My Long Lost Memories


In which Chunji has lost some of his childhood memories due to a traumatic experience.

We'll see what happens when he meet the person who can bring them back.



Hey guys!
This is my first fanfic! Please feel free to give me some pieces of advice so i can improve! :)

After several YEARS of being inactive I'm bringing this fanfic back to life - but I won't be promising any weekly updates!

- I am not going to put in this story.



As he looked out of the window next to his seat on the bus, he saw the big and old wooden sign that said: 

''Seoul Music & Dance Summer Camp'' He still couldn’t believe he was chosen among the thousands of appliers, his talent wasn’t that amazing was it?

Well, actually he had quite a lot of confidence in his vocal talent - *Lee Chunji, world famous lead vocal of the highly respected group......* Chunji wasn’t a member of any group yet, he wasn’t even a trainee.

The bus stopped, bringing Chunji back to the real world.


This was the place that would change him forever.


Updated story with new "Story Art" + I got co-writer to help me out!

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Chapter 8: I suppose it's safe to assume you are still active and will update this soon ?
LittleSnowflake #2
Chapter 7: 2012 x_____x
i really hope you will update this tbh ;-;
Nuuu don't head towards tue ending just yet! I need more >__< And I really like your writing. Really straight to the point and easy to understand :DD Can't wait for another update!
Aww...cute L.Joe.
Can't wait for your update! ^^
JJ_pinky #5
update soon..^^
Study hard~<3
Take your time with the updates. c:
Nice fic so far! Looking forward to read the next updates!~
-xttran #8
new reader here(:
ur fanfics seems nice, plz update soon^^
Why Ljoe? Why you run from Chunji? Are you hiding something ?
Hmph. T^T

Oh~ lemme guess.. Ricky's roommate is~~~~ Changjo? :3
Lol update soon !
[deactivated] #10
Maybe Ljoe was his lover back then and Chunji doesn't remember. But he should do something else instead of running away haha. He'll have to face the other when he gets back anyway XP