Phase 1-B: Behind Enemy Lines---What’s Done is Done

Counter-clockwise (NEW)


Curious, Seung Gi grabbed her hands and stopped her from running. Unfortunately, this resulted into her stepping into a shard of broken glass.

An eerie amount of red liquid flowed through the broken glass. It looks like a jar, but it’s way too creepy. What red liquid would be put on a glass jar besides blood?! Could it be the blood that is mixed with the cement to strengthen buildings more than 13 floors? Strange... He was just talking about it earlier.

“Ouch!” She wailed. Putting his thoughts aside, Seung Gi rushed and took off her left shoe and sock. There’s no way a ghost could be injured like this right? And she has her feet intact.

He gently and slowly removed the shard from the girl’s foot. The girl moaned in pain (well, rich as he was, he never actually know how to treat a wound) and accidentally squeezed Seung Gi’s right hand too tightly. In reaction, Seung Gi pierced his left hand with the shard. Ignoring the searing pain on his left hand, Seung Gi found a cloth (or what seemed like a cloth) on the girl’s things and wrapped it around her foot. It really looked and felt like a cloth.

“No…not that…my…” the girl said as she takes off the cloth (?) , careful not to crumple it further.

“Don’t worry, it’ll…don’t take it off, it’ll bleed.” Seung Gi said.

“But…it’s my painting canvas.”

“Painting? Wait, this a cloth. You paint on a cloth?” Seung Gi made a face to mock the girl, but she was serious.

“This is a special sheet for painting. This is my canvas. It absorbs the pastel quickly and doesn’t make unnecessary drips.”

“But you haven’t drawn anything on it.” Seung Gi wrapped his handkerchief on the girl’s wound instead “So…what would this red liquid we’ve bathed in be? Could it be your period?”

The girl blushed and chuckled. “It’s just paint. Don’t worry; it’ll wear off once you wash it.” And that also explains what broke. It was a jar filled with crimson pastel.

“Yeah, sorry, it’s my fault.” Seung Gi apologized unnecessarily.

The girl gasped, realizing she had to pay for the laundry expenses for Seung Gi’s shirt, since it was her who bumped into him carelessly.

“Sumimasen (Sorry), Lee-san.” The girl bowed to him like crazy, which made her stretch her wound. “Ouch!” She moaned in utter pain.

“Don’t force yourself.” Seung Gi then carried her things and helped her up. Seung Gi made the girl wrap her arms around his shoulder so she could walk properly.


“What’s taking Seung Gi so long?” Hale said as they magically appeared from the elevator. “The school is about to close.” Hale ran and skidded to a stop as she approached them. “Rina? There you are! I’ve been waiting for you downstairs! I never thought the Halloween Art Contest would take this long.”

“Li-chan. Gomen (Sorry).” The girl, whose name happens to be Rina replied.

“God, did a murder happen here? Quick call an ambulance! Oh no, she’s bleeding profusely!” Drew panicked.

“Geez, Drew. You’re acting like my Mom! It’s just paint.” Seung Gi calmed Drew.

Only then, when Seung Gi handed her to Hale Li did he realize who the girl was.

Seung Gi rushed ahead to avoid any further mishaps that might happen, but Rina grabbed his shirt.

“Lee-san, you can’t go home like that. I’ll…Let’s take it to the laundry shop first. I’ll…I’ll pay for it.” Rina said. Normally, Seung Gi would’ve talked back and insulted one’s filthy hands from ever touching his uniform (which was really made from expensive fabric), but he let it go.

Seung Gi just pushed her hand away instead.

How could he have not noticed? Her chocolate brown eyes…her faint voice…her thin nose…her pink lips…her pale white face.

Well of course she’s from their class. How could Seung Gi of all people fail to remember a person’s face?

A face he sees every day. Of course she’s not a ghost, after all.

“She’s right, Seung Gi. You can’t go home like that. People will think you really got blood on your shirt.” Hale said.

“Don’t worry, Hale. Oh, our van is here. I guess I’m gonna have to take you guys home. Here, Nathan, I almost broke your Rocket Triple Lens Camera.” Seung Gi said.

The van arrived. Felix, Ethan, Drew, and Nathan quickly filled the back seats sparing only a seat for one person. Hale sat there. Seung Gi went to the front seat and tried to close the car door but…

“Ouch!” Rina wailed.

“Geez, Rina, you’re careless as ev…” Seung Gi blurted out (he scolded her as he would scold his friends, or his maids), but held back. Yes they were classmates, but he weren’t even friends with this Rina. He needs to be careful with how he calls her since Japanese people tend to only reserve their first name for their close friends and family.

The way Seung Gi talked to Rina left her dumbstruck.

“I’m hungry! Aren’t we leaving yet?!” Nathan complained.

“Shut up, scared-y pants” Felix said

“Felix is right, we’re just hitching here.” Drew said.

“Be quiet and behave. You’re like a whimpering dog.” Ethan said.

With that, Seung Gi yanked Rina in and the van started. She was staring at Seung Gi the whole time, and this probably gave Seung Gi the creeps.

Lee Seung Gi’s van was made to provide the most comfortable travel for the successor of the Lee family. Never would one riding it experience a bumpy ride. Never would one riding it shiver from cold.

Rina tried to start a conversation with Seung Gi but he kept silent during the whole trip. She kept thinking why Seung Gi, who was so kind to her a moment ago, suddenly became so cold to her and acted as if she didn’t exist.

Well, Rina should really suit up. Are all artists like this? Messy hair, clothes and all? She made her uniform look like pajamas. The way her hair covers her face is actually very creepy. No wonder a guy like Seung Gi avoided her gaze.

And then she looked at the car’s rear view mirror and saw his friends.

Guys. They never change. They love to tease one another but never want to get teased. He probably didn’t want his friends to and Rina. Then Rina felt utter self-pity. What was she thinking? Her? And Seung Gi? They’re worlds apart. Never in his entire lifetime would Seung Gi look at her as a girl. Not even if she’s the only girl left.

Rina caught Seung Gi’s eyes in the mirror. Rina of course wanted to savor this moment that she finally disproved herself. There-The moment that Rina thought to be impossible... Seung Gi was staring at her, scrutinizing her with his hypnotic eyes that see through her soul. This abrupt moment took Rina’s soul away.

They both look away and the car stopped. Hale got off.

Seung Gi’s still doesn’t want to make conversation with Rina, though all Rina wanted was to thank him for earlier.

Hale dragged the absent-minded Rina off too. Rina appears to be Hale’s roommate. Rina seems to have forgotten that, since she is intent on thanking Seung Gi.

How could she thank him? How could a guy like Seung Gi spare a moment for a girl like Rina?


9 pm, Rina and Hale’s room.

How could I describe Rina and Hale’s room? I know! Think of the yin-yang symbol. That’s it. Pink and girly things were on Rina’s side. Add her abstract paintings, Anime posters, and anime-themed wallpaper. Grafitti on Hale’s side. It’s a total mess of scribbles of song quotes, mostly about death and revenge. Band names, band logos, and band posters make up the rest of her wall.

Rina unfolded the crumpled paper  (that Seung Gi mistook for a cloth to tie to her wound)and started scribbling on it with red paint. She caressed her wound. I mean, she caressed the handkerchief that Seung Gi wrapped around her wound, with her left hand.

As usual, my abstract painting lost the elimination round. I’m not bitter about it or whatever, especially when…Rina thought as her hand did the doodling.With this, it feels like I won something else more precious. It feels as if the prince stumbled across the unlikely pauper. Rina stared at the ceiling with dreamy eyes.

“Hmmm…it’s the first time you’ve ever painted something meaningful, Rina. You could’ve won the School’s Competition earlier with this.” Hale said, having just taken a bath. Rina wiped her drool, woke up from her trance, and stopped daydreaming.

“Eh?” Rina looked down and saw that she doodled a heart. A heart. She quickly crumpled it, but ended up falling from her bed, which shot a pain from her wound. Clumsy as ever, that’s Rina for you.

“Is it big?” Hale asked. A very startling question, especially if a girl were to ask that to a naïve guy.

Rina covered her eyes and looked away from Hale, she replies with a stuttering “Yyy…yes. So at least put something on.”

“I meant your wounds, Rina.” Hale said as she dressed. It would’ve been perfectly normal. However Hale is not girl at heart. (Poor Nathan). It should’ve been obvious.


9 pm, Seung Gi’s room, Lee Manor

How should I describe Seung Gi’s room? Imagine how spacious you want your room to be. Seung Gi’s room is three times as spacious as that. The wall is lined with plain and modern stripes. Modern interior design is mixed with classic architecture; latest appliances were placed on the oldest antique furnitures. Chandeliers, lamps, shower room and bath tub, a closet twice as big as Rina and Hale’s room-all of them equipped with the latest technology, and it’s well-heated of course.

Written on Seung Gi’s diary: Phase A failed. I ended up doing the mission instead of just reconnaissance. Plus, I ended up doing more damage than what I intended to prevent…Imagine the most expensive notebook and pen. Seung Gi’s were grander than that. Anyway, his handwriting were barely legible due to the wound inflicted on his left hand.


“Re-con—nai…what’s this again?”a nosy girl who appeared out of nowhere asked.

“Reconnaissance. Hmmm…are you new here? Stop butting into our rooms without permission.” Seung Gi said.

“Hai (Yes). Sumimasen (Sorry).” The girl bowed excessively and left Seung Gi’s room.

“Good, now go make me a sandwich and a coffee or something. Make yourself useful.” Seung Gi scolded the girl, who appeared to be their maid. Well, the girl’s dress is an absolute mess, so Seung Gi just concluded that the girl is just a maid who isn’t in her uniform. Besides, no mere pauper could enter the Lee Manor.

A nearby maid who was peeking in Seung Gi’s room did the task instead, and the girl left to wander around Seung Gi’s room.

“Goodness! Who does he think he was? Telling me to make myself useful? Do I look like his maid or something?” the girl said. “What creature in this planet would go get his coffee if he tells them off like…Oh here’s the coffee…” the girl mumbled. The maid knocked several times, and then put the coffee on the table near the door, since Seung Gi likes it that way when he doesn’t answer the door.

However, the girl insisted on bringing the coffee to Seung Gi. Never did she realize that the door was locked. Luckily, Seung Gi was on the way to fetch his coffee. He opened the door at the same time the girl tried to enter the locked door.

“Hot!!! Ah!!! Ouch!” The coffee spilled over Seung Gi.

“Sumimasen! (Sorry)” the girl apologized.

“Didn’t the head maid orient you?! You’re supposed to leave it at table near the door! Geez!” Seung Gi fumed in anger, “ Huh, Where are y…How did you get at my back?”

“Sumimasen, I fell… please don’t fire me yet! I don’t have money to pay my school fees!”The girl looked like she just fell. She was suddenly on Seung Gi’s back, as if she passed through the solid door.

“Fell? You’re telling me your body just passed through this half-open door?” Seung Gi became calm when she saw the girl’s face. Pale white face…thin nose…pink lips…faint voice.

Well, do all girls have that feature? It seems.

“I’ll forgive you if you lend me your camouflage shoes.” He seemed to comprehend who or what the girl was, subconsciously. Yet he still acted as if the girl was just her maid. He must’ve had his reason.

“Eh? But I’m not wearing any…” the girl said, perplexed.

“Come on! Just take them off! Chun Hyung is probably gonna pee his pants when he sees me with this.”

The girl looked puzzled.

“Don’t you know? Ghosts don’t have feet? Geez!” Seung Gi said.

Only then did the girl begin to question who she was and what she was doing in there. But then Seung Gi fainted and collapsed straight to bed.



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Chapter 4: As i know... Jasmine is rina's name meaning in english, is it? OuO

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There! So far, I had done until Chapter 6! It's kinda hard to find those funny gifs though. They have to be relevant and hilarious. And as I add the chapters (they're done btw), I edit a few things on the way. I guess I haven't reached until Chapter 8 tonight, bcoz of the pictures.. Watch out tomorrow, please?
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So far so good~ Update soon~
Update soon
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I'm gonna update it in a while, and shorten my chapters. I'm gonna post until chapter 8, so watch out. Yeah, I love Inuyasha and Kagome.
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