Talking To The Stars


"Just look at the stars. You'll find me there.

Talk to me through the stars."




[feltt a weird tingling while typing this...felt like crying??wae??]

well anyways...euntaec here again...

i don't know how many fics i have...but i promise..i won't delete this...

my first fic about this couple...

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Little Hyoyeon is in her room crying her heart out as she hugs her pillow close to her chest.


A knock is heard on her door. She slightly tilts her head up staring at the door.

*Open it? Don't open it?* a debate occurs in her mind.

"Who is it?" she ask sobbing

"Hyo honey, Hyukjae is here" her mother said making her calm down a bit.

She walks slowly to the door and gently opens it.

"Hyukie" a little smile forms on her face but her eyes are still swollen from crying.

Little Hyukjae smiled and Hyoyeon opens the door fully. She went back to her bed and sat lifting her feet nad crossing it. Hyukjae follows her and sits on the edge of the bed. Hyoyeon feels really down and wipes the tears that still remained at the sides of her eyes.

"Hyonie" he said holding one hand of Hyoyeon. She quickly jerks waay from his touch.

"I know you're probably angry at me....oh wait...scratch that...furious at me right now" he sighed.

Hyoyeon burst into tears, burrying her face under the blanket. Hyukjae can't help but also tear up.

"Look on the bright side. We';; see each other in the future, right?" he sad trying to cheer her up. Trying to hold back his tears. She still didn't budge. Didn't move.

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Foreversnsd01 #1
Chapter 7: Please update this story ~!!!
ilabya48 #2
Chapter 7: please update soon..
Good!! I like this!!
Chintianano #5
Chapter 6: Ah, so interesting. Keep writing! I always waiting for your story^^
Chapter 6: seems an interesting story hope you can update soon!!!
Chapter 5: Ohmygolly. I love this! ;))
Please update soon! ^^
[deactivated] #8
Please update soon!!
Chapter 5: I love it , please update more~
whoa i love this fanfic><
Update soon pls I want them recognize to each other><