According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

Taemin shivered as a tingle ran down his spine like everytime he saw a flash. His face darkened and he bit his lip. *Oh no. It started.*

Right at that moment, Jooyeon skipped into class with the most brilliant smile on her face. She sat down at her seat and hummed a cheerful tune, obviously feeling on top of the world at that moment.

Taemin frowned. *It makes her that happy?* he pouted. *I don't even think I smile THAT widely when I drink Banana milk and watch batman.* he thought enviously.

Jooyeon sang and doodled on her note book, writing Himchan's name over and over again. She looked around to make sure no one was around to see what she did, and continued with her daydreaming again, mindful of Himchan's request.

"My parents are very strict with me and they don't allow me to date." he had said. "They even planted spies at school to watch me so you can't let anyone know that we're going out alright?"

She had agreed without a moment's hesitation, more than merely excited at the thought of having her first ever boyfriend. She smiled happily to herself, already flying to the sky with happiness when Himchan had texted her in the morning just with the purpose to test her number.

"You're happy today." Minho noted.

Jooyeon turned behind and smiled widely. "Yup!" she grinned. She hummed a tune. "I'm happy. Elated in fact." she beamed.

"What's the special occasion?" Onew asked, his lips twitching up in a smile as well when he saw her happy expression. Jooyeon bit her lip. "I can' tell you." she whispered. "I'm not supposed to tell."

Taemin bit back a scowl. *I know. Kim Himchan came up with the stupidest reason even Taemin has ever heard. I believed Key hyung when he said the timer from the coffee house would explode, but even I don't believe what Himchan says.*

"Aww don't be such a spoil sport..." Key convinced in his extremely-convincing-umma-way that no one could ever refuse. "Just tell us! We promise not to  tell anyone else!"

"Yeah!" Jonghyun butted in, interested in gossip and all the likes.

Jooyeon looked around and giggled. "Promise not to tell anyone alright?" she relented. She leaned over and the rest of the SHINee members crowded around her, interested, besides Taemin who already knew. "Himchan oppa and I are dating right now!" she whispered.

"WHATTT!!!" the four of them exclaimed and shot incredulous looks at Taemin.

Taemin nodded. "I know." he mouthed.

"Isn't it awesome?" Jooyeon continued unknowingly. "I'm sooooo happy that I"m really going mad with-"

"Lee Taemin, Oh Jooyeon, Kim Kibum, Kim Jonghyun, Choi Minho and Lee Jinki. Stop talking during class!" the teacher snapped. "All of you, stay back today to spring clean!"

"Awwww!!" The SHINee boys groaned.



"Hyung will you please stop eating your chicken and come help?" Minho crossed his arms at the dubu leader that was wolfing down drumstick after drumstick in his crazy fanatic manner.



"HYUNGGGGG!!!" Minho hollered in that fierce manner of his.

Onew jumped and dropped his chicken. He turned and saw Minho's flaming face.


He gulped. "A-arraso." he quickly muttered and clelared his mess. "Aish this dongsaeng is seriously...." he grumbled as he cradled the chicken drumstick he dropped on the floor regretfully.

THe SHINee members had turned the punishment into a playground and placed bets with each other to finish their tasks as quickly as possible. The person who finished all the tasks last had to treat all the rest of the members and JOoyeon to lunch.

"Hey Jooyeon ah, doesn't oppa look handsome like this?" Jonghyun asked, posing with a mop.

Jooyeon raised her brows and laughed. "Seriously, Jonghyun?" she guffawed. "If I only just snapped a picture and send it to the shawols..." she grinned.

"Don't you dare!!" Jonghyun wagged his finger at her. He picked up the mop. "I'll convince you otherwise." he smirked playfully.

He started singing to the mop as if it was a standing mike, putting all his emotions into his cover of baby baby by 4men. Before he could actually courtsey for his amazing performance, Key whacked his yeobo's head hard. "Stop trying to charm a taken lady you idiot." he grumbled.

Jonghyun pouted and rubbed his sore area. "I'm just practicing for my future wife..." he complained.

"Well practice in front of someone else, don't practice in front of my soulmate." Taemin tugged Jooyeon away and covered her eyes and ears. Jooyeon frowned and slapped his hands away. "Yah Lee Taemin, you're still going on with your soulmate nonsense?" she asked in disbelief. "I thought I told you Himchan oppa and I are already together!" she exclaimed in disbelief.

Taemin shrugged, grinning cutely. "It's not like that's going change the fact that we're soulmates Yeon." he beamed. He leaned over to her. "You're mine." he whispered.

Jooyeon's face reddened despite herself and she pushed Taemin away in a hurry. "You're incorrigible!" she exclaimed. Despite that, her cheeks were still burning red. Taemin grinned, pleased. "Arraso Yeon. I won't talk about us being soulmates anymore..."

Jooyeon' brightened.

"Today." Taemin chuckled.

Joyeon's face immediately fell. She sighed and facepalmed herself. *I knew it was too good to be true.* she thought to herself.

The SHINee boys began having fun again while racing around the classroom with rags and buckets of water to clean the classroom in pairs. Minho paired with the dubu leader, Jongkey together, and Jooyeon was left with Taemin with no other choice.

They had to piggy back each other to clean the highest row of windows. The strong Minho had to carry their dubu leader, while Jonghyun had to carry his dear yeobo. It took a long long time to convince Jooyeon to get onto Taemin, but she soon found that Taemin's aegyo were seriously close to beating Sehun when he made those utterly adorable cute faces of his.

"KIM KIBUM I DEMAND YOU TO GO ON A DIET IMMEDIATELY!" Jonghyun screamed in agony as he piggy backed Key while the umma of the group feverishly wiped at the windows. "Aish keep it down." Key whacked his yeobo's head again.

Jonghyun yelped. "KIM KIBUMM!!!!"

The Onew-Minho couple wasn't doing that well either. "Hyung will you hurry up?" Minho snapped,  not at all minding his hyung's weight when competitiveness caught up with him.

Onew frowned. "Aish don't rush me Minho!" he complained. "These things need to be done slowly..." he rubbed every inch of the windows carefully in that granny way of his.  Minho wanted to bang his face on the wall with the slowness of his hyung's actions. "We're so going to lose."

Taemin and Jooyeon on the other hand, were advancing really quickly. Even though Jooyeon was convinced that she and Taemin had nothing to do with each other, she couldn't help but note how they worked really well together as if they had done this in a long time.

Taemin seemed to have no probelm carrying her even though she wasn't all that light herself. "You're doing a good job, Yeon." Taemin grinned. Jooyeon swelled with pride and rubbed the window panes even harder and more furiously with renewed energy.

"I can be sure our house is going to be sparkling clean in the future." Taemin added thoughtfully.

Jooyeon froze. She looked at Taemin who innocently smiled at her and sighed. *I seriously expected too much.*



"WOOHOO CHICKENNN!!!" Onew cheered.

Minho buried his face in his hands. "Hyung, why are you so happy when we're supposed to treat the rest?" he groaned as he thought of the money that was going to be missing from his wallet moments later.

Onew looked at him. "What's wrong with that? At least we get to eat....CHICKEN!!" he celebrated.

Jooyeon giggled lightly. "Onew oppa, you're so dorky!" she exclaimed. With the insistence of all the members, Jooyeon was forced to call of them oppas, though she called Taemin rather reluctantly. In fact, she avoided saying his name as much as possible so that she need not say that awful word.

The gang gathered their things after finally finishing their task, wanting to go fill their stomach with delicious food after their hard work. Just as Taemin reached out to take Jooyeon's bag for her, her phone rang and Jooyeon spun away.

"Himchan oppa!" she squealed.

The members immediately looked at Taemin whose face fell. "Neh I'll be there in no time!" she beamed happily as she faced the rest of the members. "I"m sorry guys! I'll be going with Himchan oppa! Have fun at lunch!"

With that, she disappeared through the door without a backward glance.

Key patted Taemin's shoulder and the latter sighed. "Are you sure you didn't read the future wrongly, maknae?" he asked. "She doesn't seem to want to fall for you any moment soon?"

Taemin nodded determined. "She's my soulmate." he muttered. "I'm positive."

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