Training Part 3 AND HOLY COW REALLY?

The 5 Rising Elemental Gods Of The East


Hangeng took the very old looking book and walked it over to Yuhno and Yoosu and Changmin and Jae.


“You see this book, is sort of our guide. It’s directly from the gods themselves. And within it are certain prophecys that we look out for. Along with many other things. When we looked for the power Jae had we saw something we both were shocked to see.” Hangeng opened the book to the page.


“Yah what language is that” Junsu asked.


“Oh my bad, one second here” Hangeng smiled hovering his hand over the pages as the words changed to Korean.


“There we go” He smiled.


They all read and Jae and Yuhno both looked at each other and Hangeng.


“G…Goo….GODS?!!!!” Jae said meekly.


“Mmmhmm, those two little miracle twins are rising gods” Hangeng smiled.


“Wow, can you say pressure” Yuhno smiled


“According to the book, 5 children will rise of the elementals and become gods. Two of which will be most powerful.    All the power spikes and stuff add up” Hangeng giggled.


“Wait!” Changmin spoke up.


“It doesn’t add up, according to this they will all be created within weeks or months of each other right?” he asked.


“Deh” Hangeng replied


“Well the Twins is 2 plus Flipper is 3 and Mini Minnie is 4, we are missing one, unless Flipper or Mini Minnie has a twin?” Changmin asked.


“Good question lets look” Hangeng said reading more.


“Well it says here the last of the rising gods will be born to a mortal and with the purest of heart” Hangeng read.


“Odd, okay which one of you bozo’s  is cheating?” Heechul smirked.


“Well then I just went from the proud Appa of twins babies to the Super Proud Appa of Twin GODS!” Yuhno giggled and Jae hugged him close.


“I say we call it quits we have done a lot and we still have time to rest” Yesung smiled.


“Yah, our tour has been postponed until further notice. Our public affairs guy is going to come up with a story for both our groups, thanks to Junsu” Leetuk smiled, and Junsu chuckled.


“Yeah and our CEO had a sudden idea for both our groups to take Hiatus!” Junsu squeaked.


“That’s my y earth baby” Yoochun said groping Junsu


“Yah Jesus guys save it for your bedroom” Changmin chuckled.


They all headed back to the house and retired to their bedrooms. There was enough leftovers that if anyone was hungry they could heat it up and chow down. Tonight was going to be a night to be with each other’s loved ones. Changmin ended up going camping with Sungmin on the beach. It was Sungmins Idea since he was alone as well.


Inside SiRam’s Room……


Karam was showering and Siwon had already showered and got dressed. He was excited for his plans tonight. Karam was terrified. He got out of the shower and pulled on his outfit. He hoped Siwon would love it. He found a vest in his clothing that was Siwons favorite color. Black.  He chose a tight pair of Jeans that had washed out texture and a simple screen print t shirt. He finished getting dressed and blew dried his hair. After brushing his teeth and spritzing on his new mango/pineapple body spray he took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door.


“Absolutely Stunning” Siwon said his eyes locked on the beauty before him.


“Kamsamnida Wonnie, I remembered your black” Karam said.


“I see that and again you look simply perfect” He said walking over and hugging him.


“You look so handsome Wonnie” Karam giggled.


“Kamsamnida ladybug, I did it only for you, Now lets get going deh?” Siwon said taking his hand.


“I will need to blindfold you ladybug is that ok?” He asked pulling a blindfold from his pocket.


“Deh, I trust you Wonnie” Karam said smiling.

Siwon placed the blindfold on him and hiked him on his back. The two set off outside. After walking for about 15 minutes Siwon set Karam down and smiled guiding him a little bit more of the way.


“Are you ready ladybug?” He asked softly.


“MMmm deh” Karam said giggling.


Siwon took off the blindfold and Karam let his eyes readjust. What he saw  literally made him so weak in the knees he squatted down and sat crossed legged.     Siwon had recreated the countryside they met in hundreds of years ago. Karam felt tears go down his cheeks.


“Y..You..di…did…t..this….f..for me” Karam asked sniffing.


“Awe ladybug why are you crying, is it bad?” Siwon asked worried.


“Ani…ani…Aniyo it’s beautiful and I love it Kamsamnida Wonnie, but why?” he asked.


“Because when I first saw you I said to myself that beautiful one deserves the world. And now years later I brought that world to you the world we met in a chance to take back what we could have had and carry it on into our future” Siwon said picking the boy up into his arms


“It’s so beautiful and reminds me of home.  Even in the night sky it’s so bright and alive.” Karam said walking around touching the flowers and trees.


“Aniyo ladybug you make it alive.” Siwon said blushing.


“Come I have food for us” Siwon said reaching out his hand.


 The two sat down on a giant blanket and ate a delicious picnic dinner.    They laid back on the blanket and looked at the night sky. It was clear and the stars were bright. Only the sound of the ocean was heard.

Siwon reached his hand over and took Karams into his. The younger blushed and laced his little fingers into Siwons muscular hand.






“I love you”


“I love you too”


Karam turned to his side and scooted over resting his head on Siwons chest facing him. Siwon smiled caressing his hair softly.  Siwon pulled the boy’s face up to his gently and kissed him softly. Karam kissed back letting their lips melt into each other’s. Siwon pressed a little deeper and let the tip of his tounge flicker across Karams bottom lip. Karam allowed is own lips to part. Siwon gently let his tounge caress with Karams and dance around his mouth sweetly. A small moan escaped Karams mouth.


Siwon began to lean up not once breaking the ever deepening kiss they were sharing. He without hesitation picked up Karam and settled him on his lap. Karam wrapped his arms around Siwons neck.


The kiss only intensified. Siwons hands made their way to Karams sides pulling him closer. Karams hands somehow made it to the bottom of Siwons shirt on his back and were slowly creeping up his shirt.


“mmmpffhh…Wonnie..mmpfhhh” Karam said in between passionate kisses.


“mmmmm deh?” Siwon said giving him a chance to breath breaking the kiss softly.

“I need you” Karam said with pleading love filled eyes.


“Im right here ladybug.” Siwon replied.


“Aniyo…I …NEED…You” Karam said blushing terribly.


“Bwoah? Are you sure ladybug? I don’t want to rush you at all I want everything to be right” Siwon said.


Karam crashed his lips into Siwons causing them both to fall backwards still kissing. Karams hands on his chest.


“Please Wonnie” Karam begged.


Siwon smiled into the kiss he placed on Karams lips. Yes he did want to make love to Karam. But he wanted it to be perfect. He still had one more trick up his sleeve. He broke the kiss softly and looked into Karams eyes.


“Wait here I will be right back my ladybug” He said getting up and sprinting off towards the beach.


Karam was frowning. He thought he did something wrong. Then that stupid thought entered his mind again. “He doesn’t want you! Your dirty! Just a Toy!” he cringed and shook his head.


Siwon rushed down to the beach and found seashells scattered everywhere. Perfect he thought. He scanned them all searching for one that called to him.   He found it a very delicate looking shell. It had a blue opal glow to it. He flipped it over to make sure there wasn’t a being in it and blew the sand off it. He reached into his pocket and pulled out something sticking it inside the shell. He grabbed a few more and rushed back to Karam. He sort of pouted arriving seeing Karam with his knees to his chest playing with a leaf.


“Ladybuggg I’m back. Minhae for just running off like that it’s just I had an idea! Remember when we came here back then and you would collect shells almost every day.  Well I got these for you hoping it would bring back more good memories for you” He said placing the shells in front of him.


Karams eyes lit up at the shells. He picked each one up and looked at them carefully. He would brush off any sand to reveal more of each shells beauty. Siwon bit his lip as he got closer to the special one. He picked it up and brushed off the remaining grit flipping it over to check for more. His eyes widened. Inside of the shell was something he never expected to see ever.


“W…Wo..Won…Wonnie?” Karam said gently pulling the item out.


“For me?” He said still biting.


Siwons eyes lit up seeing the reaction he had hoped for. And now he goes in for the kill.













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