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Blessing From Above [하늘에서 내려온 축복]

Taecyeon gladly let Yoona get on the car and they went to pick up Yoorim together. When they got to the school, they found out that someone had already picked Yoorim up half an hour before.

“What do you mean someone already picked her up?” Yoona asked Yoorim’s teacher, worried.

“A man came and picked her up. Yoorim recognized him and willing to go with him so I thought…” said the teacher.

“This is a private school, how could this happened? She can go only if her mom or I pick her up!” Taecyeon complained.

“My apology, Mr. Ok” said the teacher

“Can you tell me how does that man looks like?” asked Yoona

“He is a young man that speaks Korean with an accent…seems like he isn’t from here…” said the teacher

“I think it’s Khun” Yoona turned and said to Taecyeon


“Yoorim ah, do you want to go play?” Khun asked Yoorim, who was sitting at the back of the car with him. He had picked Yoorim up from school without letting either Yoona or Taecyeon knows about it.

“But umma and appa must worried about me…” said Yoorim

Then by that time, Khun’s phone rang

“Hello Yoona!” Khun answered the phone.

“Khun, is Yoorim with you?” Yoona asked right away as soon as she heard his voice

“Yes, she is with me” Khun replied.

Yoona breathed out a sigh of relief. “Please Khun, you can’t just pick her up without letting me know!!”

Taecyeon then got the phone from Yoona.

“I warn you, do not harm her!” Taecyeon said to Khun

“Calm down, I just take her out for a ride. We’re on our way to get ice-cream.”

“Let me talk to her!” Taecyeon demanded

“Here, your dad wants to talk to you” Khun passed the phone to Yoorim. Yoorim was excited to talk to Taecyeon. It had been over a month since she last saw him.


“Yoorim ah, are you okay?” Taecyeon gently asked

“I’m okay. I miss you appa.” said Yoorim

“I will come over to pick you up right away okay?”

“Appa said he will come and pick me up” Yoorim looked up and said to Khun, and then she handed him back the phone.

“Where are you now?” Taecyeon asked, “We’re coming over to get her”

“Near your parents’ hospital” said Khun

“Then we will meet you at the hospital. Don’t go anywhere else!” 

Taecyeon and Yoona arrived at the hospital and recognized Khun’s car parked nearby. As soon as Yoorim spotted Taecyeon’s car, she opened the door and ran to them. Taecyeon got out of the car and received a big hug from Yoorim after over a month without seeing each other. They were both beyond happy.

“I can see that she loves you, a lot” Khun laughed

“Don’t do this again.” said Taecyeon

“Well I just want to take her out to play”

“Khun, at least inform us” Yoona stepped in

“Yoorim, let’s go” Taecyeon opened the car door for Yoorim to get in. They all got back in the car and drove away, left Khun standing there.

“Young master, are you okay? Do I need to do anything?” Minjae asked.

Khun held up his hand and motioned Minjae not to do anything.

“Not this time,” he said

On the car ride back home, Yoorim got a good lesson from Yoona about how she shouldn’t just get on the car with anyone. When they reached home, Yoona asked Taecyeon to stay for dinner. After dinner, they were out together to the super market in the neighborhood for some groceries shopping. Yoona suggested they should walk instead of driving.

“You know, I’m sorry about the whole thing” Yoona said to Taecyeon

“I told you not to worry about it” said Taecyeon

“I’m sorry that I keep talking about Ian with you” she said, “But Taecyeon, what I said are the truth”

“I know”

“I’m not lying”

“I know”

“You believe me?” she looked at him

“I do, and I will tell you when Ian is back to me” he smiled

“You don’t have to. Ian is gone now. You’re Taecyeon. Maybe he is gone for the better, I guess”

Taecyeon then pulled Yoona in for a hug, which surprised her.

“Thank you. Actually my mom showed me the pictures at the orphanage. You really were there, as well as me. So we could considered ourselves as childhood friends?” he laughed, “Maybe it’s fate that we met again.”

He ended the hug

“Hand?” he asked her, and put out his hand.

Yoona walked away, with a smile on her face. 

“You can’t walk away now!!” he ran and caught up on her. In that moment, Taecyeon got Yoona’s hand and she let him. During the ten minutes walk to the market, they walked hand in hand



“Umma, it’s snowing!!!” Yoorim excitedly exclaimed as she jumped around the front yard, catching the snow with her little hands up in the air.

“Finally it’s snowing…First snow of the year.” said Yoona

“Yoorim ah, go inside and put on your coat or you will catch a cold.”

“Appa said when it snows we will go to ski resort!”

“When did he tell you that?”

“I’ll give him a call right now!”

“Okay, go inside. Hurry!”

It was December, mid-December to be exact. Two months already passed by since they made up. It was still a little secret between them, no one knows.

Suddenly, someone rang the doorbell

“Who is it?” Yoona asked

“Hi Yoona, it’s Khun” he greeted

“Khun?” she thought, and then she proceeded to open the door.

“Hi Khun, long time no see”

“Yoona, are you free next weekend?” asked Khun, “I want to invite you to a ski resort”

“W-why all of a sudden?”

“Oh my friend is going to celebrate the grand opening of his ski resort and I already reserved a place for us”

Hesitated for a while, Yoona went ahead and told him about her and Taecyeon.

“Khun…I want to make it clear…Me and Taecyeon, we are…together now. To me, you’re just a friend…things won’t work out between us. I hope you understand…and I’m sorry Khun…”

“Alright” Khun said in a disappointed tone. “I thought I should try out one last time but I guess I’m not as lucky as him” he forced a laugh.

“Goodbye Yoona, I’m going back to America”

“You’re going? Why?”

“I have no reason to stay anyway. You were the reason I came back.”

“Can’t we just be friends?” asked Yoona, “When we were small, we were really happy as friends…”

“So I was the only one thought differently…”

Khun then asked Yoona one last request

“Before I go, can we meet and go out on a date? As friends?”

“When are you going?”

“At the end of December”

“That’s like 2 weeks from now on?”

“Yes…so accept my invitation?”

“...I will make time for that” 

“Thanks Yoona, that meant a lot to me!”

Yoona said goodbye to Khun and as she watched his car drove away, Yoorim ran out and announced an exciting news.

“Umma! Appa said we’re going to ski resort! We’re spending Christmas there!”

“But I didn’t promise!”

“Aigoo, just go Yoona. Yoorim will have her school break next week. Let she have some fun!” said Taeyeon as she walked out, “If you feel awkward, I can tag along…I can also bring the girls.”


“Promise umma? please please please?” Yoorim begged

“Okay…” Yoona promised because she couldn't reject her daughter.

Little Yoorim squealed in delight. 

Waited for Taeyeon and Yoorim to go back inside, Yoona got out her phone and dialed Taecyeon’s number.

“Oh, Yoona~” Taecyeon answered the phone

“Oppa! Why are we going to ski resort?” she asked

“To spend our first Christmas together!”

“Taeyeon unnie and her friends are coming too. No one knows we’re together yet!”

“Then we can let them know”

“It’s embarrassing…”

“Yoona, we have a kid!”

“Still…not now. I’m not ready…” said Yoona

“How about…I will bring my friends along to keep Taeyeon noona and her friends occupied?”

“Good! please do that!”

“Silly girl! People will know sooner or later” he teased, “You found yourself a good boyfriend!”

“Oppa!!!” she shouted in embarrassed. 


And the snow was still falling…








wow im SO sorry for the late update. i was just really uninspired >< but with the help of a friend (Mary517) yesterday, im now having plots up to the end of my story! so big thanks to her ^^

It's already near the end...I think i will have another 3 or 4 chapters...or more....but im pretty sure it will be under 35 chapter for this story.

thank you for still reading it!

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