Dream High 3


No one becomes a star from birth...but some are destined for great things.



We all admire our idols...but have we ever wondered how they started? What they were like in school?



Did they choose their lifestyle?



Are we sure that they are the same as what is shown on shows?



Dream High 3 tells the story of 9 main characters, their life, their personality, everything.



Don't plagarize and please think about the hardships that idols have to go through to become what they are.



So what if they miss out a line or mess up their dance steps or even mess up their interviews?



They are humans, they make errors.





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So who are the main characters?


 Kim Myungsoo

Park Jiyeon

Song Jieun

Park Soyeon

Jung Daehyun

Cho Kyuhyun

Kim Himchan

Yang Yoseob

Lee Kikwang




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Myjiyeon #1
Chapter 7: i thought that this is myungyeon so i opened it but i won't read anymore i want myungyeon=myungsoo×jiyeon.....
Chapter 31: Oh my I read this over again !!! Please update again !!!! Please keep MyungEun/JiSoo-( Myungsoo and Song Ji Eun ) couple forever !!!
DinoMyungYeol #3
Chapter 31: woooowwwwwww.........!!!!! finaly song jieun and kim myungsoo really love this couple..!!! >_< update soon....author-nim fighting.........!!!!!^_^
Update soon!!!^^i like your story.it will make a good drama though...hehe..i'm a fan of dream high of course..i'm waiting dream high 3.if they had suggested one,then,i'm happy.^^hwaiting!!:)
Chapter 31: I was hoping that Ji Eun and Himchan would have more interactions but good story . And what about the lyrics DaeDae ?!
Chapter 31: Daehyun and Jieun are too cute
I like Myungsoo and Jieun together
Chapter 31: Update soon!!!Wahhhh!!!!:)Jieun and daehyun!!!!!:)It looks like daehyun likes ji eun in here....
niiyeon #8
Chapter 31: Okay i already read until this chap..
idk what to comment orz i'm waiting for myungyeon, even i must wait i'll wait for how long it takes if it for myungyeon n,n
niiyeon #9
Chapter 22: I'm glad so far reading this kekeke n.n good if jiyeon really move on from myungsoo ^^
parkInJungLover #10
Chapter 31: Kyaaaaa!!!Kikwang sooooo coooolll, very straightforward~
And pairing someone cool with an ice princess will make an adorable couple~ I'm waiting for SoKwang development and Kyuhyun jealousy ~ Nice and simple writing, love it but I hope you can write longer version of SoKwang-YoYeon double date~