All you need is him


All you need is Lee Taemin

You are a 11th grader (18 years old), living in a small country called Estonia, what is situated in Europe. Last summer you were on the internet for days surfing on YouTube and Facebook. Then in the end of summer you found this thing called kpop and got into it. 

Right now SHINee is your bias group. Your ultimate bias is Lee Taemin.


___________ or you

  • 18 years old
  • loves Lee Taemin
  • loves SHINee
  • dreams to go to South Korea
  • overall just a fangirl

Lee Taemin

  • I think we need no introduction xD


  • 17 years old
  • loves Yang Yoseob
  • loves BEAST
  • dreams to go to South Korea
  • overall just a fangirl



This is my 1st fanfic so please don't judge me ok, and I don't know how it will work out and if I am going to finish this the way I want. And sorry for my grammar mistakes, my native language is not English.
will try to update soon ^^ and i feel it's gonna be a good chapter if i have time since i read the story from the beginning and now i know what i had forgot :D

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MinnaKat #1
Chapter 1: I can tell you've put your heart into this fic!^^ I'm able to relate to this, I like it.. and I like short chapters, makes me wanna read more and more.. but today I'm gonna go to sleep early. I'll read more later, okay?^^ Oh, and your English is better than mine was, when I was your age. :3
Kjerena #2
Chapter 32: YAYYYY!!! Update~!! You don't know how happy i was when i saw your fic as one of the stories that had been updated in my subscription list!!! ><
But I do understand your studying dilemma! I'm having one of my own... *cries* (though, I'm not as disciplined as you; I just can't leave AFF alone... TT.TT)
I'm sure you'll do well on your exams!!! Will be cheering for you! ^^ and for Taemin and... ___? as well... Hehehe (I hope, Lee Soo Man will be understanding... hmm, but maybe no too much? lol
Anyway! Fighting!! :DDD
Oooohhh I just found this and I think I'm gonna enjoy it...not only cause it has Taeminnie but also because i saw the name of my country 8'D EESTI!!! :D:D:D
okei hakkaks lugema nüüd.. :D
Chapter 32: yay you updated and good luck with those exams author nim
Chapter 32: YAAAAY , update soon again c:
kimtae101 #6
Chapter 31: Wahhhhh.! Inlove with this story! I love your writing you make it seem so real! I mean I couldn't believe that I was actually thinking all of this was happening to me right then and there keke I'm a dork >_< anyway, update soon! I love Taemin even more because of your story ^^
Kjerena #7
Chapter 31: Uh-oh... They found out :( well, it was to be expected...

So why am I still smiling giddily...?!
Please update soon!!! I need to know what happens!! ^^
Oh and happy birthday to K2tsuOlen from me too!!! :D (Well, I should probably write this on her wall instead ><)
Kjerena #8
Chapter 30: Okay, I just realised with horror that the above (writing style) can also be read as that your whole story is crap.
So just to clarify: THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT! I LOVE this story! <333
just wanted to make sure... *><*
Kjerena #9
Chapter 30: Do.Not.Delete!! It matches your style of writing perfectly! ^^ Loved it!
Really looking up to you for writing this!^^
Chapter 30: Don't worry it wasn't that bad ..kekekeke