SHO SWUEETTT~" he murmured in his not-so-perfect english. "You really must go?"
Taemin immediately stood up. "I'll send you home." he offered. Jooyeon shook her head at him insistently. "It's okay, I can take care of myself. It's only a few bus stops away from home anyway."
Taemin frowned. "But-"
"Aish Tae," Key snapped. "Give the girl some space. You can't stick to her twenty four seven."
Taemin pouted cutely. "Arraso hyung." it was more of a whine than consent. He sent Jooyeon to the door of the eatery and watched as she went, waving like a lunatic. He smiled, his cheeks flushed, thinking about how cute his dear soulmate was.
He made his way back to the eatery and plopped himself on the seat. "Falling for her already?" Jonghyun teased.
Taemin beamed. "Not yet, but I will." he said definitely. "She's my soulmate." he chuckled. Minho rolled his eyes. "Sometimes I wish he didn't know the future, so he wouldn't be so cocky about this now."
Taemin shrugged, knowing that whatever happened, Jooyeon was his. Not now perhaps, but in the future. He liked her, that was a fact. It was hard not to with her dramatic expressions that were too adorable to be true, and cartoon like actions.
But he didn't love her yet and he didn't want to hurry. He wanted to fall, slowly, deeply, relishing the process because he knew in the end he would all deep.
And he knew that somehow or another, she would fall for him too. And that was what made everything so perfect. Except for...
Taemin's eyes widened. The familiar tingle ran down his spine as he got another flash of the future. His face paled and he stood up abruptly. "Maknae? Something wrong?" Onew asked, finally speaking properly because he finished his chicken, but his eyes were eying Minho's secretly.
"I have to go." Taemin grabbed his coat and ran off into the night. His heart was pounding. He can't let it happen. No way.
"Himchan oppa?" Jooyeon gasped in surprise. "What are you doing here?"
Jooyeon had gone home safely after leaving SHINee and had briefly showered and changed into her cute pink bunny pyjamas, getting ready for her daily reading activity before sleep. She was just about to flip to where she last stopped in her latest read, when her phone vibrated with a message from her beloved boyfriend.
Her eyes widened when he asked her to come down to her lawn. She tiptoed down the stairs, passing Sehun's room that was blasting Coldplay's music, and passing her parents that were having quality time watching Running man together in the living room.
She was surprised to be greeted with the y Himchan smirk, while the owner of that y smile leaned in that y manner against the door frame. (Just how many times did I use y here?!)
Himchan smirked at her. "Hey."
Jooyeon blinked at him confusedly. She looked around him and frowned. "What are you doing here, Himchan oppa?" she asked.
Himchan took a step closer to her. "Why? Can't I?" his voice was deep and husky, suddenly turning into something more like Bang Yongguk's instead of his own.
"Huh?" Jooyeon reddened at their close proximity. "Of course you can!" she exclaimed a little too loudly.
She heard, or more of felt Himchan chuckling. His chest vibrating in front of her face as he laughed, sending little shock waves down her body. y alert!
Risking the rising blush, Jooyeon peeked up at him again, only to find him looking down at her intensely. "I missed you, hon." he whispered.
Jooyeon's eyes widened and she blinked. *He. Missed. Me.* she thought frantically. *Must. Not. Spazz. Must. Not. Spazz.* she repeated over and over in her mind.
Himchan reached out and curled a lock of her hair behind her ear, his hands casually landing on the nape of her neck and pulling her closer. He leaned down, his hot breath attacking her skin in this deliciously y way. "Himchan oppa, what are you-" Jooyeon started.
Himchan shut her up as he pressed his lips against hers in soft tender kisses, only to back her up against her front door and press his lips fully into hers again. Jooyeon's eyes were wide opened in shock, before her eyes fluttered close.
Unlike what she expected, she felt unexpectedly uneasy about her first kiss even though it was with her awesome Himchan oppa. It felt...weird.
Which was why she didn't complain when Himchan pulled away. He kissed her cheek. "See you tomorrow in school hon."
Jooyeon watched him go in a daze. The reality that he kissed her came crashing through and her heart rapidly sped up. A little late to do so since the whole thing was over, but yeah.
"KYAAA!!" she squealed.
Taemin tore his gaze away and closed his eyes, swallowing hard. He saw that coming. He knew that was going to happen.
And he came here as fast as he could. He knew Jooyeon would break up with Himchan no matter what. He knew she would come to him in the end.
It didn't matter what she did now, but in the end, she's his.
But he just couldn't let it go. He didn't want it to happen. And he ran.
He ran so fast that his legs felt like they were breaking, that his neck felt like snapping, his mouth couldn't close because of the air resistance.
And he didn't manage to stop the kiss.
Taemin came into the house and slammed the door hard.
The EXO-K members who were over at his house jumped at his dramatic entrance. "Hyung?" Kai asked, furrowing his brows.
Taemin nodded silently, careful to mind his thought while he was in close proximity to his brother. "Hi hyung~" the rest of EXO-K echoed.
"Hn." Taemin responded, before going into his room and proceeding to slam his door.
Kai frowned. He wasn't able to read his hyung's thoughts, and it didn't take a genius to know something was wrong.
Kai was the cool one. Taemin was the cute one.
There was one thing his hyung never stopped doing and that was smiling. He almost couldn't recognize his hyung when he came back.
"What's up with Taemin hyung?" Chanyeol whispered. "He's scary."
"Meh~" Baekhyun made a face. "You haven't seen scary if you haven't seen me in a rage."
Suho whacked his dongsaeng's head. "But Taemin hyung isn't you, Baekhyun!" he hissed. "Taemin's even sweeter than Sehunnie here, and it's rare that he looks like that."
Kai nodded and thoughtfully gazed at direction of Taemin's room. *I wonder what happened.*
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