"I'm walking on the street with my camera when i saw this smile~

a smile that can melt anyone heart" -Kim Myungsoo-

"There are three men i love in this world~

                                                        my dad, my brother and YOU" -Choi Soojung-

"I'm so nervous when you around me~

                                                       can it be love?? -Seo Joohyun-

"I want you to be happy~

                                    because you are my half" -Choi Minho-



main characters

Choi Minho (22)


- a brother to soojung

- tall,athletic,kind person

- has secret crush towards seohyun

- the heir of Choi's company (one of the biggest company in the world in hotel bussiness)


Choi Soojung(19)


- a sister to minho

- a cute, athletic, sweet person (can be cold too sometimes)

- engaged to myungsoo without knowing it

- even being born in a rich family she is not a spoiled-brat

- love being a part-time model


Seo Joohyun(22)


- cousin of myungsoo

- beautiful,sweet,kind person

- doesn't know love before meet minho

- have a brother name Kai

- a pianist


Kim Myungsoo(21)


- cousin of seohyun

- kind,polite,sweet person

- engaged to soojung without knowing it

- the only heir of Kim's company (one of the biggest company in food bussiness)

- love photography and always take picture of soojung secretly ( a photographer)



A story of a girl who doesn't know that she have a fiance and trying to accept the truth that her brother have a girlfriend and that makes her feel so lonely~


my second fanfic but my FIRST EVER myungstal fanfic~ i know that i still didn't finish with my first fic but i'll try to finish that asap ~ this story is different than the my first story~ in my first story minstal are couple but in here they are siblings~hehehe^^ i just want to try to make this type of story~ all the picture belongs to it's owner~ i just googled it~ the story is basically MINE!!! i didn't plagiarize others story~ i hope you will subscribe, enjoy and comment~ your comment really help me~ sorry for my bad descrption.. i'm totally with it~ i hope you understand~

anyone who feels like reading my first fic can just copy [email protected] the link below:~

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exoticfangirl0012 #1
Chapter 15: So sweet. Please update
Chapter 15: I like your storyline. It's so sweet. Are you abandoned this fanfic? Please dont.. i want to know next chapter.. update authornim jebal~~~ myungstal forever!! ♡♡♡♡♡
naznew #3
Chapter 15: So sweet moment..
fxkrystal_kpop123 #4
Chapter 14: how sweet keep updating more sweet moments
ukhti_k3cil #5
Chapter 15: Whoaa myungstal congratz for pregnant....
Kyaaa little myungstal will coming ...cant wait >(/////)<
iheartJongSica #6
Chapter 13: UPDATE PWEASE~
ukhti_k3cil #7
Chapter 13: Whoaaaaaa finally update huhuhu long time waiting this story
Thanks for update author nim.. hope you will be update frequently and soon hehe
Love this story.. love myungstal (∩∩♥)
Unnie when will ypu updateeeeeeeeee!!??!!
Chapter 2: Ktystal is such a nice girl~
Chapter 1: Unnieee~ I will keep commenting because I am a bad younger sister :-P.