Insane *One shot*

"Well. There she is. Case 39"

"An odd one she is. Right ?"

"Right you are."

Two medical assistants watched through a security camera of a grown girl. Her long water waves and bangs covering her shoulders and shoulder blades. In fetal position upright and teetering back and forth on her bed. Her right wrist chained up against the bed frame. The room had basically nothing. Only one white lightbulb that gave out a dim lighting. A bed against the corner. A barred window. One clock high up on the wall. Her eyes vulnerably staring at the clock and twiddling her left fingers. Hearing the clock go tick, tock, tick, tock. Her movements matching the ticking.

Right outside her room door, in bold metal letters said 

Case 39

Park Soyeon


Soyeon darted her wide eyes at the hands of the clock. Watching it go round and round. Every hour at the clock, she would give off a pitched scream. Screaming that would leave the security cameras in her room at mute. Her right wrist, deep red from the rope and chains. Small gnawed marks, on the rope, insisting to get it off. Arms and legs stick thin, yet making the tightness of the rope unbearably hurtful. Soyeon's body was covered with multiple bruise and marks from the asylum. Paranoid that even a the smallest movements will make her cry and flail her whole body. Her fragile face with a long scar across her left cheek. "Tick Tick Tick" Her voice low and steady, still staring at the moving clock. The lightbulb flickering on and off, just like how her stomach is. Her stomach growling on and off.




Those are the only words to describe Soyeon. Her white knuckles red with tears and cuts from trying to punch the cold walls. "I'm thrown in here. Like a broken toy." Her last words before being locked up in her room for hours on end. Tense and full of anxiety. Weak arms and legs falling down onto the hard bed. Soyeon covered her face up with her free left hand. 

"I'm nothing."

"I'm useless."

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218 streak #1
Chapter 5: author pls update the other 2
Miggy911 #2
Chapter 4: Boram is badass here, so freaking awesome! Please update quickly! <3
Chapter 5: Please write about what happend to them, what put them in that state and how it will end for them! :D please!! this was so awesome i love it.
papabeary #4
holy crap that was intense. boram was the creepiest one. wheres eunjung's :(
Please update! :)
Wow...This is incredible, the first time I've read something like this. I know they're one shots, but it just leaves me curious about what happened to them for them to end up that way. I hope you do Eunjung next.
izaTaegeangers #7
Poor Soyeon T.T
soyeonjjang02 #8
oh.. ouch. does 'pop one of her eyes out'mean what i think it means?
Qyulie #9
Awww!!! Poor jiyeon ! :C even though this is just fiction, it got me sad thinking about it. ;-;

Good job though, insane asylum fanfic, really original idea C: The boram one was really cool xD