The Fortune Teller

Melody's Kiss

Joon’s POV

When Aclaire suddenly asked, my mind went blank. Just what exactly was my plan? I didn’t want to disappoint her and made an excuse, “I’ll tell you after school.”

She pouted and nodded. Since we both haven’t even started we continued to do our work.


School has finally ended! I gave a yawn and stretched. I walked over to my newly made friends Kikwang, Himchan, Jongup and Daehyun.

“Jin! We’re going to this new café that just recently opened last week, wanna join us?” Himchan offered.

“Nah. I’ve got plans today,” I answered, “I’ll come some other time.”

“That’s too bad,” Kikwang said.

With that I waved goodbye and went to look for Aclaire. After thinking about it for the whole day, an idea finally came into mind. I spotted Aclaire with her friends walking towards the exit and started jogging up to them when someone from behind clung onto my right arm. Stunned, I turned my head to face them.

“Hi Jin! I’m Hyuna. Remember me?” She said with a smile.

Yes, of course I remembered her. She was Jonghyun’s sister. I smiled at her, “Your Jonghyun’s sister right?”

“So you do remember me,” She said cheerfully as she continued to hold my arm. I looked over at Aclaire’s direction and noticed she was waiting for me by herself.

“I’m sorry but I have to go, maybe we can talk some another time,” I said and tried to brush my arm off from her grasp. She finally let go.

Hyuna’s POV

Jin seemed to be in a hurry so I let go of his arm. When I did he jogged towards someone. I looked closer and saw that he was with Aclaire. I was outraged. He ditched me! For her? Ok so they were cousins, did they have to see each other every second of the day? I stomped off angrily to find my brother. I was hoping to walk with Jin today but Aclaire ruined everything!

I really wanted to know why they were so close. Weren’t they distant cousins? Distant cousins are not close! I spotted Jonghyun with a girl. Hm?

“Poor girl, she’s about to get her heart broken,” I said to myself. I walked closer to hear what they were saying only to see that Jonghyun did something so out of character! Did he just… kiss her? I couldn’t believe it. Well I better give them some space, things just got interesting. 

Aclaire’s POV

Joon came jogging towards me. Honestly, I was quite nervous. What was his plan? He arrived a few feet away from me with a killer smile and my heart skipped a beat. Gosh. Why do I always do that?

“Hey, you ready?” He asked.

“Kind of,” I replied. Whatever it was as long as he didn’t ask me to confess, anything else should be fine.

“Ok. First things first, let’s go to a fortune teller,” He said.

“Why are we going to a fortune teller?” I asked curiously.

“We want to know if there is some kind of connection between you two. After that is confirmed I’ll start with the real plan,” Joon explained.

“Ok… and where is this fortune teller?” I asked.

“Oh. There’s this festival in town and apparently there’s this fortune teller who’s so accurate it’s scary,” He said.

I never really believed in all this stuff but I guess giving it a try wouldn’t hurt. “Ok let’s go,” I said. We walked to the train station and waited for the train to arrive. “So no need for a disguise..?” I asked.

“Oh right,” he said and reached into his bag for something. “Found it!” He exclaimed and put on a nice grey cap.

The train finally arrived and we boarded it. I got out my iPod and started listening to some music to calm my nerves. (right click and open new tab to listen)

“What you listening to?” Joon asked and took my left ear phone out and placed it into his left ear.

He looked shocked, “Hey, isn’t this… Cry?” He asked.

“Yeah it is! I absolutely love this song but I never knew the artist,” I replied.

He chuckled. “Guess what? This is sung by…” he said followed by a drum roll, “…Mblaq!”

“What? You guys sa-” I managed to say before Joon clasped his hands over my mouth and looked around the train.

“Shh, not so loud,” He whispered. Oh right, I was too surprised to even realise we were on public transport.

I apologised and was totally lost for words. I mean, I loved this song so much. Who would’ve guessed the group I was so clueless about happened to be the artist. Looks like I wasn’t so clueless after all. We both sat silently immersed in the music.

Joon’s POV

I sat quietly while I listened to ‘Cry’. It was so soothing. Closing my eyes, I reflected on the times I was with my members and that made me miss them even more. The train suddenly stopped and I realised we had arrived.

Aclaire and I got off and started heading towards the festival. “What if the fortune teller says I have no chance?” She asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure there is some kind of connection,” I said trying to comfort her doubts.

The streets were flooded with stands selling toys, foods, clothes, you name it. It was very lively and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I finally spotted the fortune telling stand and took hold of Aclaire’s arm.

“We’re here!” I said excitedly.

The fortune teller was a female and she was wearing the typical clothes you’d find a gypsy wearing. “Welcome and what might you two want to know?” She asked.

“Well it’s for her,” I said pointing to Aclaire, “We want to know her love life,”

Aclaire blushed. She suddenly became fidgety. It was probably because she was nervous.

“Let me see your hand,” The fortune teller inquired.

Aclaire hesitantly held out her hand. The fortune teller gently caressed the lines of Aclaire’s palm.

“So how is it?” Aclaire asked.

The fortune teller smiled, “It seems you have already met your future partner. In fact I can predict that you and your partner will encounter three kisses before you both realised you are deeply in love. Not just any normal kiss but three Melody’s Kisses.”

Aclaire and I looked at each other confused, “What’s a Melody’s Kiss?” I asked.

“It is a kiss that unites two people with a song or melody. Hence, why it’s called Melody’s Kiss,” The fortune teller explained.

“May I ask who my future partner will be…?” Aclaire asked nervously.

“Now, that I do not know but I can tell you that his name will have this letter,” She said and laid out some cards in front of us, “Please pick one.”

Aclaire looked at the cards, choosing carefully she picked one near the middle and handed it to the fortune teller.

“Aha. My dear, you are fated to be with the man who contains a letter “O” in is name,” She foretold.

Aclaire brightened. “So I will be experiencing three of these melody’s kisses with my partner before we finally fall in love..?” She asked.

“That is right. But beware. It might not be who you have in mind. Is there anything else you would like to know?” The fortune teller asked. Aclaire furrowed her eyebrows when the fortune teller told her to beware but she didn’t think about it any deeper and went back to her brightened expression.

“No that is all. Thank you,” I said with appreciation.

“Hold on. Young man, please stay here for a bit. Miss, please wait for him elsewhere, there is something I must tell this man,” She said.

Aclaire nodded and walked over to a food stand, “Is something the matter?” I asked.

“Boy, I must say. In my whole career of fortune telling your life seems to be the most complicated. Although you did not ask to know this I feel as if it was fated that you came here so I could foretell your future,” She said.

I was a little confused, ‘Go on,” I insisted.

“You will go through many hardships later in life but there is hope. Someone will or may already have entered your life that will change that. Your future is slowly changing because of this person. Please treasure those who are dear to you, please do not let go of this person because they will be your strength to overcome those hardships in the future. That is all. Now please continue with you date,” She said and gave me a smile.

I listened carefully to her words and nodded, “Oh, by the way. I’m not on a date,” I said and handed her some money.

“No, please you don’t have to. Take this back. This will be free of charge as a token of letting me meet you,” She said and handed me my money back. “And your date, sorry I mean friend over there, watch out for her. Something might break her heart today,” She added. I didn’t really understand that but nodded and thanked her for her generosity.

I walked over to the food stand where Aclaire was waiting and noticed she was holding onto some food.

“Here I got you some ice-cream,” She said and handed me the dessert. To my surprise it was my favourite flavour, Cookies and Cream. She was so worried before and now she was eating ice-cream. Yep. She was happy.

We walked side by side when I spotted a familiar figure in front of us... It was Jonghyun! And he was with a girl. At first I thought it was Hyuna but it wasn’t. They were holding hands and were sharing a smoothie.  You wouldn’t do that with just a friend right...? I looked over at Aclaire and she was focusing on her food and didn’t look up. I didn’t want her to see this so I quickly jumped in front of her..

“Hey, I heard there’s this shop that sells really nice um... hats! Let’s go,” I said and grabbed her shoulders so I could turn her around. I mentally face-palmed, out of everything that I could’ve said, I said hats! 

“H-hey, I don’t want any hats though,” she protested and stopped in her tracks, “Oh wait, while I was buying ice-cream I saw some really nice phone accessories,” she said and spun back around.

I tried to block her view.  She laughed, “Joon, What are you doing...?” She said and tried to peek over at what I was blocking. I didn’t know what happened but I must’ve tripped on something and slipped to the side. An arm held me in place before I could fall over.

“Oh Jin, What are you doing here,” I heard Jonghyun say.

“Thanks,” I said and hoped that the girl he was with was not there. I looked and was disappointed. She had her arm clung onto his. Was this what the fortune teller meant by getting her heart broken...?

Aclaire’s POV

I stared at Jonghyun and the girl he was with.

“Honey, do you know them?” She asked. Honey...?

“Yeah, they’re my classmates,” Jonghyun replied, “Well see you around,” he said and left. The girl had her arm clung onto his and they were sharing a drink. Just moments ago I was totally happy because Jonghyun’s name contained the letter “O” but now I felt my heart tugging. My eyes started to sting.

“Hey, it’s probably not what you think?” I heard Joon say.

I didn’t reply. I was too engrossed at what I just saw. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend! How could I be so stupid! Of course he had a girlfriend. He was poplular, smart and nice. Why wouldn’t he have a girlfriend? My heart sank. Joon looked at me worriedly. Somehow, my stinging eyes let out a hot tear.

Joon’s POV

I saw a tear run down her cheek and felt the urge to hug her. She stood there speechless. More tears started to fall and she continuously wiped them away. I couldn’t stand watching her anymore and gently wrapped my arms around her.

“It’s ok,” I whispered.

After that she started to cry loudly and buried her face into my chest. I was shocked. Did I say something? Well that didn’t matter. I just wanted to comfort her.


Chapter 8!! So what did you guys think? This chapter is longer than my usual chapters so I hope it didn’t drag too much.

A massive thank you to you for reading and for those who’ve subscribed and commented! XD THANK YOU! Much love!! <33

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