A glimpse behind his smile

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"Yeon how did the date go with Himchan yesterday?" Taemin asked.

Jooyeon's eyes widened and she smiled, not expecting him to ask at all. She was more than happy to start spazzing about how perfect her boyfriend was. "Hmm? It was loooooovely!!" she exclaimed.

"The B.A.P boys, Sunmi and I went to...erm...the ktv." she whispered the last part in hope that he couldn't hear. But little did she know that he already knew where she went. "It was a little complicated and unusual there..." she shuddered involuntarily at the smoke and the vast amounts of hookers that were present there. "But because Himhcan oppa was there, it was great!" she brightened.

Taemin made a face. "So it's not only you and him?"

Jooyeon bit her lip. "I'm sure he's just trying to get me to warm up to him, I mean, we only just starte-"

"How about steak? A fancy dinner? Fireworks?" Taemin asked. "He didn't bring you to see fireworks at the Han River? Or hire a string quartet while you guys ate your dinner? Didn't he at least send you home?" he asked, even though he knew, watching as her eyes dimmed.

Jooyeon thought about how she and Sunmi had to take the public bus home even though it was late and the place was full of lurking lechers, but Himchan and the rest of the BAP boys seemed to be having too much fun with the hookers to care about them. So they left quietly.

She shook her head. "Well maybe it's not the peeeeerfect date," she defended. "But it's the first date, and Himchan oppa's just a student. I don't expect him to-"

"Well Yeon," Taemin interrupted. "But I'm doing all that for our first date when we get together." he told her seriously.

Jooyeon blinked. "Excuse me?"

Taemin nodded. "Well yeah. I didn't expect the future me to be that romantic as well, but I'm apparently going to do every single one of those things I just mentioned." he looked at her. "Just pretend to forget when I really do them, alright?" he grinned. "Act surprised for the effect."

Jooyeon looked at him like he was nuts. "Well mister Lee Taemin sshi, I'm sorry to tell you that there will be NO first date for the both of us." she notified. "Because I'm Himchan oppa's..." she looked around. "Girlfriend." she whispered. "And I'm not yours. Nor will I be, anytime soon."

Taemin looked unaffected as he smiled at her, beaming like the sun where all his charms were effectively attacking her, her special Lee-Taemin-Immunity crumbling in no time. "We'll see about that, Yeon. Don't forget you're my soulmate."



And that was how they got into detention that day.

Taemin just wouldn't shut up about her being his soulmate and what not. Jooyeon supposed it would have been rather romantic, the way he was determined to have a future with her and everything, but the problem here was that she didn't want to have a future with the guy.

She liked Himchan, not some banana-milk-obsessed one who wouldn't shut his mouth about soulmates.

She was surprised at how annoying the seemingly pure and innocent Lee Taemin could get, as he interrupted her learning process every few minutes, poking her cheek, laying down and watching her every move, playing with her hair and all those mushy stuff that she should be doing with Himchan but no because he wasn't there.

She exploded not long after and it confirmed their fate for the rest of the afternoon in the dreaded classroom with that awfully strict teacher of theirs watching them with eagle like eyes.

Taemin smiled at her cutely. "Annyeong Yeon~" he mouthed and waved.

Jooyeon rolled her eyes and looked away. *How childish can he get?* she thought. *Yes hello to you too Lee Taemin. Why is this the first time we've met? Oh no.* she thought, sarcasm overflowing. *Because if I remember correctly, we just saw each other few seconds ago. Is he Dory from Finding Nemo or something? Is Dementia common in teenagers like him? Huh?* she thought agitatedly.

Jooyeon focused on her work while Taemin just rested his head on his elbows and did his quickly. Jooyeon always wondered how he aced his classes when he doesn't even make the effort to listen in class. I mean, he's always bothering her. How could he have caught what the lecturer was saying?

The scrapings of the chair against the wooden tilings of the floor made both Taemin and Jooyeon look up. The usually very strict teacher was red in the face as he looked at the both of them. "Stay here quietly and do your work." he demanded in a strained voice. "No..." he struggled with his words. "No talking. I'll be back!"

With that, he ran out of class, clutching his in what seemed to be an explosion in the toilet bowl. The class was quiet again as Jooyeon and Taemin were left together. Jooyeon kept her head down and did her work, hoping with any slim chance there was, Taemin wouldn't open his pretty little mouth and-

"Yeon ah."

Jooyeon squeezed her eyes shut. Okay, so maybe sometimes hopes were dashed.

"What?" she snapped, not looking up and hoping that her hostility would turn the child-like guy off.

Taemin rested on the side of his head and looked at her. "What are your parents like?" he blurted curiously. Jooyeon's head whipped around to face him. "What?" she asked, confused.

Taemin looked at her, his eyes not as bright as they usually are, searching hers in a highly soul seeking manner. "What are your parents like?" he repeated. "Do they cook breakfast for you? Ask about school when you get home? Worry about you when you get sick?"

Jooyeon cocked her head to the side. "Of course they do." she smiled unknowingly. "I think all parents do, right?" she grinned.

Taemin shrugged. He shifted his head to look at the front in a daze. "I don't know." he whispered. "I only know this things from the tv and the internet."

Jooyeon looked at him curiously. "But don't your own parents-"

"They're dead."

Two words.

Jooyeon swallowed, not knowing what to say. Her face fell solemn as she looked at this sunshine boy who looked like he was mourning. Who looked dreadfully sad. Who seemed to have a whole lot more secrets than he gave away to be.

She realized just then that the usually happy and bouncy Lee Taemin wasn't all that he was. Because Lee Taemin had a past too. Because Lee Taemin felt pain as well. Because even though he acted like a lunatic sometimes, Lee Taemin was just trying to fill that emptiness in his life.

"How?" the words escaped before she could get they back.

Taemin let out an inaudible sigh. "Murdered." his voice was dull. Jooyeon listened attentively, feeling shudders down her spine. *Murdered? That's....gruesome.*

"They were murdered when I was six and my younger brother was fivw." Taemin continued. "They...they were escaping from some people. Some people that wanted something of theirs."

*Money.* Jooyeon thought. *So they were murdered for money?*

"They were caught in the end," Taemin whispered. "And they had to hand over what was supposed to be theirs. But even when they did, they were killed in the process. Brutally, ruthlessly, killed."

Taemin turned to look at her as a single tear escaped his eye. "I hope to know how your parents are like, Yeon." he mumbled. "I hope to feel that sort of parental love someday."

He reached out a curled a lock of her hair behind her ear. "And I'll do everything to protect you and your family because I know what it feels like to lose them." he searched her eyes intensely and she found that she couldn't look away. "Sometimes, even I don't know what the future holds." he confessed. "But I'll make sure nothing bad befalls on you, that much I can guarantee."

"Taemin..." Jooyeon softened, not expecting something like that from him. Where was that childish young boy she usually saw? When did he become such a devoted man?

The sides of Taemin's lips twitched up. "So will you break up with Himchan if I say so?" he grinned.

Jooyeon's face changed immediately as she punched his shoulder. "Aish!" she grumbled. "This again!" she complained. "I never should have believed you, Taemin!"

Taemin chuckled and ruffled her hair. *I don't lie, Yeon. I don't want you to get hurt, please don't fall for that bastard any deeper than you are now.* he thought as he pretended to smile.




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