According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

*Don't walk over. Don't walk over.* Jooyeon crossed her hands behind her back and immediately whipped her face away from Taemin's, pretending not to see him.

Which was a whole lot of futile effort when he already knew what was happening in that head of hers.

He advanced towards the trio nevertheless, and towered behind Jooyeon. She let out a squeak when she saw the shadow cast by him, noticing how tall he was despite his cutesy actions and stuff.

Sunmi and Sehun watched in interest, wondering why the maknae of the Senior Jjang group SHINee had come over for Jooyeon. Were they THAT close? As far as Sunmi knew, Taemin was only Jooyeon's desk partner, and his locker was beside hers. He didn't associate himself with girls, and Jooyeon was the first girl she ever saw him talking to, to be honest.

Jooyeon's eyes settled back on Himchan and the unknown girl, and bit her lip as she watched them cuddling in broad daylight. The girl was still choosing her clothes, and by clothes I mean red lacy lingerie with matching red laced .

Himchan nuzzled the back of the girl's head, hugging her from behind and taking in her scent like she was some sort of cookie and he was the infamous cookie monster.

Jooyeon swallowed uncomfortably. She could feel Taemin's gaze on her back, intensely penetrating through her every fibre of her being. She could almost sense his triumph, like "Hah! I told you Oh Jooyeon! You shouldn't have liked that Kim Himchan!"

Taking a deep breath, Jooyeon whipped her head to face Taemin with renewed confidence. "I'm sure that's just his cousin." she blurted.

The corners of Taemin's mouth lifted in amusement and he raised a brow. "I haven't even started." he grinned cutely, his cheeks puffing out in that oh-so-adorable manner.

Jooyeon pinked. *Damn. I fell into that trap again.* she discreetly fanned herself, scolding herself for being paranoid. Taemin looked at her silently for a while before speaking up.

"You're not going to ask him who that girl is?" Taemin asked softly, watching her closely. Jooyeon's eyes widened and lifted her head to look at him. That thought never occurred to her at all.

Ask him?

Taemin tore his gaze from hers and looked at Himchan and the girl who had moved on to the next rack of lingerie and y corsets. "Are you going to stand here and gape while your boyfriend hugs another girl in broad daylight, or will you go up to him and demand him for an answer, Yeon?" he said softly.

He shifted his eyes to look at her. "And despite what he says, please make the right choice and believe in the truth." he pleaded.

Jooyeon shifted uneasily. She couldn't help but feel that he knew much more than he was supposed to.

"I know what's going to happen, but I still don't want you to get hurt, Yeon." Taemin whispered so she was the only one who could hear what was going on. Sunmi and Sehun craned their necks to catch what he was saying but failed terribly, looking like a couple of giraffes.

He nudged her shoulder gently and guided her to walk in Himchan's direction. "Go." he pushed her.

Jooyeon gulped, stumbling slightly as she went over to Himchan, approaching him timidly. "Himchan oppa." she squeaked.

Himchan and the girl turned around and looked at her, distaste evident in the girl's expression. Himchan looked surprised to see her and his eyes momentarily shot towards the girl he had in his arms. He immediately retracted his hands and smiled awkwardly.


*No Hon.* Jooyeon noticed.

He bent over and whispered something in the girl's ear, and she strutted away huffing in that snobby manner of hers into the dressing room to try on a range of corsets she picked. Himchan finally turned to look at Jooyeon and smirked in that bad boy manner of his. "Hey hon."

Jooyeon blinked. Her eyes darted to the changing room. "Who's that?" she blurted, wondering where she got the courage to be so straightforward. Maybe sitting with Taemin was rubbing off her.

Himchan sauntered over to her lazily and sent her a crooked eye smile. Her heart melted just a tinsy bit. But yes it did melt.

"That's my cousin." he waved it off like it was nothing. "I couldn't let her know that you and I are dating right? Cause she'll tell my mom and we'll be dead." he shrugged convincingly.

*Ohhh...* Jooyeon nodded in understanding. "And why are you buying bras with her?" she asked rubbing her temples in confusion. Himchan slung his arm round Jooyeon and brought her closer, making her lean into his chest. "She wants to impress her boyfriend so I helped her choose. A guy's opinion you know." he muttered.

"How about that girl I saw you with the other day near my house?" Jooyeon asked. "Is that your cousin as well?"

"What cou-" Himchan nearly blurted when he stopped himself. He nodded and smiled. "Y-yeah. Cousin. I have lots of cousins, you know." he smiled.

Jooyeon nodded, leaning on Himchan's shoulder and sighing in relief. So all that was just scaring herself with unnecessary fear and concern. Those were Himchan's cousins! He wasn't cheating on her or anything! Not that she even thought of that, she promised herself. Himchan was the number one boyfriend.

Himchan turned her and pushed her lightly. "You have to go, hon. Can't let my cousin catch us together." he told her. Jooyeon nodded enthusiastically and waved, running off. "Take care Himchan oppa!" she called as she ran back to Taemin, her brother and Sunmi.

Taemin read Jooyeon's face as she came running back and his heart fell. *She believed him so easily.* he thought desperately, knowing the ending before it even came.

"Just his cousins!" Jooyeon whispered and ushered them away from the place. "We can't let his cousin see us together or she'll tell him mother. It all makes sense really." she told them excitedly.

"Aww that's great!" Sunmi cooed, happy that all that was just a "misunderstanding".

Sehun and Taemin kept mum. Sehun eyed Himchan with suspicion. Hugging and kissing your cousin's head wasn't that brotherly if you asked him. He sure didn't hug Jooyeon in such a romantic manner and went around smelling her hair like she was a bar of soap.

When he pointed that out, Jooyeon scoffed at him. "That's because Himchan oppa must be a great oppa to all his dongsaengs, unlike you!" she made a face. "Always making me buy ice cream for you out in the cold." she grumbled.

Sehun rolled his eyes, tucking the suspicion away in his mind. If Jooyeon believed Himchan, he didn't really have any say in it anyway.

Taemin on the other hand met Jooyeon's eyes as she smiled in triumph at him. "See? Himchan's such a wonderful boyfriend!" Jooyeon bragged. "He's careful not to let his mother know, so that we can't last longer. Isn't that sweet?" she beamed.

Taemin opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again when he thought better of it.

He sighed inwardly and conjured another comeback for the day. "Whatever he does, you're going to be mine, Yeon." Taemin grinned. "You're always forgetting you're my soulmate. Tsk tsk, so unfaithful." he knocked her head lightly and ruffled her hair.

Jooyeon huffed at him. "You're on this again?"

Taemin chuckled. "Because it's true." he honestly said. Jooyeon just rolled her eyes and ran to catch up with Sehun and Sunmi.

Taemin watched as she went and his heart sank. "I'm sorry I couldn't just tell you the truth about what's going to happen between you and Himchan, Yeon." he whispered. "It's can I do that when you're so hopeful and happy about it now? I can't bear to see tears staining on your face and even the very flash of the future I see makes me cringe."

*I'll tell you some other day, then.* he thought, dejected.

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