Jooyeon's first crush

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate

"OH SEHUN!! Get your moving and stop pretending to be on the phone! Your SIM card isn't even activated yet!" Jooyeon hollered, panting as she tugged another box into their new house.

Sehun pouted cutely and stuffed his cell phone into his pocket, muttering under his breath. He always thought his sister was a little too quiet at school and a little too loud at home. Now it was the prime example.

"Alright alright I'm coming." he huffed, taking one of the boxes. Jooyeon shot him a look. "And now that you've decided to help, you take the box with pillows." she snorted. She shoved the box she was carrying into his hands. "Take this. It's your precious stereo system."

Sehun nearly doubled over at the weight and barely managed to save his precious CD set from crashing to the ground into smithereens. "YAH NOONAAA!!!" he shouted in exasperation.

Jooyeon let out a giggle and made a face at him, skipping into the house.

The Oh family had just moved to Seoul from Daegu. Mr Oh had gotten a promotion, and now he was going to be the manager in the main office in Seoul instead of a measly employee in Daegu. Such a transfer came with a price of course, and their whole family had to be moved to Seoul to accommodate with their father's new job.

Not that the Oh siblings minded at all. Jooyeon was always bullied in her old school because she was Sehun's elder sister and genetically she was supposed to be some sort of pretty flower, but she just didn't dress up like the others were used to. So she was discriminated against. Sehun couldn't do anything to help his sister as well since she was in a girl's school, a different one from his.

Sehun himself looked forward to a new environment because he hadn't any real friends in his old school. All of them wanted to get close to him because of his good looks and popularity. Thinking about the fangirls back there, he felt slightly faint. He feverishly hoped that girls in Seoul weren't that crazy.

Jooyeon lugged her things with her up the stairs and got to one of the rooms that was hers. She pushed past the door and smiled to herself. The place was painted a nice shade of orange as she liked it, with white bed sheets and a wooden oriental cupboard.

She jumped onto the bed and laid down, sighing deeply.

Just like the new bed and the new room, now that she was in Seoul, she got to have a new start. She was rather looking forward to it, to be honest. She didn't like getting bullied and treated like junk when she was in Daegu. She hoped that here in Seoul things were different.

Of course, she knew somethings had to be done if she hoped for a different result.

Hence, she got her bird nest's hair fixed and got rid of her large nerdy spectacles. She had to say, she looked rather decent.

Jooyeon hugged her pillow and sighed into it. "I wonder if there are any cute guys in Seoul?" she whispered. She shook her head and made a face. "Who am I kidding? ALL the cute guys are in Seoul!" she squealed.

She rolled over onto her stomach and giggled to herself as she pulled her SUPER JUNIOR poster from her bag and stuck it onto her wall with blue tack. "Donghae ah~" she beamed at her ultimate bias from the ultimate kpop boyband that was taking the charts by storm nowadays. "Aren't you excited that I'm here in Seoul with you?"

She plopped herself on the bed again and laid on her stomach, looking up at the poster. "I hope I meet someone as cute as you, Donghae oppa." she whispered.

The door to her room suddenly opened and a ball of black, grey and white suddenly hurled itself on her bed and settled itself comfortably ON TOP of her, effectively squishing her till she couldn't even breathe.

"Oh. Se. Hun." Jooyeon choked and tried to move her younger brother off her. Sehun clicked his tongue as he looked at Super Junior's poster. "You haven't even put your other things in place and you've already put the poster up?" he shook his head. "Noona, you've got to get your eyes checked."

Jooyeon made a face. "What!" she protested. "Donghae's cute alright? Cuter than you!" she shot back.

Sehun looked at her questioningly and Jooyeon knew otherwise. Okay, so maybe her brother was cuter. He was one of the cutest people she had ever seen and she often wondered how all the cute genes ended up in his body instead of hers. Hello, she was the girl here.

Sehun got off Jooyeon and helped her up. "Umma said that dinner's ready. We can continue unpacking later." he glanced at her Super Junior poster. "Maybe unpacking for me, and drooling at Lee Donghae for you." he muttered.

"Hey!" Jooyeon scrambled after her brother, wanting to give him a piece of her mind.



"Umma, I caught Noona drooling at Donghae again." Sehun blurted during dinner.

"OH SEHUN!" Jooyeon shrieked, pulling her hair. She plopped herself beside her brother and shot him a nasty look, swearing never to talk to him again. Sometimes, even though she was the older sister, she acted very much like the younger one.

Sehun cracked up, helping himself to the food as Mr Oh came down to the dining room. "What's the big fuss?" he asked curiously. "Are you two quarelling again?" he eyed Sehun and Jooyeon with raised brows.

Fingers pointed at each other immediately. "He/she started it!" they blurted in unison.

Mr Choi shook his head and rubbed his temples. "I never understand how you two are already going to University when you're behaving like three year olds." He thanked his wife as she served him his rice.

"That's because we're eternally cute, Appa~" Sehun sang, making a flower with his hands and head. It would have been cuter if his voice wasn't so low as it was though. Rather contrasting, I might add.

"Ugh." Jooyeon rolled her eyes and Sehun elbowed her in the stomach. She ate her dinner, swearing to keep to her oath this time. She was NEVER going to talk to Oh Sehun again. See if she doesn't.

True to her word, she really kept mum throughout dinner and didn't reply to Sehun when he talked to her at all. To her horror, he didn't even seem to notice and continued chatting as if he didn't have an older sister like her.

Ready to throw a boulder at him, Jooyeon stormed to the kitchen to wash her own plates, when she accidentally dropped them. She bent down to pick it up, when one of the broken pieces of glass cut into her finger, causing it to bleed.

"Oww!" Jooyeon winced, biting her lip. Blood drained from her face and she didn't even dare look at her finger, and she just stood there, not knowing what to do.

Sehun came rushing into the kitchen and frowned at the mess his sister created again. "Noona why did you-" he faltered when he saw her finger that was bleeding slightly, and her pale face. He knew his sister was very much afraid of blood, and he more than once wondered how she ever survived her period every month.

Wordlessly, he searched for a plaster and some medicines, coming back to her when he found them. He made her cover her own eyes with her other good hand, and began wrapping her injured finger up rather well, so that she couldn't see the blood anymore. Warmth flooded Jooyeon's heart and she began thinking about retracting that childish oath she made just moments ago at the dining table.

Sure, Sehun was a prick sometimes, but there were also moments like this that she was utterly glad to have such a sweet brother like him.

"Done noona." Sehun beamed at the neatly wrapped wound proudly. "Wow I should really become a doctor." he praised himself. Jooyeon smiled softly. "Thanks aegyo king." she grinned. "Yours truly shall pardon you from a lifetime of misery this time."

Sehun rolled his eyes at his sister and helped her with the cleaning of the plates. "You know noona..." he muttered. "If you just let yourself go and joke around like this in school, you'll have much more friends than me." he looked at her. "You're a great person noona. Don't keep it in."

Jooyeon gaped at him, taking his words in.

It was true. She didn't really talk and joke like that when she was in school because she had been rather depressed about her looks. How could you not when people were laughing at your giant nerdy specs and birdnests hair everyday? But even so, she didn't want to change her look because that would mean she's admitting defeat.

Now that she was starting anew in Seoul, she thought it was time to shed her old look.

"Sehun..." Jooyeon smiled. "That's such a nice thing to say. Thank you."

The sides of Sehun's mouth crept up in a smirk. "Then I guess you can repay me right?" he grinned.



"Stupid. Stupid. Oh. Se. Hun." Jooyeon kicked the floor and tried hard not to shiver. Sehun had asked her to get him a tub of ice cream from the nearest convenience store. In November. In the cold.

She wanted to kick his smug face right then and there. But she couldn't, especially when he was just so sweet moments ago.

Admitting defeat, she slumped and dragged her feet to the convenience store, hugging herself from the cold winter breeze that blew. She got there longer than it seemed to take, and bought him a tub of chocolate ice cream, and putting a bag of chips in case.

She turned to go when she caught sight of a lone man waiting outside in a dark corner with his hoodie up. Even in the darkness and hoodie, Jooyeon could see the man's features with minimal help from the street lamps.

It was no wonder that they said the cute guys were in Seoul. This was the cutest guy Jooyeon had ever ever ever everrrrrrr seen!

Jooyeon gulped and stared blatantly, not even knowing she was doing that. The man felt someone looking and raised his head, meeting her eyes.

She saw his face clearly for the first time and her heart skipped a beat. HE. WAS. SO. HANDSOME!!!

She tore her gaze away from his, her cheeks burning, and ran away as quickly as she could. When she got to the next corner, out of his sight, she squealed and fanned herself, forgetting that she was just complaining about the cold before.

"I think.." she whispered. "I think I have my first ever crush!"

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Are they supposed to be in high school or university?
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I know this is a technical question, but i just wanna the correct setting to imgaine the scenes of the story better. Regardless, I think the story is amazing, and this is actually my second time reading it. I love it!
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