Ren Onnie!~


"Ren onnie!.... Onnie!....Onnie!"- You "YA!STOP CALLING ME WITH THAT ANNOYING ONNIE ONNIE!"- Ren


Hi there first time writting a nu est fanfic here please be nice ^^ and hope you enjoy it! :D ·!SUBCRIBE AND COMMENT!·
gonna post the next chap this month.promise! :D

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Lovekoreans123 #1
Chapter 10: Please update I'll be really glad if you make her go with re kk please
Chapter 1: To be honest being born in 94 makes you one year older then Ren since he is born in 95 so it actually shouldve been 96, for the rest its a great start!!
BlueJoker427 #3
Chapter 10: Omg im going to cry i think i know whats gonna happen
Chapter 10: I've just started reading this and it's very funny and cute ! Please update soon, when you have time. :)
BlueJoker427 #5
Chapter 9: So good *^*
Chapter 8: please come back and update soon! ^^
Chapter 1: Wait a moment Ren onnie WHAT is'nt oppa?
Jimin_Sungjong #8
a very long time ago, when I found out about AFF, this was the first fic I started reading but I was accountless so when I created an account I didn't find it but now.... Found you!!! Finally!!!!
KoalasRULE25 #9
Omg so cute!!!!! :D up date soon plz!!!
[deactivated] #10
Bad luck.