According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

Jooyeon went out of school, almost skipping because Himchan sent her a secret smile in school that day.

It occurred while they were at the cafeteria and she was getting food with Sunmi, queueing up behind the loads of students that had the break period as they did.

Taemin had gone to buy his banana milk as always, and it was only these times that he detached himself from Jooyeon's side to his favorite vending machine for his favorite drink.

Jooyeon and Sunmi were chatting easily, when BAP entered the cafeteria an their attention was immediately being towards the group of blonde handsome men.

Jooyeon was barely listening to Sunmi about how marvelous Daehyun looked that day, when Himchan suddenly turned towards her direction.

He sent her a small minuscular smile that wouldn't have been detected if not for the fact that she had been staring at him with all the life she had.

She didn't realize that she ga just been standing in front of a whole bunch of hot girls and the smirkish smile was directed at them instead if her, and didn't hear the loads of squeals when he did that.

It cheered her up enormously and she felt like the happiest woman alive. Literally.

And that was the reason why she was smiling even when the whole of SHINee suddenly surrounded her from nowhere, scaring the hell out of her.

"Woah!" she gasped. She put her hand to her heart to calm the shock. "Don't do that." she giggled.

SHINee looked at her in surprise. Here was Jooyeon giggling like a fangirl in front of them like a normal female for once, and not seemingly unaffected by their charms?

"Something happened?" Key asked curiously. "You're giggling. When you're with us." he pointed. "It's strange."

"It isn't all that strange." Jonghyun protested. "We're nice company!"

Jooyeon rolled her eyes, but the smile didn't fade away. "I'm smiling not because of you guys, but since I'm in a happy mood, I shall forgive you for scaring a faint hearted lady." she smiled.

Minho blinked. "Okay. Now I'm scared."

Jooyeon pouted. "Aish! I'm just happy because..." she looked around. Happy that there wasn't anyone else around, she leaned in closer. "Himchan oppa smile at me. In school!" she whispered.

Onew, who had even put down his drumstick and leaned forward for the news, made a face and continued eating like it was the most meaningless news he ever heard.

Taemin pouted and bumped Jooyeon's shoulder with his, only that hers only reached three inches below his shoulder. "I smile at you everyday but you aren't happy like that." he grumbled.

Jooyeon looked at him up and down. "You?" she laughed. "Why would I be happy if you smile at me? You're not Himchan oppa."

"But I'm Taemin oppa, your soulmate." he tapped her nose. He smiled at her brilliantly, lighting the entire sky with his cheerfulness. "And today, your soulmate says you're coming with us!"

"Eh?" Jooyeon blinked and opened to ask, but she was already whisked away by the five amazingly hot guys before she had any say in the matter.



"The water park?" Jooyeon looked at them, her eyes wide. She didn't expect the shiny SHINee boys to come to some where this simple and well...childish.

"What?" Key huffed. "It's fun okay?" Even the diva began rolling up his designer pants and taking off his leather shoes.

The water park wasn't one of those that needed an entrance fee, so it only consisted of a few shallow pools that ranged from ankle deep to knew deep.

There were several slides to play on, and interesting looking statues for visitors to take a picture with.

The boys immediately got into action, rolling their pants and taking off their shoes, running off into the shallow pools like a bunch of idiotic children.

Taemin looked at Jooyeon who was still atoning there, gaping at them and he laughed. "Come on Yeon," he ruffled her hair and helped her out of her shoes. "You're missing out on all the fun."

Jooyeon saw the flaming charisma Minho getting competitive as he always was, as he threw the Dubu leader into one of the deeper pools, wetting the latter from head to toe.

Jooyeon gulped and took a step back. "I...don't like the water." she swallowed.

Taemin reached for her hand and took it naturally, smiling. Jooyeon blinked at their hands, but Taemin didn't seem to realize what he was doing, or rather, didn't look like he realized anything.

"Don't be afraid, Yeon. The dunking's the part where it's the most fun!" he chirped merrily and tugged her along with him.

He was unexpectedly strong and he led her towards one of the shallower pools, pulling her into the water without waiting for her consent. Jooyeon squealed in surprise, her feet immersed in the cold liquid.

It heightened her senses, the way a cold ice cube would on a summer day. It wasn't summer yet, but the weather was getting increasingly unbearably hot.

And it was lovely. The feeling of experiencing hot and cold altogether at once.

Taemin chuckled at her delighted expression. "Like it, Yeon?" he ruffle her hair again. "I knew you would." he said in a very literal manner.

All of a sudden, Jooyeon squealed in shock when cold water travelled down her spine. She shot a look at Taemin who grinned at her innocently. "Not me." he pointed behind her.

To her surprise, Minho and Key were armed with water guns and smirking evilly at the both of them. Her eyes widened. "You wouldn't."

Without a moment's hesitation, Minho squirted water on her face. "Just did."

"Yah you-" Jooyeon started, when someone kicked the water and splashed her entire skirt.

She spun round and saw Taemin grinning at her. "Yep. Now it's me."

"LEE TAEMIN!" Jooyeon shrieked and ran to Minho, grabbing his water gun and charging back at Taemin.

"Oops!" Taemin laughed as he ran away. He knew exactly where she would aim and avoided like a ninja, not even getting a single drop of water on his clothes.

The rest of Shinee watched as the two soon forgot about their presences. "At times like this, it really seems as if they're soulmates." Jonghyun muttered.

"Well that's if Taemin didn't read their future wrongly." Onew responded. "I wonder what will happen to me next time?" he tapped his chin. "Stupid maknae wouldn't tell me."

The rest of Shinee suddenly diverted their attention elsewhere, clearing their throats awkwardly. They weren't going to tell Onew that he was going to be the boss of a multimillion worth chain chicken restaurant. Being overly happy can only happen on one person, and that's Lee Jinki.

Trust me. It's horrifying.



The group finally settled down after a whole afternoon of fun. The Shinee boys proved themselves to be horrifyingly dorky despite their awesome good looks that attracted a whole lot f attention even when they were getting involved in a not-so-glam activity.

Minho was really a fast runner and Onew had a really bad aim with the water guns. Jonghyun was the most self conscious and he waved and smiled charmingly at fangirls even in the middle of their game. Key made all of them dry themselves thoroughly with towels before allowing them out of his sight.

And Taemin...

Jooyeon glanced at Taemin who laid on the floor, panting as he caught his breath. Jooyeon smiled lightly and bit her lip to stop it from growing bigger. *To be completely honest, Taemin's cute. And fun and easygoing. If only he approved of Hinchan oppa and I, and didn't stop harping on the soulmate thing.* she sighed.

The peaceful moment was suddenly interrupted when a group of rebelling teenagers walked past. They smoked and shouted bad words to the general public as they passed, and looked like they were high on drugs.

"Ugh." Jonghyun said when they went away. "I can't take those sort of people."

Immediately when he realized what he was saying, he clamped his hand over his mouth and stated wide eyed at Jooyeon. "I'm sorry." he gasped.

Jooyeon blinked at him. "Excuse me?"

Key slapped Jonghyun's hand. "I don't think she knows yet!" Key hissed.

"Don't know what?" Jooyeon narrowed her eyes.

Jonghyun bit his lip. "Well, I'm sorry if I offended you when I criticized those guys because I forgot your boyfriend smokes too." he shrugged. "Drink, smoke and drugs." he made a face. "Not my type of friend but since he's your boyfriend...uhhh.."

Jooyeon frowned. Her face turned black as she pursed her lips. "Who told you that? Himchan oppa is perfect, he wouldn't do drugs!"

"Uhm sorry to spoil your little dream but he not only does drugs, he sells them." Onew added.

Jooyeon made a face and crossed her arms. "I don't believe you!" she muttered. "You guys are just lying to me! Himchan oppa would never be someone like that!"

Taemin just looked at her silently, sighing in his heart. *Thats who he was all along. It's just you imagined him to be someone else.*

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